Thursday, September 08, 2005

Americans Are Worth Less

Everyday, I try to rationalize with myself that there must be a God, and everyday I search for proof a higher deity that wields ultimate power. And every time I think I must be getting closer to the fact there could be one, I always trip over the same thing. George W Bush.
George W Bush is an example of the lack of intelligent design in the universe, no Greater Power could have created this soulless incompetent. More an example of the Peter Principle than of Natural Selection, no other leader could have such obvious disdain and contempt for his people and still manage to hold on to his position.
Without going over the lies and bungles by this administration and it's appointees, it's clear to see that the people who have dropped the ball are people who should have never been given it in the first place. No, it took massive political fraud to put this impostor in place and fraud is what keeps him there as his followers still blindly apologize and spin for him at every wrong turn he decides to make.
Bush is a leader who has put his country and a growing majority of it's citizens dead solid last. His is a photo op presidency, where Bush poses for pictures that contradict his policy. Nevada firemen are ordered to follow him around as he surveys the damage that they should be helping to clean up. People who are needed to help people in need are instead being used to make this troll of a man appear to have compassion for people he has no compassion for.
He has taken advatage of the brainwashed and their lack of memory as he changes the reasons and objectives in the poorly planned and ill-conceived quagmire he has dedicated his presidency to. That he still has approval ratings at all shows not only the effectiveness of the brainwashing by the Korporate Media, but also how hard it will be for those wanting to effect real change in this country will have to work to break party loyalties on both sides of the aisle.
No other evidence that this is a man who has put American citizens last than in his $2000 debit cards to Katrina survivors. "Here's two G's, now be a good consumer and spend!" It doesn't matter that they have no homes to put any purchases in, the only concern is that the money trickles up back in to the pockets of Bush supporters. When Gaza settlers were forced to move from their illegal settlements, they received $250,000 from the US government. That Israel recieves $3,000,000,000.00 plus a year in aid from the US while the levees in Louisiana have had to wait year after year until a tragedy occurred to recieve any funding from our government is a prime example of those who govern us only do so to get at our taxes to line the pockets of party contributors.
So, occaisionally, I will see something, like the decent Americans rushing to help out their fellow citizens in a disaster such as this and think, maybe there is someone to bring out the good in us, a higher power. Then I'll read that Halliburton has recieved the contracts to rebuild the levees and realise, no, we are all just plain screwed.

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