Monday, August 01, 2005

Bearing False Witness

Before we start today, here's a little brain exercise for you: If a person is arrested for planning to blow up a house of worship plus a Congressmen's office, that would pretty much make him a terrorist, right? So it would be a given that the Corporate media would go into a feeding frenzy if a story this big broke, right? Well...
In the months following 9/11 former JDL leader Irv Rubin was arrested for conspiring to blow up a California Mosque and the office of a US Congressman of Palestinian heritage. While in jail he attempted suicide by slashing his throat three times and throwing himself over the third tier railing of the jail where he was housed. He survived, only to die later from his injuries, yet nowhere in any news story or his obituary was he listed as a terrorist.
Lately a lot of the brainwashed have posted comments calling me all kinds of names, which I take as a compliment since they realize they can't argue with the truth. Because I have spoken out on Zionism, a lot of you have referred to me as anti-Jew. As an opened minded person, I try to have respect for all religions even though I believe in none. Judaism, (which is separate from Zionism), is one of the religions I respect the most. It seems to me that it's based on wisdom and spirituality from within one's self, not about seeing how many people it can convert to it's belief system. Perhaps it's because they know those seeking true wisdom will end up walking down their path.
In fact I respect all true religions, with the exception of Scientology and Satanism, which aren't religions at all but tax-free money making schemes. I do have problems with Fundamentalist Chrisitianity, because when they aren't being hypocrites, they're trying to shove Jesus down my throat. Don't ask me to suck Jesus's dick, 'cause I ain't swallowing it.
An example of Fundamentalist Christianity's hypocrisy is the war in Iraq. George W. Bush lied about the reasons we went there. He said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. He didn't. He said Saddam had ties to al-qaeda. He didn't. He said Saddam had links to 9/11. He didn't. I believe in the Ten Commandments, this is called "bearing false witness", as in 'Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness". Some of these false witnesses he bore in front of the full congress. Lying to Congress is against the law. Except for when Republicans do it, then it is considered an act of patriotism. At least when Bill Clinton lied, he apologized to the American people afterward(which I realize is sort of like a rapist apologizing after he committed his heinous act).
Of course, the real reason we are fighting over there is to secure a "Greater Israel" because a long time ago, all the Middle East was Israel, but I don't think that was the UN's intention in creating a Jewish homeland. Another example of FC hypocricy is their disregard for the UN, when if it weren't for the UN, there'd be no state of Israel. Meanwhile they have no problem living in "God's Country" which is actually land we stole from the Indians.
So I ask myself, "Is this what Jesus would do?" Would he lie to start a war where civilians are killed (oops, I mean where the indigeonous sustain collateral damage)? Would he use this opportunity to steal the vital natural resources under their feet and billions of dollars from the American taxpayer? Perhaps if they hadn't made them take down the Ten Commandments from that Alabama Courthouse, George W Bush would be reminded that what he's doing is a sin.
It is reported that when as Governor of Texas, George W. Bush made a trip to Israel. On the plane he joked with reporters and said:"The first thing I'm gonna say when I get off the plane is'You're all going to Hell'." Since according to one comment, I'm going to Hell for lying, even though everything I post is based on fact, perhaps when I get there I can look forward to seeing George W Bush and every Jewish person in the world there. If only I believed in Hell.....


Anonymous said...

So you don't beieve in Christ the almighty, but you use his book, both the old and new testament(the Bible), as your reference as to the true intentions of Bush.
I think you are sad.
I imagine you agreed with Marx that "religion is the opiate of the masses", let me suggest a new modern message, "blogs are the opiate of the people".
You hate God,the US, Bush, Soldiers, and anyone else who does not all around agree with you, but it is ok, as you have an outlet.
Years ago that outlet for many was church, and you, like them, also have an outlet, although this time all signs of God are masked and there are no rules.
I would think, if revelations was correct, that its author would have made some metion of blogs. She's joking, maybe, but the blog and it's kamakazi pilots are much more important then the casino tables at the temple, don't you think???

Lew Scannon said...

I use the Bible to show you what hypocrites Bush supporters are. I don't agree with Marx, religion is not the opiate of the masses, television is. Religion is the tool the kings and bankers use to keep the little guy in line. When did I ever mention that I hated the US or it's soldiers?
You see, what you don'
t understand is that under international law, the war in Iraq is illegal. Bush LIED to drag us into it. Let me repeat that as I don't think it got through. Bush LIED to get us into the war in Iraq.
Bush lied and our soldiers died. If you love our soldiers so much (as you claim) why aren't you mad that Bush lied to send them into an illegal war where ten thousand of our troops have died. Because, you see, soldiers who sustained combat injuries in Iraq, but die enroute to military hospitals in Germay, or at the hospitals are counted in the "official" death toll. Which is another LIE that Bush uses to continue support for his illegal war that was started because BUSH LIED.
I'll have you know, I am a registered Republican. I love my country and want it to be honest, much the same as you would want your parents, your children, your pastor, your shopkeeper, your friends or your police to be.
Too many people don't think today, they just parrot what they hear from the conservative pundits in the corporate media who repeat the same lies over and over again until the masses believe them.
So let me repeat that, Bush LIED us into a war, which is a betrayal of the American people and should be impeached, the same way Bill Clinton was impeached for lying. How can a patriotic Christian support a president who LIES?

Howard said...

Im sure you could have done more than parrot the dead horse about the so called lies that led to war. Im not a bush fan but in war time he is the commander in chief and deserves the respect due him..If he lied, then France lied, Germany lied, Russia lied, and you lied when you said there were 10000 dead..Last count was less than 2000..You have besmerched a sacred group of combat medics responsible for the care and safe transport to care in accordance with their injuries..I guess you did not notice that I was a combat medic and am pretty familiar with something that you obviously know nothing about..and the removal and disposition of the injured today is light speed compared to my day. By the way I am a democrat but far less liberal than you might think..At least my head is not stuck in the sand..And political correctness is not worth a bucket of spit as someone once said referring to the vice presidency..

Lew Scannon said...

The reason the count is so low is because soldiers who sustain injuries in Iraq, but die enroute to germany, or in German are not included in the 'official' death count. But if they were not fighting in iraq, they'd be alive still. As far as France and germany, I don't live there, their lying leaders are not my concern. As for the so called lies 1. Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. george Bush said he did and waved around forged documents. When Joseph Wilson published a letter in the New York Times pointing them out as forgeries, members of the Bush Administration leaked his wife's name as a CIA operative to the media. When asked about this, Bush said that if it was someone in his administration, they'd no longer be working there. As of yet, not one person has been fired for this open act of treason.
2. Bush said Saddam had ties to alQaeda. The truth is that Osama and Saddam hated each other.
3.Bush tried to link Saddam to 9/11 when in fact, there was no link at all. If these aren't lies. then you are not an Army Medic.
Finally, these days, the Vice-presidency is worth more than a bucket of spit, Cheney writes more policy than Bush (like his latest order to STRATCOM to draw up plans to nuke Iran after the next terrorist attack, even if they have nothing to do with it). I'm sure Halliburton will get lots of billion dollar no bid contracts to rebuild Iran after that happens, even though the GAO has found Halliburton has over charged the taxpayers millions of dollars.
This is not about 'political correctness', this is about moral responsibility. Our troops need to know that when they are called in to action it will be to defend our country, not to create a Greater Israel and line the pockets of the Vice-President and his cronies. Bush and co. dispense our troops like they were toy soldiers in a John Wayne movie because not one person in the Administration ever fought in any war (but they saw a lot of John Wayne movies. Can they get half a point for that?)
Finally, Bush is not a war president becasue he had to be, he is a war president because he wanted to be. We were not attacked by Saddam. We were not attacked by the Taliban. The plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq were drawn up long before 9/11, it was just convenient for Bush that it happened to fit in to their plans. Don't tell me to shut up, I live in a free country.