Sunday, August 14, 2005

I Guess They Call Him Bush Because He's Got No Balls

I see where old George W (W stands for Wuss) refused to meet with Cindy Sheehan. I guess he'd have to meet with every parent whose child sacrificed their lives for a Greater Israel, and he's just too darn busy on his vacation playing cowboy to be a real man. Then of course he'd have to admit that Zionists in the DoD have confiscated our armed forces to benefit them and a minority of reactionary Protestant Christianazis who would be glad to send the Catholics, Blacks and other poor white people to die for imagined terrorists that are really Mossad agents in disguise.
But more and more people are waking up to the fact that when Bush was playing jet fighter, flying onto an aircraft carrier adorned with a mission accomplished banner strung across it, that this president is out of touch with reality. Here's a guy so out of touch, he refuses to fire Karl Rove, a traitor for crying out loud, even after stating that anyone in his office who leaked an intelligence agents name would no longer have a job there. So either he forgot that he said it, or he forgot that one of his charges against John Kerry was that he was a flip-flopper(Like Bill Frist, who flip-flopped on stem cell research). Which is understandable given his years of substance abuse finally attacking his short term memory.
Now Bush is attacking his own generals, notably George Casey, US ground commander in Iraq, who stated forces there could be reduced by 30,000 (out of 138,000) as soon as next year. Either Bush don't like him because his name reminds him of Cindy Sheehan's son(And Bush's own cowardice in dealing with this grieving mom), or Bush knows that after Wednesday's terrorist attack and subsequent nuking of Iran, we're going to need as many troops over there to get covered when the shit hits the fan.
What this country needs are politicians who will stand up to Israel, not laud them as they violate numerous UN resolutions (remember the UN? The organization that created a Jewish Homeland in the first place?) such as Hillary, Rudy and Rick Santorum. We need politicians who will put America first, not some blatantly criminal government (like Ariel Sharon's or Dick [Head] Cheney's). Politicians who will use our armed forces to defend our country, not to impose the will of Israel or Corporate Amerika on some backwards goat herding non-Christianazi oil rich third world country. Someone with temerity. Some one with balls. You won't find that from a guy named Bush.

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Schroeder said...

Right on! I like the rage! We need more people to get freakin' screaming pulling their hair out mad!