Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thank God I'm an Atheist

I live in a land of churches, breakaway sects from New Testament perverts existing in a bizarre game of holier-than-thou one upmanship uniting not in their love of Jesus or spirituality but in their hatred of Muslims and Jews. The purpose of the church is not to spread God's love, but to enslave it's followers in archaic rituals designed to absolve guilty feelings foisted upon them for being human by the very church itself.
Of course we have a lot of the new churches where hymns have been replaced by God-awful Christian rock so insipid that it probably prevents Jesus from coming back so he doesn't have to listen to it. Theirs is a positive message of how God wants you to be rich and have things but you can't do it with out him, so please give, give, give.
Before I knock all Christianity, there are some churches that have proven themselves charitable in times of disaster, while others have exploited it to say God is really angry with us for (insert right wing political agenda here) and unless we do what the church wants, God will surely strike again. The God is angry ploy only works on the incredibly stupid, which is why the church aims to subvert the public education system with this whole nutty intelligent design nonesense, to waste valuable time from actual learning how weather works.
The purpose of the church is to keep the people in it's place. Political parties and big corporations (one and the same, actually) have actually paid money to the churches of the poor so the Pastor will not tell his people to vote, for the poor willl surely not vote for the people who want to keep them down.
So every night, before I go to bed, I kneel by it's side and I thank God for giving me the intelligence to figure things out for myself. To determine what is right and wrong by applying the Golden Rule (Do unto others...) which might be in the Bible (never read it, too violent for me), but probably the Old Testament.

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