Thursday, August 25, 2005

Will Hugo Chavez Replace Kim Jong II on the Bush Axis of Evil?

Recent reports have come out stating that the Bush Administration, under pressure from South Korea and Japan, have silently eliminated North Korea from the axis of evil. It seems that Japan and South Korea are uncomfortable with the tag, being American allies directly in the line of fire of this lunatic. The question is: Has he been replaced with Venezuealn President Hugo Chavez.
Chavez has come in the line of fire recently with "Pat" Robertson calling for his assassination, an illegal act under American law. Comparing Chavez to Jong, it's easy to see why this will happen.
Kim Jong II is a communist dictator for life. This autocrat is reported to have rape rooms and torture rooms similar to the ones Saddam used on his people. Chavez recently visited Cuba, met with Fidel and watched the graduating class of Venezuelan doctors trained there with money from Venezuela's vast oil reserves. The doctors are set to practice in the poor sections of his country, helping the poor and the weak. I'm sure he would have liked to send them to America which has finer medical schools, but the AMA limits the number of medical students in the US, to stop this country from being flooded with doctors like it is lawyers. Which is a good thing, since there are just so many bad lawyers out there, there would sure to be a gaggle of bad doctors, driving up malpractice insurance costs and therefore medical costs. So, instead, he turned to Cuba.
Chavez has also purchased fighter jets and weaponry from Russia with his country's oil profits, which he claims is to defend his country and all of Latin America from US "imperialism". Which is bad news for the minority of people who actually support CAFTA, where even more manufacturing jobs are sure to be sent when the bill is passed.He alleges that the US was behind an attempted coup in his country, a claim denied by the Bush administration who rushed to recognize the coup leaders immediately. Kim Jong II has nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver a warhead to the West Coast of the US.
Kim Jong is a communist dictator for life, placed in power following the death of his father, Kim Jong I. Chavez is a democratically elected president who has survived one recall effort by his opposition and has a mandate of 59% of the voters of his country. It is intersting to note that "Pat" Robertson made his comments after signing a deal with a company that is looking to do business with Chavez's opposition, if they just could get him out of the way. So much for the right wing's belief in promoting democracy.
Which brings us to the final comparison. Venezuela, like other axis members Iraq and Iran, sits on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Condaleeza Rice, Dick(head) Cheney and even President Bush himself all have ties to the oil industry. Thankfully for Kim Jong II, he has no oil reserves to speak of. Because if he did, he'd be back on that list faster than you could say "Pat" Robertson.

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