Thursday, June 30, 2005

Impeach Bush Now Before it's Too Late!

It's clear as glass that the idiot in the White House doesn't haven't a clue. After his speech the other night (which, admittedly, I didn't watch as I only have one TV left) I am convinced that anyone who would support Bush is either deluded or a moron. He invoked 9/11 again, the way he uses it to justify every wrong we commit you would think he was behind 9/11 himself. He did not apologize for lying us into a war. At least Bill Clinton was the kind of scuzzball who would bite his lip and apologize when he was caught lying.
But what's really important is what Bush didn't say. He didn't mention operations that have begun towards regime change in Iran. It doesn't take long for me to see that the Pesident-elect of that country being fingered as a hostage taker is just the first step in the corporate media's propaganda campaign to get the idiots behind another illegal war. One that has already started, according to Scott Ritter, the guy who said Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction.
That's why we need to impeach Bush now. With the helicopter crash in "Afghanistan" bringing the fact that we're still fighting there, and no end in sight for the Iraq War, the last thing we need to do is start another war. Even after recruitment goals were lowered in May, they still fell short of reaching the goal. The only way to get the bodies needed to be shipped home in coffins (in disgrace, as we are the only Coalition of the Willing country that doesn't honor our returning dead. So much for "Support Our Troops!) is a draft, which I boldly predict will be re-enacted before the end of this year.
Which is why we need to begin impeachment proceedings immediately, before we go any farther in to Iran and get mixed up in another quagmire costing us money and something more valuable, the lives of our loved ones.
Last Sunday, Donald Rumsfeld said we could be in Iraq for another 10 to 12 years. In that time, both these adorable youngsters would be eligible for the draft. I don't want my children to grow and kill and die for a pack of lies stated by men whose children will never be called upon to fight.

Monday, June 27, 2005

9/11: Why Didn't the Pentagon Collapse?

I was at the beach yesterday with my brother, a Bush Hatin' liberal, discussing the various crimes of the Bush Administration. I told him the story of former Reagan Under Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts who stated that Bush is making the same mistakes the Nazis did when they attacked Russia in the middle of winter. (You can read more here Then I went on about how he also compared 9/11 to the Nazis burning the Reichstag and blaming the Jews.
"No, I don't believe it," Sean said dismissing every piece of evidence available presented before him. The owner of WTC 7 admitting they "pulled" the building due to extensive fire damage on the top floors. In order for that to happen, the building would have been wired with explosives well ahead of time. Why was it already wired.
I hit him with 's dog that did not bark. I suggest you go over there and read it, as the man over there tells it so much better than I. But my brother buys into the whole jet fuel/Arab thing.
"Oh, and I suppose they attacked us because we are free and they are not," I remarked rather caustically.
"No," my brother assured me, "They hate us because we have so much money and they don't have anything." Typical liberal. But before I could respond with "But Osama is a billionaire!" my attention was diverted by my oldest son just about to dunk his younger brother's head under the water and the issue drifted away.
Really, they hate us because we support Israel and let them systematically eliminate the Palestinian people from their land.
Last night as I lay awake, trying to sleep in this sweltering heat, it hit me. The one thing that proves that once and for all that the WTC were controlled demolitions.
The official story is: jet airliners, with tanks full of fuel, were crashed in to the twin towers, spilling burning fuel all over which caused the beams to weaken and the whole thing collapsed, conveniently, just like an implosion.
A third plane, with a tank full of fuel crashed in to the Pentagon. The only damage there was from the impact of the jet, the same jet fuel that caused the Twin Towers to collapse seemed to have no effect on the frame of the Pentagon! I'm sure it burned just as intensely, so why didn't it collapse?
At the time, I was employed with a company involved with the renovation of that building. We had people down there who saw the plane crash in to the Pentagon, clipping telephone lines on it's way. There was a plane with tanks full of fuel, but no beam melting fire.
So there you go, Sean. Explain that away. Becuase there are a whole lot more.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Don't You Ever Learn?

Recently, online I've been reading about Iran and the US's attempt at undermining the government there. We're establishing a base in Azerbijian for local Azeris to infiltrate Iran and provide intelligence for the US as well as committing acts of counter espionage. Add to that the fact that we are using the Iraq MEK, Saddam's personal terrorist group to try and upset the elections in Iran.
Wait a minute, elections in Iran? Doesn't Bush talk about bringing democracy to the region? Aren't elections the cornerstone of democracy? Obviously, democracy to Bush means putting some one friendly to the US in there, much as we have done in Afghanistan (a former oil executive) and Iraq. His record here in the US is just as bad, looking back at Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.
But what really ripped apart my brain as I read the articles about covert US activities in Iran is the Shah. Placed in power by the US in 1947, the Shah of Iran was as dirty a despot as Saddam Hussein (another US protege'). Chosen for his bloodlines to Mohammed, the Shah was eventually overthrown by the Iranian people and replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Shah took it on the heel and toe to the US which led Iranian students to seize our embassy, taking all inside hostage in return for the Shah, who was wanted in that country for war crimes.
And now, twentyfive years after the end of that fiaco, here we are again in Iran, carrying out espionage against them in an attempt at "regime change". I thought that an elephant never forgets, so perhaps it's time for the Republicans to come up with a new animal to represent their party. Sorry, the jackass is taken, may I recommend a chimp?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Lie

Over Sixteen Hundred Troops
And no one said "Oops!"
They all had to die for a lie

How can this be
when they all had to die for a lie

Iraqi civilians
Women and children
All had to die for the lie
The Evil Dictator
Versus the Prevaricator
Neither will die for the lie

The battle royal
Was it all for the oil?
The thousands who died for the lie

Say good bye to our friends
Inside the UN
They didn't quite buy the big lie

Saddam and Rummy
Used to be quite chummy
Strange bedfellows said goodbye for the lie

It's fairly certain
Dick's friend at Halliburton
Stocks will rise high from the lie

Everyone's heard
Of how Hussein gassed the Kurds
What isn't disputed
Is how many Bush executed

Conservative pundits remind us
The war is behind us
Sixteen hundred of our finest
All of them died because Bush lied

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wave Another Flag!

Wave this flag. Wave it high and vigorously and maybe people won't pay attention to the Downing Street memo. You know, the top secret British memo that states US intelligence was being "fixed" to justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. So what? George W Bush is a war president and every decision he makes is based on the fact that we are at war. So if he decides he needs to lie to invade a country with no ties to al-Queida, no links to 9-11, and no weapons of mass destruction, only a traitor would dare to question him. And if something leaks out like, say, American mistreatment of prisoners of war, then, here, wave another flag.
Buy a magnetic support our troops ribbon. Proudly place it on your car to show you are behind our troops, even as you support a President who slashed VA funding. You know, Veterans. The troops that went and fought the wars that the current administaration believed in, as long as they didn't actually have to risk their nuts doing it. Well Bush was in Texas protecting our asses in case the Viet Cong Air Force ever decided to attack from the sky. The rest of them believed in the war, they just had more important money to make. So if they didn't have an exit strategy going in, they can't really be blamed. All their military experience comes from watching John Wayne movies. In those movies, we always were right, we always fought fair, we never killed civilians, and we always won. So if some traitorous leftists brings up the 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion, here. Wave another flag.
Don't look at it close enough to notice it was manufactured in China. Remember China? Godless Commies? If politics make strange bedfellows, what does this say about capitalism? About our love of freedom? Every month America hemmorages thousands of jobs at the bottom, sending them to Mexico or some third world country with a lack of labor laws and lots of hungry people willing to work for cheap. But you probably won't lose your job, so here. Wave another flag.
Apply a flag decal on your HumVee. Never mind that the factories can't turn out armor plated ones fast enough to protect our troops you so claim to support. Hummers are cool, and if you didn't get one first, then your neighbor would and how would that look? Our troops can drive around mini-vans, what does it matter, they're just going to get blown up anyway. And, if some one questioning your choice of vehicle mentions any thing about peak oil, here. Wave another flag.
People who question sending billions to Halliburton in no-bid contracts are just aiding the enemy. Any one daring to speak out against the current administration is a traitor and deserves to have their phones tapped, their mail opened, their rights violated. We must give up our freedoms to protect them, I'm sure we'll get them back as soon as this never ending war ends. It's a small sacrifice to make, but our leaders are willing to let you make them. So if some one mentions, say, the trade deficit, you can be sure that you can make it all better if you just wave another flag.

Friday, June 10, 2005

90 mph into a media stonewall

Recently, George W Bush visited our fair city, to give a commencement address at a local Christian College. Some members of the faculty took out an ad in the local paper condemning Bush for his un-Christian behavior, which caused quite a stir in the red state heart of this blue state. Naturally, the Republicants couldn't stand any one disparaging their President and responded in the letters column with support for Bush and disparagement for those faculty members who dared to voice their opinion. One writer went as far as to call Bush a" class act ".

Well, that set me off and so I sat down and composed a letter to the editor in which I made a slight passing reference to the Downing Street Memo, (see here:,,1-523-1593607-523,00.html) which for those of you unaware of it, states that Bush was intent on toppling Saddam and intelligence was being fixed around that policy. My point was how could a proven liar be a class act.
The next day, I received an e-mail from the press, wanting to know my source on this mysterious document I alluded to in my missive. They hadn't heard of the Downing Street Memo. So, I sent along the above link and questioned their journalistic credentials. I have yet to hear back, and it's likely I won't. It seems the MSM is doing all that it can to sweep this under the rug.
This isn't the first time that I have had problems with the editorial page editor. I am no longer allowed to have my letters printed under my real name. In the months leading to the Iraq war, I was writing the Grand rapids Press because I knew from bloggers that the whole story about WMD was phony. Then, with my wife's blessing, I would write in two weeks later under her name. All was going fine until I read an article where George Bush was compared to Abraham Lincoln by Karl Rove. In my next letter, under my wife's name, I thought it odd that Karl Rove would compare Bush to Lincoln when the rest of the world would compare Bush to Hitler. One of the Christian brainwashed, who had the same name as my (now) ex-wife, was offended by the letter and was worried that someone reading the letter might think she thought that way (when it was evident she didn't think all). The editor contacted my wife, she spilled the beans and I was told it will be a long time before they ever print one of my letters again.
What this has done for me is opened my eyes. The media exists to pass along disinformation, it has no concern for truth or enlightenment. All the journalistic standards they like to prattle on about in both the print and televised media is just a smokescreen for the fact that they don't tell you anything at all.
Ironically, the next night, someone from the circulation department called and offered me a subscription deal. Why should I have to pay for right wing propaganda?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Remember Cynthia McKinney!

Where dat ol' liberal media when you need them? Three scandals are being swept under the rug right now by the corporate media, each involving the Bush Administration. One, is of course, the Downing Street Memo, which states that Bush was determined to go to war in Iraq and intelligence was being fixed around that policy. If it were tawdrier, perhaps the media would be all over it like the runaway bride, or the whole Monica Lewinsky thing.
Another is the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. This looks to be dragged out by the media to distract those out raged by the Downing Street from drawing attention to the fact that George Bush lied to Congress, which as well as forgering documents, is an impeachable offense.
But the third scandal will never receive as much attention as the other two. It involves a foreign nation with spies in our defense department, not only gaining access to sensitive security documents, but passing along bogus intelligence at the time the US was planning an invasion of Iraq. Of course, I'm talking about AIPAC, the Israel lobby that owns our Congress. Recently they had a convention in DC and allthe Congress showed up. Why not? They are all owned by AIPAC, why wouldn't they want to thank those who help them hold their seats.
The way AIPAC works is this: AIPAC lobbies for aid for Israel, which Congress sends, then gets kickbacks from AIPAC in the form of campaign contributions. Back AIPAC, and you're in like Flynn. Oppose them and -?
Which brings us to Cynthia McKinney. Democratic Congressperson from Georgia, she was the first to press for an investigation in to 9/11. And why not? Why not find out how and why this serious lapse in America's security defenses occurred. Naturally, George W Bush and Dick Cheney fought this as long as they could. But because of her outspoken position on this in the days following 9/11, she was targeted by AIPAC. Why? Why would a foreign government who is ssupposed to be our greatest ally not want us to investigate this National Tragedy? Because that's what happened. In the 2002 election, Cynthia McKinney was defeated by her Republican opponent who happened to get funding from AIPAC. So instead of a lengthy investigation in to the causes of 9/11, we got the official 9/11 commision limited in time and scope by the President.
That's why we have the Congress of today, tiptoeing through the Capitol, afraid to do anything that goes against what Israel wants, because if they do, they will lose their seat. And a national media doing anything to distract the people from the fact that Congress no longer works for the American people.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Something More Sinister

Congress just approved billions of more for our continued illegal occupation of Iraq, after having spent billions to blow it up and billions more to rebuild, with billions likely spent in Afghanistan and billions more likely to be spent blowing up Iran and putting that back together. Considering we're rapidly reaching peak oil (if we haven't already), is it worth it to increase the national debt that much just to control what little precious oil is there? Wouldn't it be better to spend the money developing a new energy source using something that's plentiful in this country?

...or is there a more sinister reason behind all this?