Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's Missing From This Picture?

A member over at Huffington Post commenting on this article pointed out that in the above picture, Ron Paul was the only one not wearing a red tie. But I noticed something else missing. Something obsequious during the last presidential election cycle, something that was an issue in certain cases.
Of course, I'm talking about the flag lapel pin that every politician wore to show people that he was his own man and didn't bow to any pressure they were a real American. Don't get them, wrong, the Republicans are still trying to sell themselves to voters as the party of America, Ronald Reagan, Jesus Christ and working people. Well, their definition of "working" people may differ from mine of yours, what we call workers, they refer to as "whiners", lousy ingrates who work long hours for less than a living wage and want the government to enforce job killing safety regulations.
No, their definition of "producers" are the bean counting misanthropes who try to squeeze every drop of sweat from those whiners while trying to squeeze every last dime out of consumers. And if the government would just let them privatize everything, we'd all be better off because more of us would have jobs hauling these 'producer's' big bags of money back to the panic room of their McMansion in a gated community. Hooray. Yippee.
So the GOP is trying to sell itself as the party of change-remember when they mocked candidate Barack Obama for that whole "hope-y change-y thing"? No lapel pins, vote for change, it sounds like the GOP is trying to morph itself into a whiter, older, and meaner version of Our President. The only thing that might possibly stand in their way is the next two years of Republican obstructionism in the House of Representatives, which will remind people of what they really stand for, which is rich people getting richer while government services to the victims of their economic policies are removed. None of this will create jobs, but it will continue the Middle Class removal program started under the Reagan years.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In A Way, They're Both Right

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Grumpy Old Politicians!
In this corner, at 74 years of age, John "Maverick" McCain:
"Thank god (Rumsfeld) was relieved of his duties and we put the surge in"
And over in this corner, at 78 years old, Donald "Aspartame"Rumsfeld:
"John McCain has a hair trigger temper and a propensity to shift his positions to appeal to the media"
Taking their fight to the media, we are being shown the unsavory sight of two grumpy old men, airing their unpleasant dirty laundry in front of a nation who will have forgotten who they were in a matter of time.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ronald Reagan: The First President Of The Corporate Idiocracy

Today marks what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100 birthday, and were he alive today, he probably wouldn't remember it. Just like he could barely remember being president. Or the many crimes committed by his staff while he napped or vacationed playing cowboy.
You can hardly blame right wingers for admiring a man who was basically a puppet for corporate interests, conveniently forgetting that he raised taxes and tripled the National Debt. These people are the same people who call Mubarak a good friend because he helps us out when we need to send alleged terrorists to be tortured for crimes they may have not committed, but give them a while and they'll be having them admit they like to wear women's panties.
But mostly, right wingers adore Reagan because he was the first president of the Corporate Idiocracy. His anal raping of Patco sent a message to all working people: don't stand in the way of obscene corporate profits.CEO compensation has gone up 500 times since Reagan while worker's pay has stagnated as costs have gone up. And why have costs risen so dramatically? Because CEOs want more money!
The Corporate idiocracy also applauds Reagan for bringing down communism, which means that communism does work, and must be undermined because it runs contrary to corporate interests. His administration also committed crimes such as the Iran/Contra affair, which sent weapons (illegally) to Iran, with the funds be used to buy weapons (illegally) for Central American right wing death squads. Reagan also helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, becoming responsible then for 9/11.
So as the corporate media spend the day today in revisionist history lies about the worst president until George W Bush, remember the truth. Because Reagan certainly couldn't!