Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Lie

Over Sixteen Hundred Troops
And no one said "Oops!"
They all had to die for a lie

How can this be
when they all had to die for a lie

Iraqi civilians
Women and children
All had to die for the lie
The Evil Dictator
Versus the Prevaricator
Neither will die for the lie

The battle royal
Was it all for the oil?
The thousands who died for the lie

Say good bye to our friends
Inside the UN
They didn't quite buy the big lie

Saddam and Rummy
Used to be quite chummy
Strange bedfellows said goodbye for the lie

It's fairly certain
Dick's friend at Halliburton
Stocks will rise high from the lie

Everyone's heard
Of how Hussein gassed the Kurds
What isn't disputed
Is how many Bush executed

Conservative pundits remind us
The war is behind us
Sixteen hundred of our finest
All of them died because Bush lied

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