Friday, September 30, 2005

What Do You Do With A Drunken President?

Reports from all kinds of different sources, from the National Enquirer to Capitol Hill Blue , have been saying that Bush is on the juice patrol again. The one time permanent party frat boy is at it again, probably in a vain attempt to regain the soggy memories of perceived former glory days when all he had to do was shellback young initiates into the Skull and Bones society. Back then, he was Mr. Popularity, now his approval ratings are falling like the Twin Towers, and no amount of intoning "9/11, 9/11" will change that now.
The "Mission:Accomplished" in Iraq is dragging out and heading for an all out civil war with our troops caught between warring factions, his political hack crony appointments have proven, in the aftermath of Katrina, to be as incompetent as he, and then there's the ever increasing pressure from Israel to send more troops (which we don't have available) into Iran and Syria. The economy's faltering, his Social Security plan failed to catch fire, impeachment talks grow as more and more people become aware of the lies he used to start the unholy war in Iraq,about the only success he has had is John Roberts confirmation as Chief Justice and if that don't send shivers down your spine, consider this:
If Bush is drinking again, and the Democrats (besides my girl, Cynthia McKinney) grow a spine and start impeachment proceedings, he may step down, leaving Dick(head) Cheney in the Oval Office. Cheney, one of the signers of the Project For A New American Cemetery, I mean Century, is the one who suggested that we nuke Iran after the next terrorist attack, even if they had nothing to do with it. Cheney's just chomping at the bit to use tax payer's money to blow the piss out of something so tax payer's money can be paid to Halliburton to rebuild it. With the passage of the Patriot Act and the installment of John Roberts to the Supreme Court, everything's set up for Cheney to be the Evil Emperor you knew always existed behind that crooked smile. He certainly doesn't have enough grace to get elected post-Bush and has enough money to keep himself alive as long as Monty Burns.
And when that happens, we'll all be living in the good ol' US of H. (Halliburton)

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Lily said...

(shudder) Well we all know that he is but one of the masterminds. I would accuse you of liberal hysterics but- again, I happen to agree.
And who knows- maybe getting off the wagon is a good thing. how can things be any worse? generally bastards are more likeable at least when they drink!!!! Maybe drunk he'll find an intern and we can relive that again- it seems THAT is the only thing we can hold people accountable for nowadays.