Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bad Puppet! Bad, Bad Puppet!

Senate Democratic leaders got their panties in a knot (not a pleasant picture, if you know what I mean) when Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki went off script recently and condemned Israel's actions against the people of Lebanon.

"Iraq is urging the international community to take a quick and firm stance to stop this agression against Lebanon, to stop the killing of innocent people and to stop the destruction of infrastructure." How dare he speak out against killing and destruction!
"What is happening is an operation of mass destruction and mass punishment and an operation using great force, something that Israel has, and Lebanon doesn't." Truer words were hardly ever spoken, but apparently Mr. Maliki forgot the first rule of being a puppet: never criticize Israel. Our puppet Congress never does, and look how well dressed and well paid they are!
In a letter to al-Maliki, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer called the Iraqi leaders comments troubling.
"He forgot to recognize Israel's right to defend themselves! " the three seethed. This raised serious questions in their minds whether or not Iraq under his leadership can play a constructive role in resolving the current crisis amd bringing stability to the Middle East. Huh?
Mr. Maliki's great crime was to not condemn Hezbollah for killing hundreds of Israeli citizens and completely decimating Israeli infrastructure (because they didn't) as well as condemning Israel. Bad puppet. Bad, bad puppet. Now Senate Democrats are threatening to boycott his speech because he hasn't, which clearly shows that they know who butters their bread.
"Part of the reason that America was sold on Iraq was to have a staunch ally in the region-a democratic ally that would back our policies,"Schumer said. No. You're wrong, asshole. The reason America was sold on Iraq was because of lies perpetuated by the Bush ADD-ministration, the WMD, the al-qaeda thing, the ties to 9/11 (that many adults still believe existed), that's what the war in Iraq was sold on. There was never any mention of installing a puppet regime. "Now if the prime minister can't condemn terrorism, which is ruining his country--then where are we headed?" Well, actually his country was ruined before the terrorism broke out. Now, who was it that ruined his country? Hezbollah? Al-Qaeda? Oh, yeah, it was the US.
In the House, Rahm Emmanuel and two other Democrats are circulating a letter asking Speaker Dennis Hastert to cancel the address. "With evidence that Iraqi leadership's goals are not in the best interest of the United States- nor the Middle East-Prime Minister Maliki's speech is innappropriate. We are unaware of any instance where a world leader who actively worked against the interests of the United States was afforded such an honor." How about the last fucking State of the Union address? How is condemning Israel for it's wanton destruction as inappropriate response to acts they set in motion themselves not in the interest of the Middle East?
The Republicans, remarkably, have shown restraint in reaction to al-Maliki's comments. John McCain said Democrats shouldn't boycott the speech due to al-maliki's remarks and added "I don't like them either, but he's entitled to them." Dennis Hastert called them political moves in an election year. All this does for me is reinforce the validity of the previous post.


dusty said...

I watched the press conference this morning with the Shrub and Maliki. I knew he was going to catch some crap for his remarks about Lebanon.I just didn't expect them from the Dems.

I appreciate the title to your post..sadly it rings so very true.

Gratis said...

"Part of the reason that America was sold on Iraq was to have a staunch ally in the region-a democratic ally that would back our policies,"

Huh? What? You know, I think the rest of us need to start smoking whatever they're smoking so we can all understand each other.

Wonder how much money he got paid to say that anyway.

GraemeAnfinson said...

I was thinking close to the say thing Lew. Awesome post.

also, fuck the democrats. This about does it for me. They are willing to sit back and allow the one arab country that should and could be our ally go to hell because they are afraid of the Israeli washington lobby? I don't know. Did you hear Ralph Nader on Democracy now? He layed into Hillary and the rest of the dems. it was great. jesus, i am going to have the change the name of my blog

sumo said...

I wrote about it too...but blogger was messing up for me so I had to delete it. You said it well...puppet indeed.

glenda said...

Agree with you on all of this...Israel is setting a policy that is not in our best interest, but I do not think the politicians will take on the pro-Israeli sentiment and lobbyists in this country.

karena said...

F-- those AIPAC money-loving Dems. That is so undemocratic. He's supposed to have our back? They're admitting he's our puppet and the puppet just grew a mouth and a brain of his own and has turned on his master? What F---wads. Even the Republicans have better sense then to come out and admit that he is our puppet and therefore we should censor him. Schumer, Emmanuel, Reid, Hillary, can all kiss my big white bouncy butt. I would never vote for any of those freaks.

glenda said...

Good call, Lew.
Right on target.

Snave said...

Agreed, Karena. My butt may not be big, white and bouncy, but it does tend to STINK... so they can kiss my butt too... and Hillary especially can. If the Dems nominate her to run in 2008, I seriously believe it will sound the death knell for the Democratic party... I think she must be loathed by as many Americans as Dubya and his buddies are, and this makes her extremely unelectable... but that's a different soapbox.

As for the government in Iraq, as far as I'm concerned they should do as they please and say what they please when it comes to matters that involve running their country and which involve politics in their own region. They were duly elected, after all. If our administration's goal is to spread American-style democracy (including American-style elections), our administration had better be prepared for voters who will elect people who don't like the U.S., who don't like Israel, and/or who don't want to be our puppets, toadies, whatever. Apparently, our Democratic party "leadership" needs to accept this as well, and deal with it in a much better way than they are doing.

"Part of the reason that America was sold on Iraq was to have a staunch ally in the region-a democratic ally that would back our policies," Schumer said.

I generally like Schumer, because he seems to me like a good, independent thinker... but in this case, I have to say, "F*ck you, Charlie. Grow some hair."

karena said...

Snave, if Hillary wins the Democratic primary she can count me out. I'll throw my vote away on some independent or not vote at all. I refuse to support any Democrat who voted for war in Iraq and that includes John Kerry, Mister-I-Won't-Concede-'Til-Every Vote-is-Counted or until they pull out the photos of me and Morgan Fairchild after I wedded Theresa.

Ron Nasty said...

You mean Hillary "let's block a fillibuster on John Bolton" Clinton?
Scannon, you used my "if you know what I mean" and I want it back! Seriously, I've got a post to write and I can't do one with it.

Lily said...

Did you hear about Medea Benjamin? What a woman! PTCruiser posted about her.

I'll miss you while I'm gone! I'll probably check in via wifi once in a while, but certainly wont have time to do any serious blogsurfing. Take care!

Darius said...

It really is obscene and hard to listen to - the hugely disproportionate use of force to score political points. As if the US and Israeli goverments are really so stupid as to imagine their action/inaction will "disarm" Hezbollah and bring "peace" through displacing half a nation's population and destroying its infrastructure.