Friday, September 30, 2005

What Do You Do With A Drunken President?

Reports from all kinds of different sources, from the National Enquirer to Capitol Hill Blue , have been saying that Bush is on the juice patrol again. The one time permanent party frat boy is at it again, probably in a vain attempt to regain the soggy memories of perceived former glory days when all he had to do was shellback young initiates into the Skull and Bones society. Back then, he was Mr. Popularity, now his approval ratings are falling like the Twin Towers, and no amount of intoning "9/11, 9/11" will change that now.
The "Mission:Accomplished" in Iraq is dragging out and heading for an all out civil war with our troops caught between warring factions, his political hack crony appointments have proven, in the aftermath of Katrina, to be as incompetent as he, and then there's the ever increasing pressure from Israel to send more troops (which we don't have available) into Iran and Syria. The economy's faltering, his Social Security plan failed to catch fire, impeachment talks grow as more and more people become aware of the lies he used to start the unholy war in Iraq,about the only success he has had is John Roberts confirmation as Chief Justice and if that don't send shivers down your spine, consider this:
If Bush is drinking again, and the Democrats (besides my girl, Cynthia McKinney) grow a spine and start impeachment proceedings, he may step down, leaving Dick(head) Cheney in the Oval Office. Cheney, one of the signers of the Project For A New American Cemetery, I mean Century, is the one who suggested that we nuke Iran after the next terrorist attack, even if they had nothing to do with it. Cheney's just chomping at the bit to use tax payer's money to blow the piss out of something so tax payer's money can be paid to Halliburton to rebuild it. With the passage of the Patriot Act and the installment of John Roberts to the Supreme Court, everything's set up for Cheney to be the Evil Emperor you knew always existed behind that crooked smile. He certainly doesn't have enough grace to get elected post-Bush and has enough money to keep himself alive as long as Monty Burns.
And when that happens, we'll all be living in the good ol' US of H. (Halliburton)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jesus Is A Nigger

"You could abort every black baby in this country, and the crime rate would go down."-Bill Bennett

Before I get a bunch of comments suggesting I am a racist for using the "n" word, let me assure you, I am not. Back in the first Gulf War, I happened to use a men's room in a bar where some one had scrawled "Kill all the sand niggers" on the wall. This brought to mind my art history classes I took while in College. One of the first things taught that in all the original depictions of Jesus, or the Good Shepherd, he was shown with long curly black hair and dark skin, as would befitting a person from the region that Jesus sprang up from. As cultures assimilated Christianity, they made him over to look more like the citizens of the country where he was being introduced. That's why our image of Jesus is of the vaguely European looking hippie. I had a postcard sent by a friend down south, in which Jesus was portrayed as a mullet headed white hillbilly (oops, I mean ridge runner) in robes. But the truth of the matter is, Jesus is black.
I played in a proto-grunge band back in the eighties called NAIF (for New Age Industrial Folkies) and wrote a song called "Jesus Is A Nigger" as a put down of those racists who get upset when black people call each other niggas and they can't call them niggers (not understanding the difference between the two words). In the song, the good Christian racist dies and goes to heaven only to find out that Jesus is a black man. It almost got me killed one night until I explained what the song is about.
You see, I like black people. I prefer them over white people because being white, I know we all are racist. That's why Rush Limbaugh singles out Jesse Jackson for criticism but not Marion "Pat" Robertson. Rush is a racist. And so is Bill Bennett.
The above statement was made on a talk show when a caller suggested that if all the babies aborted were allowed to live, their extra income would have generated enough money to save Social Security. Virtuous Christian and gambling addict Bennett followed up the question with that statement.
Of course Mr. Bennett over looked the fact that most white people aren't arrested as often when committing the same crimes as black people. More black people live in poverty and are unable to afford a good lawyer like white people and are more likely to go to jail. More white people have political connections that allow them to go free when committing the same crimes as white people. Hell, the Bush twins can be photographed underage drinking on the cover of a national news tabloid and never even thought of being prosecuted.
So the next time you racists are watching "COPS" and see that black man get roughed up for having a rock of crack cocaine, just remember that Noelle Bush was found in rehab with a crack rock in her shoe and all she got was ten days in jail. And when all you cracker racist Christians die and go to heaven, you''ll have to answer to Jesus why you hate his people.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting Ready to Shoot The Other Foot

According to reports the US is preparing to send the 101st Aiborne to iraq to train police officers. Could't they just get that Rizzo guy from M*A*S*H who was in all them "Police Academy" movies? Sending the 101st to train police officers is like going to your dentist for a vasectomy, it's not what they were trained to do.
There are those who suggest the real reason we're sending them is in preparation for an invasion of iran, Iraq's next door neighbor. And since we're doing such abang up job in Iraq, why not invade Iran as long as we're over there. True, they haven't attacked us and pose no real threat to our country, but hey, that didn't stop us from invading Iraq! What Iran is doing is seeking to build a nuclear power plant, with help from the Russians. Apparently, all those environmentalists were right, nuclear power is bad, otherwise why would we a bunch of conservatives be invading iran under that premise?
I've formulated two theories, and they run concurrently, so we'll see if they work. One is, of course, the oil thing. Iran is blessed with large quantities and Conservatives like to drive big cars. They also have a lot of connections to big oil, who stand to make a ton of money if we corner the world petroleum market(You're next Chavez!). All they need is some cockamamie excuse that they can sell to the brainwashed to keep them frightened and in front of their tvs (nuclear power=nuclear weapons) and presto! you've got support for another illegal invasion for those too stupid to realize that America is required to obey international law, no matter how much might we have, it doesn't make a right.
the other theory is that Ariel Sharon wants us to invade Iran. Israel wants to be the only nation in the MidEast with nuclear weapons (even though you can't mention that in polite company) and will send it's American attack dogs to do it's bidding once again. And if you think that Israel doesn't have that power, consider that AIPAC was successful in keeping the Democratic leadership from seizing the moment and behaving like an opposition party by attending the Anti-War march last Saturday in Washington DC.
The only fly in the ointment is Russian military excercises that will be operating of the coast of India through the next year. It's Russia's reactor that Iran is using, and if Iran is attacked, Russia will come to it's defense, surely kicking off World War III. But at least none of the political elite or their children will have to fight in it, and following Katrina, there's sure to masses of unemployed people looking for gainful employment, and boy, does Uncle Sam have a job for you.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The New American Chauvinism

The American way of life, sprawling suburbs and Sport utility Behemoths, cheap imported consumer goods and tacky box stores, is doomed. It can be prolonged, but it will never be sustained. Hurricane Katrina should have ben a wake up call, but most of America rolled over and hit the snooze button, not wanting to have to deal with this fact until it flips us off our mattresses and on to the floor. Thousands of Texans, fleeing Hurricane Rita and depleting gas stations on their way is a portent of the things to come.
Right now, the world is heading towards something called peak oil. Some say we have already hit it, others say it's still a few years away. What this means is that as demand for gasoline increases, production will fail to keep up with that demand as more and more resources dry up. This will drive the cost of consumer goods up as the cost of shipping them cross country will continue to rise until it becomes prohibitive. The expensive and over mortgaged house in the suburbs will severely devalue as the cost of the daily commute to the job in the city takes up most your paycheck.
Americans will continue to play along with the charade as long as they have a job and the oil companies condition us to the high fuel prices by raising and lowereing the prices until we will be glad to pay five dollars a gallon because we saw what it was like at six dollars a gallon.
Of course, there are those who feel that this justifies the war in Iraq, the oil is needed to protect this grotesque American way of life, the rampant consumerism and mindless wastefulness. They are called right wingers and their attitude reflects a New American Chauvinism.
Chauvinist is a term derived from the French after one Nicolas Chauvin, a soldier in Napolean's Army who displayed an excessive militant patriotism. The term, chauvinism, was meant to exemplify blind and excessive nationalism, was co-opted by the feminist movement of the sixties and seventies and used against those males who rightly felt themselves superior to females.
The new American chauvinist pig is a reactionary nut who will do anything to keep up his wantonly wasteful lifestyle, at the expense of someone else's life. He needs that gas guzzling truck to haul his chainsaw, his lawn mower and his snowblower in. It works well to pull his snowmobile, fishing boat, jet ski, and ATVs. Without his wife's SUBehemoth, she has nothing to drive to the box store to buy useless consumer goods made in China or the third world.
It doesn't matter to the New American chauvinist that their President is a liar, as long as he ensures the free flow of petroleum to fuel his wasteful lifestyle. They will even use their religious beliefs to justify the slaughter of indigeonous peoples who stand in the way of their lust for oil consumption.
The cost of this war will borne out by future generations as the expense of stealing and maintaining the dominance of the oil rich region will far out weigh the return. Future generations will have to live with the legacy set forth by the new American chauvinist, that of using force to take what we need to maintain this ridiculous charade of filling the empty spots in our lives with more and more pointless consumer goods.
The new American Chauvinist will ridicule those who stand in the way of their precious crude. Those who protest the blood for oil are bike riding traitors, aligned more with the perceived enemy than the corporations who are stealing his tax money to ensure that they get a little richer providing the chauvinists with the fuel for their addiction to gas. These wasteful fools see no problem with their improvident lifestyle and are unwilling to make the necessary changes that in time they will be forced to accept. They will squander it all away, leaving nothing behind for their children and grandchildren but the ruins and remains of a once great nation.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Someone Had To Say It

At this stage in the game I am so tired of the same suppositories in different wrappers that Americans call the two party system. They all bitch and moan about accountability and end up blaming the other guy anyway.
George "Wuss" Bush blamed everyone for 9/11, which, if you mat remember, happened while he was President. You can't Blame Jimmy Carter, you can't blame Bill Clinton, can't blame Ronald Reagan. Of course, he never tried to blame his daddy. But the truth of the matter is there was a mountain of intelligence about Bin laden's determination to strike at America, unfortunately, that didn't fit into the mole hill of intelligence that passes for our President.
Only a retard really believes that Saddam had something to do with 9/11, or had ties to alQeida, but surfing the right wing blogs, that doesn't seem to matter. Their brains are too unformed (or being used as a cranial suppository) to really care, the important thing is some one told them to follow the leader, and by gum, they're gonna follow him right off that cliff.
They even get mad when you refer to the US occupation forces as occupiers, even though the only foreign members of the "insurgency" are British Troops dressed as Arabs. The rest of the rebels fighting our troops are Iraqis who want us to get the Hell out.
On the democrat side, you get a bunch of elitists paid off with AIPAC funds to shut up and don't say nothing bad about the illegal war in Iraq. The only difference between the two parties is at least the Republicans don't pretend they aren't going to rape you. Voting for any of these criminals is like throwing your vote away. They're only going to line their pockets and the pockets of their cronies, with a few scraps of pork thrown to their constituents to make it seem as if they're doing something in DC.
Then I read what Harry Browne had to say and I realized this was the guy who should be President. Not some photo-op seeking backroom dealing political party pay-off appointing incompetent, Harry seems to me to be the guy who will do what needs to be done, Korporations and Israel be damned. When he says tax cuts, you know he means tax cuts where they are needed, on the small businessman trying to survive in the box store jungle. When he says liberty and freedom, he means no dirty left wing nut job telling you that you can't have a gun nor some sanctimonious hypocritical right wing nut job telling you that you can't get an abortion. I've been around the block a couple times, everybodies back yard could stand to be cleaned up.
Of course, the only problem is that Americans have been brainwashed into the two party quagmire, if you think the other guy is screwing up this country, you're only half right. Just look at the rising unemployment and the crumbling infrastructure and realize that workingg together, the Republicans and Democrats have done this together and tried to blame each other with no accountability from either. So, if he decides to run, Harry's got my vote.
You could do worse and you always have*.

*with apologies to Alfred E. Neuman

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Suppose They Gave A War Protest And No Democrats Came?

This Saturday, a major war protest is being planned for Washington DC. With support for the war at 32% , you would think that this would be the oppurtunity for the democrats to grow a spine and show up and support the anti-war movement, since now a full majority of Americans disapprove of the way the war is being handled. But, alas, no Democrats plan on showing up.
I shouldn't say no Democrats, Cynthia McKinney and John Conyers will be there. No John Kerry, no Hillary Clinton, no Howard Dean, however. Cindy Sheehan will be there, and she spoke to Ms. Clinton about attending and was met with the reply "Now is not the time to come out against the war." Actually, the time to come out against the war was before it even started, but the Democratic leadership, those spineless craven cowards, were too timid to even vote against the war, despite the worldwide protests before the war. How many of our troops must die in a desert quagmire before they decide to stand up against it? How many billions of dollars must we waste in over payments to Halliburton before they wake up and realize that the effort is draining the country with no substantial results. How many British soldiers dressed as Arabs will be arrested with cars full of explosives by the Iraqi police before they realize that our noble intentions don't exist at all?
So these are our choices America: the chickenhawks of the right, too cowardly to enlist themselves, but all too eager to send our troops to die so a few of their contributors can rake in a nice profit at taxpayer expense, and the chickenshits on the left, too cowardly to stand up against the right and Israel as they demand more and more sacrifices of our money and children.
We don't need a protest, folks, we need a new American revolution.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Preamble On

Korporate America Rewrites the Preamble To The US Constitution

We, the people of the United States of America (well, not all the people, just the affluent white people and a few tokens) in order to form a more perfect union (union? That doesn't sound very Amerikan!) establish justice (white criminals like Ken Lay go free after stealing billions of dollars while some poor black man goes to jail for life with a quarter ounce of weed. That's our kind of justice) insure domestic tranquility (by never ever pointing out our fearless leaders lies, mistakes, or general incompetence) provide for the common defense (contractors, that is) promote the general welfare (welfare? union? what kind of pinko liberals were these founding fathers any way?) secure the blessings of liberty (by locking up or enslaving those people deemed inferior by our racist attitudes) on ourselves (once again, the affluent white people) and our posterity (meaning our fat white asses) ndo ordain and establish this Constitution for the (affluent white people of the) United (Red) States of America.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The (Rotten) Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree

When Jeb Bush's youngest son was arrested the other night for public intoxication and resisting arrest, it was just another in a long line of crimes perpetrated by the Bush family in this century.
John Ellis Bush's sister was arrested for trying to illegally acquire Xanax with a stolen prescription pad. While in court ordered rehab, she went to jail twice, once for having prescription pills and the second time after allegedly having a crack rock in her shoe.
John's cousins were often photographed drinking in the bars, even though both were underage.
John's older brother George Bush III was detained by police after he broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend's on a Christmas morning. He was released after Jeb talked the girl's father in to not pressing charges. His mother was caught trying to smuggle $19,000 worth of jewelry into the country.
And of course, there's the numerous offenses incurred by John's uncle, the president. From his drunk driving offenses and his malicious destruction (he stole a Christmas wreath off a door) to his illegal under international law invasion of Iraq, it's obvious that the Bush family feels that the law is for the other people, not them.
All this pales in comparison to John's great grandfather Prescott Bush's and great-great grandfather Herbert Walker's conviction under the trading with the enemy act for doing business with the Nazis during World War II. Yes the Bush family tree is loaded with nefarious criminal types who, for some reason (because they're rich?) never actually had to pay for their crimes.
Maybe someday the American people will stop electing criminals and send them to prison instead of Washington DC.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Ripple Effect

Today at work, Donna was asked to take a lay-off. The company we both work for provides dining services in both corporate and industrial settings. Another location our company had a contract with shut down it's local plant to ship the manufacturing to Mexico. So along with all the factory workers losing their jobs, the employees from our company would be out on the street, except because we belong to a union, the ones with seniority had bumping priviliges, meaning they could force Donna out of her job as she had little seniority.
Now this new person has to drive forty miles to work each day, which is just as well, as there are probably not too many jobs in their area since the plant laid off 1500 people, and the town it's in is very small. Still, with gas prices what they are, a good portion of their hourly wage will go to the cost of driving eighty miles round trip each day. Which means that they'll probably not have any extra money for extras, just the basics, food, gas, lodging.
With all the unemployed people in this town, coupled with working people on limited budgets, local retailers will feel the pinch and be forced to lay off employees as well. Some will be forced to close as they are unable to compete with the box stores.
With all the unemployment in this town, fewer tax revenues will be generated, so more services will be cut. More people will leave to find work in the big city and if they own property, will have to take a loss for their once desirable house. Property values will drop as no one wants to live where there is no work close by, and with that, property taxes will fall, leaving even less for the public schools which have always been at the bottom of the tax food chain.
At one time, America used to export quality items that people wanted to buy. Now all we export is jobs and war. The Republicans and the Democrats have sold the American worker out, and in turn, every community in the country that relies on the worker to sustain it's existence. As the trade deficit grows, the dollar starts falling, as we have nothing to back it up. Many countries, such as China, are now pegging their currency against the Euro, as opposed to the dollar. Our money become worth less, as oil prices keep going up, this will surely trigger another round of inflation.
Many people in this country have blamed the unions for driving up wages that have made the American worker overpriced in the global marketplace, while no one looks at the CEOs who have made plundering their companies for multi-million dollar salaries the norm. The American worker just wants to earn a decent living, and have enough to set aside to retire on. They want to earn enough so they don't have to work another job in their off time to enjoy the standard of living they have become accustomed to. Guess what people, that's not going to happen. The American worker is being sacrificed on the altar of Globalization, which will only benefit a small percentage of the population at the expense of the masses (ohmigod, I'm sounding like a communist), all courtesy of those people we pay taxes to support, the US Congress.
NAFTA and CAFTA have allowed these corporations to export more American jobs away from the US in blind drive for increased profits.
But if no one has any money to purchase your products because they don't have a job, how are you going to make a profit? Shortsighted idiots.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Misdirection is Rush's Magic

I was helping my friend, the Coach out as he was renovating some of his rental property today. As I tried to engage him in discussions, he would interrupt with "What about this Democrat" or "What about that Democrat" regurgitating stories he heard today on the Rush Limbaugh show of which he is an avid listener.
I am not a liberal nor am I a conservative. I don't believe in the Republicans nor I do I believe in the Democrats. I believe that while there may good people on both sides of the aisle, The party leaderships of both of them have sold America out a long time ago. And this is always the point I try to engage the Coach in, and once I am able to snap him out of his daily brainwashing, he will agree with me.
What Rush does is merely misdirection. A story comes up in the Korporate media that sheds unfavorable light on a member of the Republican party, and Rush will say, "What about this sleazeball Democrat?" And because his listeners are brainwashed conservatives of very limited attention spans, they say to themselves, "Yeah, what about this sleazeball Democrat?" and forget all about the scumbag Republican. And then the Dittoheads forget all about how one of their own is a scumbag and have ammunition to fire at liberal acquaintances. And neither of the brainwashed have the ability to be objective and say, "Hey, wait a minute, they're all fucking us!"
Rush also has a litany of liberal buttons to push to get his listeners riled up about when a Republican actually admits a mistake. Pop! Teddy Kennedy. Pop! Jesse Jackson. Pop! Hillary Clinton. Pop! Louis Farrakhan. He even tries to justify racism by saying it's not as bad as it is in other countries. That there should be no racism in this country at all, especially from our leadership, is beside the point.
I hope someday that the brainwashed will realize that what we need is not party loyalty, or ideological loyalty, but fidelity to the people of this country alone. Hopefully then, they will ditch both parties and seek out the candidates who don't stand firm on non-issues like abortion or gun control, rather stand firm on bringing the country together and creating the great country our Founding Fathers envisioned when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Which is what Rush Limbaugh is trying to prevent.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Material Things

Over the last weekend, I had a sale to divest myself of all the material things I "collected" in a vain attempt to fill a void in my life. For me the acquisition of stuff was more the thrill of the hunt than actually having them, once acquired, they went into a "collection" that accumalated dust. Having had to move several times now, I realize what I need and what I think I need are two different things.
I had set up shop in my driveway, with people stopping by to peruse my goods, which, unless you were as deluded as I, would realize that it all was useless junk. Old toys the kids never played with because the next day they'd get a new one. Board games I collected in a scheme I devised to set up a website where people with the same game that was missing a piece could purchase them from me for a small fee plus shipping. And things that I needed for my house (I live in an apartment now) that I no longer have a use for.
Americans are obsessed with shopping. We even have dollar stores for those unable to shop at Wal-Mart but still want to experience the thrill of buying something totally useless that we'll end up selling at next year's garage sale. Or end up broken as it's poorly designed and manufactured.
And it's all made in China or some third world country where the worker gets paid just enough to live in debt, just like an American. All the money the Korporations save by doing this aren't passed on to the consumer, it's used by the Korporations to buy politicians who will then pass more legislation detrimental to the worker but good for the Korporations. Or they use it to buy media time to tell us all how much better our lives will be if we buy their products.
Like cell phones. In theory, they are a useful item if you're traveling and your car breaks down. But every where you look, you'll see someone walking or driving talking on a cell. Studies funded by the cell phone companies say that the radiation from them is safe, but how long have they had to study the prolonged exposure by those people on them constantly? And every couple months, they come out with new cell phones that make the one you have obsolete. Sucker.
Are the cell phones made in America? Look at yours. The company I work for provides services for Korporate manufacturing locations, and in the three years I've been with them, we've lost four locations due to the plants closing up shop and shipping all the jobs somewhere else. The only jobs available are jobs in the retail or service industry. Even IT and design jobs are going overseas. Is this any way to run an economy?
So I've given up buying crap I don't need. I have what I want and I want what I have. I make the best of it and don't covet things like designer handbags or ipods. Eventually, they'll go out of style or be replaced by the next step in technology and I'm left with something even more useless than when I bought it. But maybe I could sell it to you.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where Were You Four Years Ago?

This is a question that will be repeated over and over again in a lame attempt to exploit a tragedy to prop up approval rarings for Bush after his appointed cronies bungled up the Katrina response. (Or is that Corrina ? Somebody needs to lay off the Xanax)
We all know what President Bush was doing on that morning. Not a damn thing. And yet he did nothing but a make a speech the following day and his approval ratings soared like that eagle John Ashcroft sings badly about.
Now all those flag decals have faded much like the country itself, as the Bush administrtaion has shown that with all our resources being squandered overseas, there is no one left to protect us at all. Sure, reactionary pundits cry "Why should the government protect us?" when if they can't, why the hell are we paying taxes.
Four years ago I was at work, when the news came of a bomb going off or something at the WTC. The corproate coffee bar had CNN on that day and people ran down to keep an eye on what was going on. I suggested to my boss that we turn on Howard Stern, as he was in Manhattan and might know a little more than what was filtering down from the coffee bar. My boss, a reactionary himself, refused. Then, a few minutes later, someone came running down the hall. "A plane, they think another plane has hit the other tower."
Evrerybody was aghast, so to lighten the mood I suggested it was probably some stunt to prop up george W Bush's approval ratings, as the day before they were at an all time low. As the day progressed, I worried about my family forty miles away, so I asked if I could call my wife. The kids were watching a Barney tape and she hadn't heard anything about it. It was reassuring to hear her voice and I finished out the day's work just wanting to be there in case something bad had happened.
Then came the news from the Pentagon. After that all planes were ordered to land.
As i drove home that afternoon, I passed the Holland Municipal airport. It was full of planes. i watched for planes all the way home but saw none. When I got home, I turned on the news and watched in horror as the plane hitting the second tower was replayed over and over again from various angles. I felt sad, and began to cry.
I went out side and the world was calm. Planes that usually flew over my home on regular basis were not there. Why did this happen? Iasked myself over and over.
Two weeks later, our department was let go and I was out of a job. Everyday, I wondered as to why this had happened and why their didn't seem to be any action from our president. Just a bunch of speeches.
"They hate us because we are free and they are not." Wait a minute, we're free? Our freedom is an illusion, try to excercize it and you'll find we are not free. As long as we are showered with pointless consumer goods and kept distracted by Korporate distractions, we will never know it. As long as we are brainwashed to believe the solutions to our problems are with the people who created those problems in the first place, the Democrats and/or Republicans, we will never be the great country envisioned by our founding fathers. Watching the two parties spin the blame spinner in a game of responsibility Twister, I realize that unless we wake up tomorrow, we are doomed to be caught in a perpetual tape loop of good cop/bad cop between the two parties, who don't seem to work for the people, but rather are the kept lap dogs of the devils of Korporate America.
After being terminated, my wife and I purchased a computer and I went online for the first time. I applied for positions I was qualified for, I applied for positions I wasn't qualified for, and I even applied for positions I was over qualified for, to no avail. How many of our governmental appointees went through this process. Did "Brownie"? Of course not, he was appointed as a political favor, not for any qualifications he had in dealing with emergency situations.
In the evenings, I was back online and I began to look for answers. I read a lot of far out theories about 9/11, until I found something I could swallow. It was at a website that provided me answers that television didn't offer. It was the closest thing to truth I could find.
Sometimes, it may contradict itself, but it never forces ideas on me. It lets me decide based on a preponderance of provided evidence. It doesn't cater to the left, nor does it cater to the right. It has the same anti-hypocritical philosophy I've always tried to maintain. I visit it several times daily and it has never let me down.
God Bless Michael Rivero!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thank God I'm an Atheist

I live in a land of churches, breakaway sects from New Testament perverts existing in a bizarre game of holier-than-thou one upmanship uniting not in their love of Jesus or spirituality but in their hatred of Muslims and Jews. The purpose of the church is not to spread God's love, but to enslave it's followers in archaic rituals designed to absolve guilty feelings foisted upon them for being human by the very church itself.
Of course we have a lot of the new churches where hymns have been replaced by God-awful Christian rock so insipid that it probably prevents Jesus from coming back so he doesn't have to listen to it. Theirs is a positive message of how God wants you to be rich and have things but you can't do it with out him, so please give, give, give.
Before I knock all Christianity, there are some churches that have proven themselves charitable in times of disaster, while others have exploited it to say God is really angry with us for (insert right wing political agenda here) and unless we do what the church wants, God will surely strike again. The God is angry ploy only works on the incredibly stupid, which is why the church aims to subvert the public education system with this whole nutty intelligent design nonesense, to waste valuable time from actual learning how weather works.
The purpose of the church is to keep the people in it's place. Political parties and big corporations (one and the same, actually) have actually paid money to the churches of the poor so the Pastor will not tell his people to vote, for the poor willl surely not vote for the people who want to keep them down.
So every night, before I go to bed, I kneel by it's side and I thank God for giving me the intelligence to figure things out for myself. To determine what is right and wrong by applying the Golden Rule (Do unto others...) which might be in the Bible (never read it, too violent for me), but probably the Old Testament.

Feel Safe?

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Wonderful State of Palestine

I was working with the Coach today, discussing, as usual politics. As he listens to Rush and the ilk, he was looking for ways to disagree. As I am unbrainwashed, I was looking for ways for us to come together.
For instance, when I mentioned Bush's tax cut, he spewed about how he was rich his brother was rich according to Democrats. I stopped him and simply said, "Let me finish. Instead of giving tax cuts that benefit the wealthier one percent than guys like you, perhaps Bush should have cut some of the taxes businesses have to pay that are forcing them out of business."
This settled him down, as he knew me when I was as much a knee jerk liberal as he is a knee jerk reactionary. Then we found we both agreed on NAFTA (passed by a Democratically controlled Congress and signed by a Democratic president) and CAFTA (passed by a Republican controlled Congress and signed by a Republican president) being bad for the country. In fact with CAFTA, 83% of Americans were opposed to it. And yet, Congress still passed it.
Then we found that we both opposed the war in Iraq, and slowly we both began to realize that the problems with this country are not the Democrats or the Republicans, the problems with this country are the Democrats and the Republicans.
Then we discussed Israel and I stated how wrong it is to give them money to give back the lands thatn they stole from the Palestinians. The coachwondered why they had to give it back to them "dirty Arabs". Then I explained that it was the Palestinians land, it belonged to them.
I collect old books. I don't know why, but I like them The above map is from Collier's World Atlas and Gazetteer. The copyright date is 1949. It clearly lists what we refer to today as Israel as actually being the Wonderful State of Palestine. The map shows many cities and villages, inhabited by Palestinian people. The map is color coded in two parts, Arab areas and the Jewish state Of Israel. If you look closely at the map, the part marked Ghuzzeli or Gaza is clearly in Arab territory.
Ghuzzeli was taken from the Palestinians by the Israelis and the UN, the organization which created the state of Israel, passed a resolution saying that Israel must return it to the Palestinians. As partof the roadmap to peace, Israel agreed and the United States has agreed to pay each settler $250,000 to do so. Kind of makes the $2000 debit cards given to Katrina survivors seem kind of paltry.
And the $3,000,000,000 plus we give to Israel annually makes the money given to those unable to find a sustainable job (one that pays a living wage, or that asking too much?) in the US seem kind of meager. Of course it helps that the people in Israel are "regular people" while those in America, not so "regular"
I'm sure you reactionaries know what I mean, right Coach?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Americans Are Worth Less

Everyday, I try to rationalize with myself that there must be a God, and everyday I search for proof a higher deity that wields ultimate power. And every time I think I must be getting closer to the fact there could be one, I always trip over the same thing. George W Bush.
George W Bush is an example of the lack of intelligent design in the universe, no Greater Power could have created this soulless incompetent. More an example of the Peter Principle than of Natural Selection, no other leader could have such obvious disdain and contempt for his people and still manage to hold on to his position.
Without going over the lies and bungles by this administration and it's appointees, it's clear to see that the people who have dropped the ball are people who should have never been given it in the first place. No, it took massive political fraud to put this impostor in place and fraud is what keeps him there as his followers still blindly apologize and spin for him at every wrong turn he decides to make.
Bush is a leader who has put his country and a growing majority of it's citizens dead solid last. His is a photo op presidency, where Bush poses for pictures that contradict his policy. Nevada firemen are ordered to follow him around as he surveys the damage that they should be helping to clean up. People who are needed to help people in need are instead being used to make this troll of a man appear to have compassion for people he has no compassion for.
He has taken advatage of the brainwashed and their lack of memory as he changes the reasons and objectives in the poorly planned and ill-conceived quagmire he has dedicated his presidency to. That he still has approval ratings at all shows not only the effectiveness of the brainwashing by the Korporate Media, but also how hard it will be for those wanting to effect real change in this country will have to work to break party loyalties on both sides of the aisle.
No other evidence that this is a man who has put American citizens last than in his $2000 debit cards to Katrina survivors. "Here's two G's, now be a good consumer and spend!" It doesn't matter that they have no homes to put any purchases in, the only concern is that the money trickles up back in to the pockets of Bush supporters. When Gaza settlers were forced to move from their illegal settlements, they received $250,000 from the US government. That Israel recieves $3,000,000,000.00 plus a year in aid from the US while the levees in Louisiana have had to wait year after year until a tragedy occurred to recieve any funding from our government is a prime example of those who govern us only do so to get at our taxes to line the pockets of party contributors.
So, occaisionally, I will see something, like the decent Americans rushing to help out their fellow citizens in a disaster such as this and think, maybe there is someone to bring out the good in us, a higher power. Then I'll read that Halliburton has recieved the contracts to rebuild the levees and realise, no, we are all just plain screwed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush Good For (Funeral) Business

Recently, I attended the Convention of ARIMBSFA (Association of Remains Internment Manufacturers, Bereavement Specialists and Floral Arrangers) to get their spin on the competence of the Bush Administration. While there, I spoke to Barry D. Korpi, head of the Remains Interment Manufacturers; Morton "Mort" U. Cherry, president of Bereavement Specialist of America; and Fauna Panzegrau, head of the Floral Arranger Society. What follows is our conversation.
Lew: Good evening persons, hows business?
Barry: Very good, business is picking up, especially in New Orleans.
Mort: People are dying to do business with us. Sorry, that's an old industry joke.
Fauna: We're trying hard to keep up with demand.
Lew: Did any of you contribute to the Bush campaigns in the past two elections?
Barry: ARIMBSFA gave to both the Bush campaign and to the Republican Party.
Mort: I'm a Bush Pioneer!
Fauna: You know, some of our members were concerned when Bush and the Republicans adopted the pro-life plank. But I explained that they just meant white babies, of whom we send a large amount of bouquets to new mothers, so they calmed down.
Lew:Don't you feel, I don't know, evil exploiting death for profit?
Mort: hey! Everybody's gotta die some time right? Do you know how much an obituary costs in a large metropolitan newspaper? We're just easing people's guilt that it was a loved one instead of themselves that crossed over.
Lew: Barry, has your busines increased lately?
Barry: Why, yes, one member just received an order for 40,000 burial internment units to be shipped to Lousiana. Plus, with all the brave soldiers getting greased in Iraq, we're doing a booming business, although some members are complaining because Bush won't allow the bodies being shipped home to be photographed. Nothing sells product like draping it in an American flag. Look at Fox News!
Lew: I try not to. How many units have you shipped to Iraq?
Barry: Officially, it's only a thousand, but off the record, closer to ten thousand with units shipped to Germany for soldiers who died ther or enroute to their from injuries sustained in Iraq. Plus we've sent over 100,000 'economy' units to inter the collateral damage. Saddam would have just buried them in a mass grave, this way, they get a decent Christian burial.
Mort: We're sending people over there to train Iraqi civilians to be grief counselors.
Lew:Fauna, how does your society fit in?
Fauna: Well first, when a soldier dies, the mother and/or widow receives flowers from all their friends and co-workers in condolence. Then of course, once the remains are interred, they usually send a nice arangement to the final resting place.
Lew: So you're all profitting from the war?
All: yes!
Mort: Best money I ever spent.
Lew: So you don't see any incompetence-
Barry: It's his incompetence that makes him right for the job!Who'd have thunk that it would translate so well in to his appointments. We couldn't have asked for a better choice than Michael Brown. I'm giddy about the prospects of future disasters.
Lew: So you're not worried about the possibility of another terrorist attack?
Mort: Yes I am. If the next terrorist attack is nuclear, everybody'll be vaporized.
Barry: No remains to be interred. At least in New Orleans, there is a lot of bodies to be buried.
Fauna: Can I just say that the Floral Designers will do okay after the next terrorists attack. Americans will send lots of flowers to the makeshift shrine, it'll be the best thing for us since the death of Princess Di.
Lew:okay. Well what can we expect from the funeral business in the future?
Mort: We designing a Hummer hearse, for those people who want to feel bigger than everyone else, even after they've gone on.
Lew: But Hummer is already so swamped with orders from people that they don't have enough to build the armor plated ones for the troops.
Barry:You see that's good. If they don't get killed, well, we're going to lose a lot of money. I just bought a villa on a lake and want to build a panic room in it.
Fauna:Can I just say this? New Hampshire Teddy Bear Co. has just come out with it's "Katrina Survivor Bear". It comes with it's own set of alligator bite marks. And only in one color. We can ship them over night to the Superdome for those people who feel guilty about voting for Bush and really would like to apologize to the citizens of New Orleans. It's 8" tall, cuddly as ever, and only $14.95.
Lew: Well, we must be going now.
Fauna, Barry:Bye!
Mort: See you soon!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

They're Coming For You!

Recently I became involved in a heated discussion at The Gaelic Starover with a poster who suggested a national burn your voter registration card day as a protest against vote scams perpetrated by Republicans in a bid to seize control of the country with a small minority of the population being allowed to vote. They achieved this because they knew that most people don't vote in off year elections, so they seized the oppurtunity to put their people in key positions at the state and local level. Voter rolls were erroneously purged, questionable procedures such as touch screen voting were promoted as a way to prevent another "Florida", the list goes on of the right wing dirty trick squads abuse of the election process. The hope by the poster was that Americans would see this protest and become outraged and demand change. Yeah, right.
Korporate Amerika owns the media as well as the Congress, there is no guarantee that such a protest wouldn't be potrayed as a bunch of "liberal whackos" by the Korporate media, who tried to the same with Cindy Sheehan and her supporters in their protest against the lies the Bush Administration used to the start the war in Iraq. Hell, the Korporate media was complicit in helping to spread those lies.
Recently, Bush opened the borders to Mexico, allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants. He did this because Latinos generally vote Republican, therefore flooding the voter rolls (as well as the job market). Which makes one wonder, "What are all the FEMA camps for now?" There are 84 of them, fully staffed and operational, and empty, throughout the US. Originally, there purpose was to house illegal immigrants should there be a flood of them coming across the border from Mexico. What purpose do they serve now?
One only needs to look back in history to see where this country is heading. Bush's family , his grandfather and great grandfather helped fund the Nazi regime in Germany, and had assets seized under the trading with the enemy act during WWII. Bush has used the same excuse to invade Iraq that Hitler used to invade Poland. He has used 9/11 to pass the Patriot Act in the same way that Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to pass the Enabling Act.
Listen to Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, read their books, and you see a picture of who they blame for all the faults of this nation. They accuse liberals of being "unpatriotic traitors" just as Goebbels blamed the Jews. Economic problems are blamed on liberal policies just as economic problems in postwar Germany were blamed on Jewish bankers. Anyone see a pattern here?
Of course, all this is a "conspiracy theory" and liberals don't believe in conspiracies until, like Watergate, they are actually proven. By then, it will be too late. But hey, maybe they can console themselves with the fact that they'll be burning off all that body fat doing forced labor. Just look at how thin the Auschwitz survivors were when rescued by American troops at the end of WWII.
But don't say you haven't been warned.

Monday, September 05, 2005

"In a timely manner..."

Well, it didn't take long for George W (W stands for Wuss) to nominate a replacement for Chief Justice Rehnquist. He was on the news this morning nominating John Roberts for the position, noting that Roberts had clerked for Rehnquist and the two of them looked forward to serving together on the highest court, his inflections seeming annoyed that these two good ol' boys didn't have the chance to rip the Constitution together because of objections from Senate democrats.
"Hopefully, we can proceed with this in a timely manner," he stated threateningly. Of course, the Bush Administration hasn't yet handed over all the papers the Democrats have repeatedly asked for "in a timely manner". He hadn't responded the disaster in New Orleans "in a timely manner". He won't end the war in Iraq "in a timely manner". He hasn't fired Karl Rove "in a timely manner". But give him his Chief Justice so the Government can screw the people from their property rights "in a timely manner." So he can take away women's right of choice "in a timely manner". So he can strip away the separation of Church and State "in a timely manner."
One can only hope that impeachment hearings start "in a timely manner".

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Electronic Lynching By Campbell Brown

Tuned in to NBC's Sunday Today this morning just in time to see Correspondent Campbell Brown rake New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin over the coals. Should have expected as much from the network that cut Kanye West's unscripted comments at Friday night's benefit concert for the hurricane victims out of the west coast rebroadcast. As she did a story about the victims, she warned viewers that many of the scenes were very graphic. Expecting the worst I braced myself for what I thought would be some very upsetting photos of the devastation and death caused by Katrina. What I saw would only be upsetting to those who avoid driving in the poorer neighborhoods in any big city. Garbage piled up, people waiting in line for services, having to wear dirty and old clothes, this was just another day in the life of the people in the lower part of the economic system. Even the Guardsmen with automatic weapons at hand were not very different than the police who keep order, that is, keep the poor in their place.
We live in a Korporate Media approved age where food and equiptment are flown in for photo opportunities for the Korporate President to look good, then just as quickly removed when the President leaves. Where the Korporate Media turns on politicians like Ray Nagin while handling the criminal Bush regime with kid gloves. Does any one in the Korporatemedia question why traitor Karl Rove still has a job when he should be fed to the alligators swimming the streets of New Orleans? No, of course not. But they have jumped on Ray Nagin for failing to strengthen the levees with out the funds that were diverted to fight a war deliberately started under false pretenses while the rationale for staying changes from week to week as to why we keep fighting to inflict our way of life on a people who obviously don't want it.
Now of course, the levees are being strengthened, but, instead of the money going to local contractors, who have they decided was more apt at doing the job? The criminal bastards at Halliburton of course (which is probably why the funds were held up in the first place, President of Vice Cheney's cronies haven't stolen enough taxpayer money yet and need to overcharge us more).
One wonders, if George (Wuss) Bush had the temerity to stand in front of the media one on one as the mayor of New Orleans if he would have gotten the same treatment from them? No, he wouldn't have as it has become obvious that as public criticism of Bush's incompetence grow larger everyday, a scapegoat was needed to be sacrificed in place of the President. And whgo would be better in a nation of frightened racists than Ray Nagin? After all, he is a democrat. And he is black. And those are the people who the brainwashed have been taught to fear.

Friday, September 02, 2005

This Is What Happens When You Tell The World To Get Screwed

When you talk to the brainwashed about Bush cutting funding for the levees in New Orleans, they all respond as they have been programmed. That bill was full of pork, they say, Bush had to veto it. Of course these same mindless zombies have no problem with the millions of taxpayer dollars paid to Halliburton in the biggest pork farm in the world, even after it's been found that it's subsidiaries have been overcharging the taxpayer millions of dollars. One man's pork is another man's filet mignon.
Now these same zombies are complaining because the rest of the world isn't rushing to save our pathetic asses from the pathetic ass in the White House. We'll remember this, they say, just wait. No, you won't remember. Because if you could remember, in the months leading to the Iraq invasion, the whole world, well aware of the absence of weapons of mass destruction, refused to sign off on our pre-emptive strike. Bush and all the right wing hegemonists delivered a big F-you to the world, twisted the arms of weaker nations to build a "coalition of the willing", and invaded Iraq anyway, ignoring the protests of millions worldwide, including those right at home.
Is it wrong they haven't rushed to our rescue? Perhaps they are hoping, as with our sanctions against Saddam following the first Gulf War which hurt a lot of Iraq civilians but didn't do a damn thing to Saddam, that perhaps the people of this country will wise up and see what horrible leadership we have chosen for ourselves. Perhaps they feel about the Bush regime as the world felt about Hitler when he tried to control the world. Or maybe they feel that this his Bush's mess, he should clean it up. But don't expect a man who has had a maid his whole life to clean up. Don't expect the oil companies who have profitted from the war and will likely profit from the shortages caused by the storm to help clean it up. Don't expect the Korporate Elite or their lapdog Congress to help clean it up, although they will send your tax money to do it, diverting funds from another project laden with "pork" (but not the war in Ira- oh, I mean the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism) that was designed to keep us safe from nature, the most violent extremist of all. All this proves is that no matter how many soldiers we sacrifice, no matter how many Iraqi civilians we kill, we will never be safe at home with Bush in the White House.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Take Some Responsibility, You Moron

This morning on the radio, the deejays were at the local cinema to raise money to help with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. One deejay assured the listeners that all the money raised would go directly to the victims, not of it would be used on administrative costs. "Yeah!" said the gal who works directly across from me, a Fox watching brainwashed person who perhaps remembers when right wing entertainer Bill O'Reilly took on the liberal organizers of the Concert For The Americas, who admitted that some of the money raised there did go to administrative costs. Perhaps Mr. O'Reilly felt embarassed that all conservatives did was stick a Chinese made flag decal on their car in show of support for the families of the fallen.
Mr. O'Reilly, who has the audacity to call himself a journalist, has yet to take on Halliburton for all the overcharges to the American taxpayer made by that company and it's subsidiaries for rebuilding Iraq after Bush and the Neocons blew it to pieces. Nor will one see any of the blame for the disaster in New Orleans laid at the feet of President Bush, even though he cut funding for strengthening the levees to have more money for the war in Iraq, which has taken on another excuse, since the "We're fighting for democracy" isn't panning out. Now were fighting so the terrorists can't get the oil.
When I pointed out the cuts to new Orleans, my brainwashed co-worker said"How could he have known?" ( A mantra I'm sure right wing enteratiners such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are repeating to keep the brainwashed from actually thinking this out)Well, he couldn't, since this President lacks any semblance of an intellectual capacity. If he had, perhaps he would have known that New Orleans is on a flood plain, which, being a flood plain, will generally overflow it's retainers every hundred years or so. The point is, they wanted to be prepared, they should have been prepared, but the President thought it more important to steal the oil from Iraq so "the terrorists" can't get it, (and make the Vice-Presidents business partners rich to boot), so now a whole city has suffered.
Another reason they have suffered was because six thousand of the Louisiana National Guard were not there to help defend the city against the onslaught of the hurricane, they were too busy in Iraq, finding weapons of mass destruction. Or, preventing another 9/11. Or bringing democracy to the Middle east. Or stealing the oil so the Korporate terrorists (been to a gas pump lately?) can get it before the other terrorists.
It's beyond ironic that the people who bray the most about personal responsibility never have taken any responsibility for their actions. The whole lack of weapons of mass destruction was blamed on faulty intelligence, even though it was the Neocons who fixed intelligence around their policy of invasion of Iraq. they refused to take any responsibility for 9/11, although there are a number of indications they knew Osama was determined to strike inside America. They even tried to block any investigation into 9/11 that didn't fit the perameters of what they wanted the commission to find. And I'm sure that even as we speak, apologists are trying to find a way to blame this on Bill Clinton, their final scapegoat when all else fails. I'm sure Whitewater had something to do with this, just give them time and they'll contort their thinking to find a way to prove it.