Monday, September 05, 2005

"In a timely manner..."

Well, it didn't take long for George W (W stands for Wuss) to nominate a replacement for Chief Justice Rehnquist. He was on the news this morning nominating John Roberts for the position, noting that Roberts had clerked for Rehnquist and the two of them looked forward to serving together on the highest court, his inflections seeming annoyed that these two good ol' boys didn't have the chance to rip the Constitution together because of objections from Senate democrats.
"Hopefully, we can proceed with this in a timely manner," he stated threateningly. Of course, the Bush Administration hasn't yet handed over all the papers the Democrats have repeatedly asked for "in a timely manner". He hadn't responded the disaster in New Orleans "in a timely manner". He won't end the war in Iraq "in a timely manner". He hasn't fired Karl Rove "in a timely manner". But give him his Chief Justice so the Government can screw the people from their property rights "in a timely manner." So he can take away women's right of choice "in a timely manner". So he can strip away the separation of Church and State "in a timely manner."
One can only hope that impeachment hearings start "in a timely manner".

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