Sunday, July 30, 2006

Christianazis-Coming To A Country Near You

Freedom Alliance Leadership members salute founder Ollie North
(photo courtesy of Calling All Wingnuts)

To some people freedom means the right to do as one pleases. However, some stuff that one may choose to do is not something that pleases other people. These people feel that freedom means the right to impose their values on those who do not wish to have them imposed upon. For them, we have FEMA concentration camps. For those who choose to be Muslims, or liberals, or hippies, or atheists, or gay.
Oh, so you think it can't happen here. Ol' lew must be wearing his tinfoil hat in the sun again. Well, here are the top ten signs we're headed that way.
“When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”-Sinclair Lewis

Valueless Based Hypocrisy

Propagandists around the world, in a frenzy to place the blame on the current Mid east crisis (which is really part of an ongoing Mid East crisis), are now strting to pint the finger at Iran, even though the two Israeli soldiers were captured in southern Lebanon. The current story is that Iran did this to remind Israel of what it is capable of and to distract the world from it's rejection of the economic incentives offered in part for shutting down their current nuclear program. Even though Iran asked Hizbullah to curb it's attacks on Israel, they are still receiving blame.
The neocons are salivating right now at the chance to start another war that will "change the shape of the Mid East" (while enriching defense contractors) by installing puppet regimes that are more beholden to the US and Tel-Aviv than they are to their own people, all in some twisted definition of democracy.
The evidence against Iran is all'circumstantial' (more like wishful thinking), but it hasn't stopped the neocons for pushing for a confrontation with them. Which brings me to an interesting point:
Iran, which has not been found in violation of any of the aspects of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and is, according to our own National Intelligence Estimate at least ten years away from acquiring enough centrifuges to enrich enough uranium for a nuclear weapon, is being pursued by the US in the UN for, uh, um, obeying a treaty. Meanwhile, Israel, who is actually, you know, killing people gets a pass from their ambassador to the UN, I mean, our ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. To claim israel's actions are in self-defense is either spurious or uninformed, as Israel's plans for this action against Hezbollah have been in place for a year.
Following the massacre in Qana, Israel agrees to halt bombings (for 48 hours) lest the world (well, the US, the UK and Canada) see them as some sort of genocidal monster.Kofi Annan, at an emergency session of the Security Council to condemn the attack.
“We must condemn this action in the strongest possible terms,” Mr. Annan told the Security Council, adding: “I am deeply dismayed that my earlier calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities were not heeded.”
My bet is that once again, as usual, the US vetoes any actions. Conservatives whined this summer about how in the new Superman movie he vowed to fight for "truth, justice, and all that", but any impartial unbrainwashed observer will tell you that truth and justice are no longer the American way.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bad Puppet! Bad, Bad Puppet!

Senate Democratic leaders got their panties in a knot (not a pleasant picture, if you know what I mean) when Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki went off script recently and condemned Israel's actions against the people of Lebanon.

"Iraq is urging the international community to take a quick and firm stance to stop this agression against Lebanon, to stop the killing of innocent people and to stop the destruction of infrastructure." How dare he speak out against killing and destruction!
"What is happening is an operation of mass destruction and mass punishment and an operation using great force, something that Israel has, and Lebanon doesn't." Truer words were hardly ever spoken, but apparently Mr. Maliki forgot the first rule of being a puppet: never criticize Israel. Our puppet Congress never does, and look how well dressed and well paid they are!
In a letter to al-Maliki, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer called the Iraqi leaders comments troubling.
"He forgot to recognize Israel's right to defend themselves! " the three seethed. This raised serious questions in their minds whether or not Iraq under his leadership can play a constructive role in resolving the current crisis amd bringing stability to the Middle East. Huh?
Mr. Maliki's great crime was to not condemn Hezbollah for killing hundreds of Israeli citizens and completely decimating Israeli infrastructure (because they didn't) as well as condemning Israel. Bad puppet. Bad, bad puppet. Now Senate Democrats are threatening to boycott his speech because he hasn't, which clearly shows that they know who butters their bread.
"Part of the reason that America was sold on Iraq was to have a staunch ally in the region-a democratic ally that would back our policies,"Schumer said. No. You're wrong, asshole. The reason America was sold on Iraq was because of lies perpetuated by the Bush ADD-ministration, the WMD, the al-qaeda thing, the ties to 9/11 (that many adults still believe existed), that's what the war in Iraq was sold on. There was never any mention of installing a puppet regime. "Now if the prime minister can't condemn terrorism, which is ruining his country--then where are we headed?" Well, actually his country was ruined before the terrorism broke out. Now, who was it that ruined his country? Hezbollah? Al-Qaeda? Oh, yeah, it was the US.
In the House, Rahm Emmanuel and two other Democrats are circulating a letter asking Speaker Dennis Hastert to cancel the address. "With evidence that Iraqi leadership's goals are not in the best interest of the United States- nor the Middle East-Prime Minister Maliki's speech is innappropriate. We are unaware of any instance where a world leader who actively worked against the interests of the United States was afforded such an honor." How about the last fucking State of the Union address? How is condemning Israel for it's wanton destruction as inappropriate response to acts they set in motion themselves not in the interest of the Middle East?
The Republicans, remarkably, have shown restraint in reaction to al-Maliki's comments. John McCain said Democrats shouldn't boycott the speech due to al-maliki's remarks and added "I don't like them either, but he's entitled to them." Dennis Hastert called them political moves in an election year. All this does for me is reinforce the validity of the previous post.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Any More Questions?

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

On the 20 of July, 2006, Congress passed a resolution condemning the attacks on Israel 410-8. Even though Israel provoked the attacks by violating the borderwith Lebanon. And even though78% of Americans oppsed this resolution. Why?

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Last year, when thousands of Americans were in peril from Hurricane Katrina, the government ignored warnings of disaster. As the Superdome filled with refugees and people were going with out food, medicine and were dying, there was no impetus to do anything. However, with Israel running low on munitions to blow the shit out of Lebanon, the US speeds arms deliveries to Isreal.What makes one country more important to our politicians than it's own citizens?
"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

On July 16, President Bush rejected Jacques Chirac's call for an immediate ceasefire on the behalf of both parties. Last week, he said he was going to give Israel a week, and now they get another week.We killed any measure in the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire, even as civilians are being killed because our embarassing ambassador saysLebanon civilian deaths are not the same as terror deaths. (A sentiment echoed by Alan Dershowitz) Why does our government stand aside and allow the destruction of the Lebanese infrastructure?

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Our invasion of Iraq was predicated on the notion that Saddam Hussein had dangerous WMD and wasn't afraid to unleash them. That was the major reason we were told it was time for regime change in Baghdad. Now we have claims coming from Beirut that Israel is using banned weapons against civilians, and yet there is no outcry from our government, who probably provided Israel (like we provided Iraq) with these dangerous weapons in the first place. Why do we provide dangerous WMD to countries that would use them?

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

In America, we have freedom of speech. We can criticize bad movies, our government and even celebrities. We can criticize politicians and parties. Our freedom of religion allows even to criticize Christianity and Islam, however, even though Zionism is contrary to Judaic teachings, to criticize the Zionist state of Israel gets you labeled an anti-semite. In fact, such great Americans such as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh are labeled as anti-semites for daring to use their position to speak out against Zionism.
So now, when one speaks out against Zionism, (which is not part of the Judaic tradition), they are immediately labeled as "Jew-Haters", or "anti-Semites". Even though The religious Jews who by virtue of their faith, clearly contradicted Zionist nationalism, we find the Zionists hiding behind the religious tradition they have rejected.
The US is supposed to be a representative government. We elect people to go to the Capitol and work in our best interests. However, when another foreign government controls who we vote for, and where are tax dollars are spent, we become less free. When said government's policies endanger the lives of Americans, to the point where we must give up some of our freedoms in our own country, something is wrong. When the rest of the world condemns these actions we condone, one has to wonder, is this the right thing? And why are we continuing to allow this?

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."-Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Oh, yeah. That's why.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Only Sane Man In Washington

While the death toll rises in the newest Mid east crisis, the Republicans go fishing, introduce a resolution banning gay marriages AGAIN, or pack their bags for Bohemian Grove, one congressman is acting exactly how our President (who is busy sexually harrassing the German Chancellor)should be.
Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has introduced a resolution calling for the president (if he can pry himself away from Chancellor Merkel)to appeal to all sides in the current crisis for a cessation of violence and to commit US diplomats to multi party negotiations with no conditions.
Bush, however, warned Syria to stay out of Lebanon while giving Israel more time to carry out it's military campaign, which some commentators must have been in the planning stages for weeks, even before the capture of two IDF soldiers.
So while Iran demands Hizbullah curtail attacks on Israel, the idiot President blames them for the trouble. So look for an attack against Iran as part of A Clean Break.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel's Apartheid, The Rapture Is A Farce, and Al Franken Is A Big Fat Zionist Shill

Israel 's Aparthied
Back when I was a teenager, a group of musicians led by Little Steven (Van Zandt, now just Steve VanZandt, of The Sopranos fame) gathered together to protest the policies of South Africa. At that time, as Nelson Mandela languished in prison, South Africa had a policy of apartheid, a separation of the black population from the white population. The song they released "(I Ain't Gonna Play) Sun City" featured many prominent artists of the time, committed activists such as Bruce Springsteen and Joey Ramone. At the time there was a cultural boycott of South Africa as well as Sun City, a Vegas-type entertainment capital where artists would play for large amounts of cash.
A lot of these people felt to play Sun City would be akin to supporting the racist separatist politics of South Africa, something these artists, all predominantly left wing, knew was wrong.
Now on the other hand, Israel employs the same tactics that South Africa used. They have built a wall surrounding "their" country that sometimes runs through Palestinian olive groves, which have been there for hundreds of years. (Although Zionist propaganda would have you believe there have been no Palestines tending them, as they don't exist) There is to be no marriages between Israelis and Palestines, because Palestinians are people who never existed. So if you look at an old map of something called Palestine and see cities, well those were really ghost towns. And no-one has lived in Jerusalem for 2000 years.
But what you don't hear from a lot of people on the left is a sense of outrage at Israel's apartheid policy.

The Rapture Is A Farce
Does Jesus come with an expiration date?
You would think that the Christian right would be upset by the events unfolding now in the Middle east. Jesus won't return until peace is acheived in that region, and recent events have pushed peace a long, long, long way away. You would think that the fundies would be doing everything in their power to work for peace, since they're so eager for the rapture, but instead they continue their unabated support of the Bush regime as it ensures the region stays unstable for a couple more generations. Perhaps they don't wished to be judged and found wanting.
My question is: After the rapture, will the acceptance of Jesus Christ as a personal savior no longer be considered a ticket to Heaven anymore? Because I'll bet you, a lot of sinners will change their ways when they've found they've been left behind. I'm sure that life will still continue on beyond the rapture, just look at all the Chinese who won't be lifted to Heaven. Will it be too late for them to convert?
Or is the rapture just a con? A farce perpetrated by two different passages in a book of the New Testament that should have been left out in the first place?

Al Franken Is A Big Fat Zionist Shill
Reading Al Franken's best seller, Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair And Balanced Look At The Right, I came across a passage unsettling. Franken describes his trip to Afghanistan to entertain soldiers fighting there, and how he had to clear his material with the military. He had proposed a routine he worked out with cheerleaders in the group where they would come out wearing burqas and then throw them off to reveal skimpy cheerleading outfits as an example of how the US is improving the life for women in Afghanistan. (No More Burqas!) the military 86'd the idea, deeming it too insensitive to the beliefs of the indigeonous personnel of the host country. He pleaded and wheedled, but no go. The military lacked a sense of humor.
Or is it Mr. Franken who's not funny. I'll admit, I bought the book, but never found Franken to be anything more than mildly amusing at best. I got rid of it because as an information source, it was futile.
besides the above described incident illustrating Mr. Franken's lack of sensitivity towards other people's religious beliefs, there was another chapter devoted to enrolling one of his interns (the people that did all his research for him, for free) at either Bob Jones or Liberty College, some southern fried Bible thumping place with rules against mixed dating, or something he was looking to challenge. I forget what it was, but once again, insensitivity to another person's religion (unlike myself, who's insensitive to everyone's religion but my own, fortune cookieology)
But waht makes him a Zionist shill is a joke he repeats that is designed to discredit the 9/11 truth movement. He mentions the story of how all Jews were warned to stay off planes on 9/11. "I'm a Jew", he states, "I never got the call". This bit of disinformation is based on the actual story that Odigo, an Israel owned instant messaging company located in Manhattan sent a message out at 7:00am on 9/11 telling employees not to report to work that day.

Then this weekend, he stated at DemocracyFest (thanks Dusty!):"Israel was provoked". Let me see, they killed a family of ten on the beach a Gaza, lied about it, denied it, never apologized for it, assassinated the Hamas chief of police in Gaza, arrested Hamas officials,buzzed the Syrian president's country home with fighetr jets(this was in June, before Hizbollah captured two IDF soldiers), and crossed the border into Lebanon before the two soldier were captured that started this whole mess in the first place. Sounds like some provocation was going on, but it was on the part of Israel itself. I guess being a lying liar is okay, as long as you're a liberal.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Dubya Drinks While the World's On The Brink

Remember the stories from the right of how Bush had single-handedly conquered his substance abuse problem? There was no need to worry he might fall off the wagon because he found Jesus.

Remember how as New Orleans was drowning Bush was at a fund raiser, struming a guitar?

Now, as the world heads towards WWIII, here we see Bush, looking soused. And what's that bottle in front of you Mr. President? Looks like a beer to me. And it looks like he's had more than one.

Once one admits to a substance abuse problem, they are admitting that the substance is more powerful than their will. They can never use the substance again, as it will lead them back down that road again.

This picture thereby gives creedence to the rumors that Bush has been drinking again.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why Don't You Have Another Glass Of Kool-Aid, Mr. Bradbury?

George Bush is not a great leader. Anyone with half a brain and a yardstick sould tell you he's not even a good leader. He doesn't have to be one because he has something else: good followers. Bush says what they want to hear and for that they'll follow him anywhere like a lost puppy starved for attention and hungry for food. They want to believe that exposing criminal government behavior aids the enemy more than it hurts our country. They want to believe that the war on terror can be won by dropping bombs on civilian populations.
Take a good look at the gentleman in the picture above. Notice the glazed over brainwashed look in his eye? He is good follower. You need to be in the Bush ADD-ministration because if you offer an opinion different from the one Bush wants to hear, you may as well start packing and sending out resumes. So when Senator Patrick Leahy asked head of the Justice Department's office of legal counsel if Bush's interpretation of the Supreme Court ruling in the Hamdan case was right or wrong, what did Steve Bradbury say?

The president is always right.

Yes, he actually said that. Even Bush admitted yesterday that prisoners rights were violated at Guantanamo, after refusing to acknowledge it for five years. So when was he right? The former or the latter? Personally, I think Mr. Bradbury needs to lay off the kool-aid myself, for I can't think of one instance where Bush has ever been right.
"They hate us because we're free"-sorry, they hate us because we show no regard for their sovereignity and no respect for the basic human rights.
"Heckuva job, Brownie."
"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."
There are many more instances where Bush has been completely wrong, and I could sit here all night typing. And I'm sure you could think of more instances when he's been wrong, such as ignoring the PDB stating Osama determined to strike US, but has there ever been an instance in this ADD-ministration where he's been right? I didn't think so.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

No, No, It Was The Other Muhajir

How does the US Government decide who the number two guy in alQaeda is? Do they stick a bunch of Arabic names in a hat and draw out enough for a sinister sounding name? Do they tack photos of known alQaeda operatives to a wall and then throw a dart?
This isn't the first time the govewrnment has been wrong in the war on terror. In fact, the first time came hours after 9/11, when 7 out of 19 hijackers named by the FBI turned out to still be alive. Even then FBI director Louis Freeh acknowledged "we don't know who these people are", and yet never bothered to remove them from the list nor find out who really was on the plane. There are evn some who suggest Osama is dead, even though he has yet to stop making tapes (no more videotapes though, since the last actor playing him barely resembled him) to be released at convenient times for the Bush administration.
Now comes word that Zarqawi's successor as number two guy in alQaeda has been in jail for the last seven years!According to his lawyer, Abu Hamza-alMujahir sits in a prison in Cairo and hasn't been anywhere near Iraq. Of course, that means little to the Bush ADD-ministration, as long as they have a mean looking man of Arab decsent to shake at the American people, they can keep them terrified long enough to remove more of their civil liberties.
The US media center in Iraq had no comment on this matter, and said they had to clarify this with the Egyptian government, but until that time, all alQaeda activity in Iraq will be blamed on al_Muhajir.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let Me Count The Ways

War supporters say that the only reason that people oppose the war in Iraq is because they hate Bush. While many may hold a certain enmity towards him, there are many reason why we oppose the war. Here are just a few. Pick one, or use them all, either way you slice it up, this is not a 'good war'.

1.Raped Iraqi woman feared US troops: reportWho's the terrorists?
2.Abu Ghraib
3. Depleted UraniumCauses diabetes, as well as cancer and deformities.
4. Cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to top $500 billion
5.Many US Iraq vets return to homelessnessWay to support the troops! Use them up and throw them away, disposable citizens.
6.US didn't find WMD despite claimsNo ties to alQaeda either.
7.Documents obtained from Army relating to Halliburton subsidiary no bid contractsDick Cheney had a hand in their acquisition by his old company.
8.Keeping Iraq's Oil in the GroundSo we can fund hundred million dollar retirement funds for all oil executives!
9.The Lie of the Century
10.Iraq War Started To Protect Israel.Shhh! Don't tell anyone!
11.HadithaEyewitness account.
12.Bush uncle set to earn millions from company that profited from Iraq warKeeping it in the family!
13.Iraq in Civil war As if any war could be considered civil.
14. 8000 troops desert during Iraq warBecause it's not a just war!
14.One third of US Iraqi Vets seek mental health careApparently they found out Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.
15.90% of Troops think Saddam had role in 9/11 72% say end war in 2006
16.There is no war on terrorism Something I've always said!
17.NSA spying on UN delegates To gain leverage for a resolution. If they've done that for the UN, what makes you think they haven't done that for Congress?
18.U.S. Military Covertly Pays to Run Stories in Iraqi Press Otherwise they'd never read good news!
19.Use of white phosphorous at Falluja a war crime.
20.50% of Americans approve of the use of torture Would you approve of watching soldiers torture your children?
21.Who gassed the puppy?We know it couldn't have been Iraq!
22.Forged Yellow cake uranium documents
23.Afghan war planned before 9/11.As well as the invasion of Iraq!
24.P2OG Remember the Miami 7?(scroll down)
25.The real reason we invaded Iraq Saddam starts trading oil in euros.
26.CIA agent name leaked in retaliation for her husband's op-ed piece in NYT.
27.2538 dead US soldiersAny of the above reasons justification? I think not.
28.Over 250,00 Iraqi civilians deadBut we did get those WMD, right?

Thanks to the archives at What Really Happened and Information Clearinghouse for allowing me to plunder their links. I could really go at this for a week, but wouldn't have this finished for today!

Monday, July 03, 2006

God Bless America is Just Some Song Written by an Immigrant

(Continuing on with reposts for the holiday weekend, I thought I'd repost this little gem. The town I grew up in is home to the World's Largest Musical Fountain, colored lights and splashing fountains synchronized to music. Sometimes it's pop music standards from the 30's 40's and 50's, other times it's vintage rock from the late sxities, like Cream and Hendrix. You haven't lived until you've heard Purple Haze played through a sound system so loud it reverberates through the whole town. They even have a special presentation where most of the music from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is set to lights and water. But every July Fourth, they pull out all the stops with a show of nothing but patriotic music, capped off with Kate Smith's stirring rendition of God Bless America, followed by a fireworks display that ineveitably sets the hill behind it on fire. My home town is a very conservative town, they ran Peanuts on the editorial page until the middle of the seventies as it was deemed too controversial. And there is an implicit mistrust of the migrant workers who drive up from Texas every year to harvest the area blueberry crop. So it is in that spirit that I repost this one, which was from last summer, before the Bush ADD-ministration began it's amnesty for illegal immigrants program.)

You see it all over, magnetic ribbons, bumper stickers, church signs, business signs, every where you go. People say "God Bless America" as if it is from the scripture or the Constitution. Ironically, most of these people are anti-immigrant, which if you were native American, would make sense, but if you're not, somewhere down the line someone in your bloodline emigrated to the US. But the song's author, Irving Berlin, was himself a Russian immigrant who moved to the US with his family when he seven years old, to avoid religious persecution. When he wrote the song he was not saying that God prefers America (the United States), he wrote it as a request to God to bless this country, because in1938 when he wrote it, it was a country worthy of blessing from a supreme being.
Now the song has become the mantra for the brainwashed, those people too ignorant of history to understand what had made America so great in the past and how far we have strayed from it today. In 1938, as war was imminent throughout Europe, America was still an isolationist country, leaving Europe's problems to Europe. There were some here that felt we should stem the tide of Fascism that was rising in Germany, there were others here in America supporting the Nazis, well past our entrance into WWII, among others, notably were Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush (Our current President's grandfather and great-grandfather), who were convicted under the trading with the enemies act.
As is typical, most people couldn't sing more than two or three lines of the song, or understand what they mean. Such is the same with George W. Bush, who claims his favorite song is "Fortunate Son", written by John Fogerty and originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. And I'm sure that Bush has no capacity to understand what that song says, either.

Some folks are born, made to wave the flag
Ooh that red, white and blue
But when the band plays "Hail To The Chief"
They point their cannon at you

What Mr. Fogerty is saying in this verse that those patriots who supported the US's illegal involvement in Viet Nam (Dick Cheney? Donald Rumsfeld?) were people who found ways to avoid serving their country overseas, leaving draftees to fight for them. This is a true sign of cowardice. If one is not willing to fight for wht they believe, but rather send someone else who maybe doesn't want to fight in their stead, they are cowards. Such is the same with the current war. The brainwashed who support it the most are the ones less likely to actually have to go fight in it. So they cower in front of their television sets, waving their flags as the corporate media (or the Bush regime) feeds them lie after lie to keep them so afraid of the "terrorists" that they are willing to not only give up their rights, but to viciously attack any one who doesn't want to lose their rights or feel we need to continue on in one illegal war after another.
The second verse of the song deals with the priviliged, who weren't sending their kids to the war they supported and were profitting from it, and who felt that they shouldn't be required to pay for it. When Mr. Fogerty sang on the chorus, "It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senators/millionaires son," he understood just who was fighting the war and who wasn't. In the final verse, Mr. Fogerty takes a swipe at those who feel a military solution is the only viable answer to our problems.

Some folks inherit star spangled eyes
Ooh they'll send down to war
And when you ask them "How much should we give?"
The only answer's more, more, more

Because as in the sixties, the people who support the war and are profitting from it no that they'll never lose a family member in it. Neither of the Bush twins are fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, neither is Chelsea Clinton for that matter. As a matter of fact, recruitment levels keep falling as no one wants to get greased in Iraq, die on the way to a military hospital in Germany, not be included in the official war dead, effectively dying for no reason.
I'm holding out for a magnetic ribbon that says "Fight For Your Right To Party". At least that something I believe in.