Saturday, July 30, 2005

Who Is Brainwashed?

Recently, someone posted a comment with a link on this blog, followed by the question, who is brainwashed? I followed the link to a fascist pro-war web site (which is ironic because one of the things they claimed that war ended was fascism. And if you don't think that these pro-war anti-dissention right wingers are fascist, just compare their actions to the brown shirts of the Nazi party.
There, on the home page, I saw it. Zion.
Yes, folks, the real reason we are fighting and killing and dying in the Middle East is not a war against terror, it is a Holy War. We are fighting to create a Greater Israel. Because according to two separate, unrelated passages in the Book of Revelations, when a Greater Israel is created, then Jesus will come back, the rapture will begin and all good Christians will rise to Heaven.
My brother James has been studying scripture and Biblical matters for thirty years. He says (he quoted a source that slips my mind) when they got together to decide which books will go in the Bible and which ones to leave out, there was a question of whether this should even be in here.
The Book of Revelations has been used by the truly insane to "predict" Jesus' return for centuries. ^Take a little from here put it with this and voila, you have a Biblical"truth". Surely you've heard of the Book Of Revelations, haven't you? It was the book Charles Manson used to justify his killing spree.
And how did he get his followers to believe it? He repeated it over and over, until they had no choice to believe it as they were brainwashed. Much the same way that right wingers listen to Rush, and Sean, and Michael Savage, and Fox News repeat the same lie over and over until they believe it. Like the way they all repeated the lies about Iraq(WMD, links to 9/11,etc., etc.) until the American people were brainwashed.
While I'd kind like to see this all played out to the end so when Jesus doesn't come I can go haw-haw, losing my freedom to the Likudniks really wouldn't be worth it. But if you do believe it, that all the Middle East belongs to Israel (such is the basis of Zionism), because thousands of years ago it was all Israel, may I make a suggestion. Get the fuck out of the US as this land all belongs to the Indians.
You are brainwashed.

Friday, July 29, 2005

It's Time For The I.D.I.O.T. Act

With the next terror attack not a matter of if, but of when, it's time to take a closer look at the war on terror. If the recently "strengthened " Patriot Act isn't going to protect us, it needs to be repealed, since it's entire purpose was to prevent another 9/11. If The Department of Homeland Security is unable to protect us, maybe it's time to dismantle it. If the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven't stopped terrorists, maybe we ought to look at new ways to end terrorism (see my previous post for a couple of suggestions). And most important, if the Bush Administration is unable to stop it, everyone in it deserves to be removed from office.
That's why I propose the I.D.I.O.T. Act (for Intentional Dis Informing Oligarchic Traitors) to be initiated. What this act would do is call for removal of any politician so inept that they put America's security at risk. Jail time would be mandatory for any leader who intentionally lies to the people to serve their agenda, or any political operative who exposes America's intelligence operatives. It also calls for special elections to replace those politicians jailed for breaking this or any other law, with outside impartial observers to make sure that the elections are honest. Any party caught deliberately scrubbing voter rolls, or tampering with touch screen voting machines would automatically be banned from participating in the next elections.
Any politician using his positon to make a profit for himself or any company of cronies he still has ties to would be forbidden from holding public office again. Any politician who allows torture or any other unconstitutional act, or any act that violates any treaty that America has signed on to, would also be banned, as well as forced to do prison time in a maximum security prison. Any politician who puts another country's security ahead of the US would also be banned from holding office, while campaign contributions can only be made by Americans. Repeat offenders would be sentenced to twenty years at Gitmo, chained up in the $46,000.00 dog cages built by Halliburton.
Also, any act of aggression towards any country not directly involved in any act of terror against America would be grounds for impeachment, as well as forging the documentation to prove they did.
The only way this act could pass was if the people stopped voting for the Democraps or Republicants. Both parties have shown their wanton disregard for the American people by passing the original Patriot Act, NAFTA and it's li'l brother CAFTA. It's time for some new parties to take charge that will answer to the people, not Corporate America or Israel. Parties that will realize that America's concerns stop at her borders, not in some oil rich nation.
It's time to put America first. It's time for the I.D.I.O.T. Act.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

How To End Terrorism

Recently on this blog, I've been ranting about the upcoming terror attack, which will be used as a justification for a nuclear strike against Iran. Then I stated how I am probably safe, living in a predominately Republican region.
Yesterday, as I was out smoking at work, my smoking buddy pointed out an Air Force jet.
"There it goes again, that Air Force jet's been looping around here for a while." I wouldn't have even noticed it, as I work near the airport, if he hadn't pointed it out. I mean, it could have just been a refueling plane, I'm not really familiar with military aircraft, I just know it didn't look like the fighters in the commercials for "Stealth". So I stood out there and smoked, and watched the plane, and damned if it wasn't looping around the building I worked at several times.
Then I realized I was just being paranoid, and went back to work.

I came up with a solution to end terrorism. It's a real simple plan.

  1. Stop supporting Israel The root of all terrorism stems from the fact that Israel has systematically taken over Palestinian land, and are this stage it would appear that they are carrying out genocide against the Palestinian people. Now, I'm no Holocaust denier, I just don't think that because the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews that this gives the state of Israel the right to act like Nazis. The Arab world hates us because we use our seat on the Security Council to veto any resolution critical of Israel, a country which stands in violation of more UN resolutions than Iraq under Saddam. We have sent more aid to Israel than we have spent our space program (sorry to the guys who just went up. Maybe you can make it back with out the pieces that fell off on lift off.) The current government is full of Israel-firsters, which leads to the question, Shouldn't America's loyalty be to America first? If you had a friend, and that friend kept on committing crimes, wouldn't you distance yourself from that friend before he drags you down with him too?
  2. Stop using America's military as enforcers for corporate America. Corporate America has all but abandoned the American people. With the passage of CAFTA, even more jobs will be sucked out of this country. Virtually every Presidency since WWII has used the military forces to allow Corporate America to get a foothold in a place, or to support brutal right wing dictators(like Saddam) who are friendly to American business. I'm sure that the peoples of these countries would be a lot less hostile towards us if the boot up their ass didn't have a US soldier's foot in it. By the US government messing around in these countries, we have created more enemies than friends.

Of course, What The @%#* Do I know? (

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bush Supporters Are Unpatriots

Get your damn flag out of my face! Soldiers have died fighting for the Constitution that flag represents. Don't tell me to shut up and get behind the President, the Constitution gives me the right to dissent, and That's the same Constitution George Bush swore to uphold with his hand on the Bible, for Chrissakes! But nothing in the current administration has any thing to do with the United States of America.

  1. America is a democracy. Well, actually, we're a republic, but still, we do hold elections. And the American way is nice clean elections. Bush's idea of democracy is Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, or Iraq, 2005.
  2. America opposes torture. We oppose it so much, we expressly forbid "cruel and unusual" punishment. We signed the Geneva accords which also bans it. Humans captured and held prisoner in the course of war are prisoners of war. Changing their title to "enemy combatants" only fools the idiots who haven't thought far enough ahead to reason that if we do it, it gives our enemies an excuse to do it, too. I'm sure that if they were allowed to see the pictures that would make Donald Rumsfeld blanche they may see the evil our country has become. Perhaps that's why the Pentagon won't release them.
  3. America is free enterprise. Giving no-bid contract after no-bid contract to a company misusing funds and overcharging the taxpayer is not free enterprise, it's theivery.
  4. America is about justice. You know, like it says at the end of the pledge of allegiance "..with liberty and justice for all". What does it say about American justice when a potetially innocent man is executed in Texas, while a traitor to the American people stays in the White House. The CIA operation exposed by Mr. Rove was monitoring weapons of mass destruction around the world and now is unable to do so, endangering the American citizen. You would almost think that the Bush Administration wants the "terrorists" to attack,12956,1036687,00.html and you'd probably be right.
  5. America is a non-aggressor nation. We have never stood for conquest of any sovereign nation for the sole purpose of stealing their vital natural resources.

Today on the radio, it said some organization voted Canada the stupidest government in the world, but I don't remember Canada doctoring evidence to justify an illegal invasion. It never made it's token lackey stand before the whole world with a bunch of false documents (that the whole world outside these borders knew was fake). I'm sure the Prime Minister of Canada can pronounce nuclear. No, the only thing dumber than our government are the moronic flag waving unpatriots that support it still. Some people will never be unbrainwashed, right Judus?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dick Cheney Before He Dicks You

Dick Cheney has said that he will not run in 2008 and may step down for "health reasons". (He's just sick about all the money he could be making at Halliburton). This would allow W to appoint a new VP (Jeb? Rudy? Colin?) who would be the Republican candidate in 2008, as a battle for the nomination could rip the Party apart. Unless Israel has decided that Hillary will be our next president.
That is, if there even is an election. For some reason, Cheney built a concrete bunker under his residence in DC in the months after 9/11. Since he probably was in the loop on that whole thing, perhaps some terrible is being planned for DC, on the nuclear scale.
Why else would Cheney have contingency plans drawn up to nuke Iran? Even if there was nothing linking them to the "terror attack"? Since the Bush Administration has made it very clear they intend on going to Iran, how soon will the "terror attack" occur? Within the next ninety days!,2933,161962,00.html Like 9/11 and 7/7 it will likely occur during a drill with ethnic types going through the motions while Israeli/American intelligence operatives carry out the real attack.
I'm sure the date will be significant, as in 9/11 or 7-7, perhaps this will be August Twelfth. (8-12 or ate one too) Since this will a more widespread attack, where else will it occur? (I feel safe where I am as both Pete Secchia and the DeVos family live in the area and we, I mean the terrorists would never nuke them)
Everyday we take one step closer to being the Evil Empire, with Cheney as the Emperor. (W would be like Jar-Jar) It sickens me because I know they did not seize power legally. They have been corrupt and secretive on every matter. Judith Miller is in jail because she is either being protective of Cheney, or she's afraid what will happen to her if she rats him out. Before 9/11, Cheney was drawing up plans to split up Iraq's oilfields at his secret energy task force meetings.
How did he know he was going to have an excuse to do it? Has he already divvied up Iran's oilfields? Does he know that the Russians would consider it an act of war to blow up one of the reactors they are building for Iran? Is that why he built that bomb shelter under his house? Or is that where he's going to go in case the American people get wise to him and decide to tar and feather him?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday Morning Disinformation Nation

Woke up before the kids today, so I decided to look at the tv to see what was up. The local Fox affiliate was broadcasting Jerry Fallwell's latest scam to fleece the flock. If you didn't have to pay taxes, you'd always have your hand out, too.
The local NBC affiliate was wrapping up Sunday Today with a statement by a mother to the killer/rapist of her young daughter. Then they announced that the mother was going to be interviewed Monday on Today. Then, they cut to Tim Russert announcing he was going to have Fred Thompson on, point man for the Bush Administration's latest judicial nominee.
I switched to the local ABC affiliate, they had some other palm-extended televangilist, so I went back to Fox as I no longer have cable and it was the top of the hour.
Fox News Sunday opened up with a story about the "terror suspect" (their words) gunned down by British Police in the tube last week. They then cut to the head of London police profusely apologizing for gunning down an innocent man. Then they brought out the apologists and propagandists who would be appearing on their fair and balanced show, including PNAC shill Bill Kristol. I can't stand that fucker, as they all seem to defer to him on everything. They, too, were discussing the latest Supreme Court nominee, with Alberto Gonzales. So I switched off the tv.
Most of the time, during the week, the tv stays off. There are a couple syndicated shows I may watch with dinner, I have yet to find a prime time show worthy of my attention (except for the Simpson's). When the kids visit, the only thing they watch are tapes or movies we rent. I don't read the local paper, unless they decide to print a letter of mine, but usually I have to include links to my sources of information as no one at the Press heard about the Downing Street Memo, Joseph Wilson, or any of the other crimes of the Bush administration.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Good Ol' American Self-Proctology

Driving home from work on Friday, I became incensed because for some reason I was reduced to driving forty miles an hour in the left lane on the freeway where the posted speed was seventy. Rule No. 1 in my book is if you're in the left lane, the least you could do is the maximum speed limit, unless you're unable to because of road conditions.
I looked up the road and I saw what was happening. A line of cars were in the right lane stuck behind a semi that had yet to build up to speed. In the left lane, there was a car about ten cars ahead of me that was slowing down to let all these people through. Every time a car from the right went in front of the other car, the driver would hit the brakes, send red lights flashing all the way down the left lane, about twenty cars behind me.

This went on until all the cars in the right lane had worked their way around the semi, then the driver accelerated to fifty to pass the semi (eventually) forcing all the cars ahead of me to pass he on the right.

As I approached, I could tell the driver was confused. Not because she was an old lady shaking her head as she tried navigate that Messcort in to the right lane. I could tell she was confused as she still had her Bush/Cheney '04 sticker on her car, along with several different magnetic ribbons attached to her car. As I finally passed her, I wish I had some kind of bomb to throw at her containing a gas that would wake the bitch up. Hello? Downing Street Memo? Rovegate? Florida 2000? Ohio 2004? Abu Ghirab? Camp X-Ray?

I also saw the same sticker on a service vehicle from a local company that I will never do business with. But I'm keeping my faith that the truth will out. Already more people are waking up to the fact the Iraq War was a (bad?evil?) idea. ( The more the truth works it's way through other channels, the more the corporate media will be forced to follow suit. It's bad enough that our public servants, who are supposed to work for us, not Halliburton and Israel, lie to us, but when our supposed watchdog "liberal" media backs up those lies they find themselves scrambling for credibility, just as we've seen recently with the flood of "official" explainations in London changing as the public discredits obvious cover-ups.

I was having a conversation with my sister when she stated, "All those people over there complaining about video camers everywhere, calling it 'Big Brother', what do they have to say now?" Obviously she had been watching corporate media news or listening to her husband, a Dittohead.

"Yep," I replied, "all those cameras didn't stop the 'terrorists'. It didn't show the suspects carrying backpacks or bombs. Doesn't explain how one suspect who blew him self up had ID at two bombing sights. It's like the ID they found at the World Trade center that miraculously survived the explosion that the black boxes didn't."

"Yeah, how'd that happen," she acknowledged. Once you hit people with enough logic they will slowly pull their heads out. That's what you have to do, one by one. Some people will still choose to remain brainwashed, defending their President no matter how evil (like judas). They must like the view up there. You don't start with the big truths, you start with the little ones working all the way up to the PNAC. Along the way, you expose propaganda shills and disinformation agents (Judith Miller should rot in jail!) so you can understand which sources are trustwothy and which are publicists for the New World Order.

But you can't give up, or runaway in frustration. Then they win. And they did all this stuff when they didn't win.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Celebrities and Politics

Mike and Lewis
Back in the eighties, I watched a documentary about a city in my state and how it had fallen on hard times do to the major employer in town shutting down a massive manufacturing facility. It was a funny movie, and sad and maddening at times.
Later the director of this film was given a tv show on a major network, called TV Nation. In it, he showed the silliness and criminality of corporate America, as well as ridiculing legislation such as NAFTA. Of course this show, which was witty and informative, was doomed. This person then went on to write more books and make moore movies and became a celebrity in the process, something I'm not sure he had originally intended. I like his stuff because while it may have a liberal slant to it, for the most part it is honest And while I don't agree with him 100% on all he says, there is a lot of thruth in what he says.Like NAFTA not being good for this country.
One reason that I have respect for the man, is that although he voices his opinion frequently as a liberal, he never felt the compulsion to run for public office.
Conservatives hate this man. They hate all liberal celebrities who speak on the liberal agenda. Why? Do they fear that fans of these people are to stupid to think for themselves that they'll do and believe everything they say?
Conservative celebrites, on the other hand, have a tendency to go beyond just speaking their mind. They actually run for office. Ronald Reagan, Fred Grandy, Sonny Bono are but a few of the conservative celebrities who have held a national office. Then there's Arnold.
Now, I like some of Arnold's movies. While I feel he is limited as an actor, the roles he picks don't require a stretch on his part at all.
Except for his current role as Governor of California. Apparantly, he is so inept he may have broke the law. ( Why is it that the conservative law and order types (George W Bush, Arnold, Karl Rove) are always breaking the law? Then, when caught, instead of taking the personal responsibility for their actions, they lie about it. They use their office for personal monetary gain (Dick Cheney, Arnold, Alphonse D'Amato) as they slash spending to help out the "people who are too lazy to work" as my conservative friend the Coach is fond of saying.
Mr. Moore is not a liberal celebrity who gives his opinion, he is a liberal who became a celebrity because of his opinion. He may be flawed but he is the first to admit that. I think the conservatives call that "personal responsibility". Now I understand why they hate him.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You're A Dirty Commie, Too

When I was a lad, there was nothing feared more than a dirty commie. They enslaved their people, they broke treaties, they invaded countries (sound familiar?) and generally wanted to take over the world. Eventually, the Soviet Union went broke because they didn't export a whole lot and they spent most their money on the military as they tried to conquer the world and keep up in the arms race with the US.
China is a communist country too, a dictatorship with a human rights record worse than ours has become since 9/11. They will never go broke because they are being supported by, well, you and me. Most everything we buy is made in China.
It's a strange occurence where two belief systems diametrically opposed to each other (Christian capitalism, Godless communism) can come to a mutual understanding. Maybe it's because they both get to exploit the Chinese laborer as well as the American consumer. The American consumer doesn't care if what they'll die with out is made in China, commies aren't a threat any more. They're more preoccupied with the "war on terror" to think about how their cash is being used to support a brutal dictatorship. As long as it's inexpensive.
And they certainly can't read the writing on the wall. The US doesn't export a whole lot. Our government is spending most of our money fighting a war to conquer the world. Eventually, we'll go broke.
Then the Godless Chinese communists will be sitting over there in Beijing with wads of American dollars in their hands. And all we'll have to sell them is our people, most our property will be owned by Europe. Then the whole world will fall under the way of communism, just like Marx predicted. All because you had to have some useless trinket that was made in China.

You Dirty Commie supporter.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Positively Negative

Recently, I received a comment from a reader about the negativity displayed on this blog. They then proceeded to disparage me with personal attacks on my character. And I suppose one could see it that way, even myself.
And I suppose I could post a comment about how much I liked, Batman Begins, a movie I saw over the weekend. I could talk about how well the story was constructed, the excellent direction by Christopher Nolan, or the great performances by Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson. I could recommend the movie to just about anyone, but it would just be my opinion. Such is the same with my other postings, they are just opinions.
But unfortunately, I am no longer like "got a grip". I don't sit back and drink a beer or smoke a bong, watch t.v. and pretend there's nothing wrong with this picture. And going through my previous postings, I don't think I was excessively harsh on anybody, except for those slime bucket brain damaged "we've come for your children" army recruiters. What I do is merely base my opinion on facts I find on the web, and then post a link to the source of the facts. (Or like now where I post alink to cool blog I found )
I do this because fact is as close to truth as you can get. Ten years ago, when I was a stoner, I saw a doc on the local public access channel that contained raw footage from the seige at Waco. The movie went on to show how NBC then edited the raw footage to make it appear as if the Branch Davidians had fired first. This is from the same media that was telling me that NAFTA would be great for this country. I began to read, and more important, I began to think. One by one I removed the knowledge filters and belief systems. I began to speak out more, at the untruths spewed forth by the left and the right.
More importantly, I became angry at the direction I saw my country headed in. I felt frustrated because there was nothing I can do. Then I discovered this place through . I can complain about it here, and maybe, when the "terrorists" attack during a training drill I can say, I tol' ya!

I call it being positively negative.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Is the FBI Recruiting Patsies?

It's funny how those who don't believe in conspiracy theories will swallow the official government story on 9/11 when in fact the official government story involves a conspiracy by al-Quida to attack America. Point this up to them and they mean they don't believe our government was involved.
Now comes this little bit of info ( that the FBI is actively recruiting certain ethnic types to take part in "training exercises". Is this similar to the training drill that was going on at the same time as the London terror attacks, in which a scenario exactly like the one that occurred was being played out as a drill?( Which is what happened on 9/11, when a training exercise involving hijacked planes was going on at the same time as the real thing. Coincidence? How could al-Quida have had access to intelligence twice that they could use to their advantage? Who else, besides our government, would have access to such intelligence?
Are these "recruits" being set up to be patsies for the upcoming "terror attacks" (,2933,161962,00.html) that will unite the country behind an invasion of Iran? Or should we not pay attention, because this is all speculation on a conspiracy theory?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Kind Of Idiots Do They Think We Are?

My brother James called my brother Sean on the day of the London Bombings and joked, "Before you hear it from Lewis, the Carlyle Group did it!"
While I'm sure that they had nothing to do with it, they sure as shit will profit from it, and that begs the question: who does profit from the terror attacks?
Does al-Quida? With Britain announcing it's withdrawal from Iraq on July 4, was this the terrorists way of bringing the fight to England? Would fanatical Muslim terrorists misquote the Koran on the web site where they claimed responsibility( Why would they use timers for their bombs, then stick around to die in the blast( ? How do the terrorists know when our security measures (NORAD in the case of 9/11, video surveillance cameras in London) would be out of order? Why would Netanyahu get an advanced warning, but none else ( ? Why did this happen right when Bush was trying to dominate the G-8 conference with his anti-terrorist agenda? As the Karl Rove and Downing Street Memos stories develop steam, was this a distraction to keep the American sheeple focused on "evildoers"? Is this, along with the impending terrorist attack in this country (see story below) to be used for justification for our upcoming invasion of Iran?
And what of those impending terrorist attacks? Why, after four years, have we not been able to locate one al_Quida cell in this country? With all the security measures since 9/11, how could terrorists have got in this country? We wouldn't even let Cat Stevens in for Christ's sake! If another attack does occur in this country, is it wrong to get angry at those who think that we're stupid enough to fall for it again?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hate To Say It, But........

Recently Fox News quoted terrorism expert Juval Aviv as saying there will be a major terrorist attack in the next couple of months, "Ninety days at the most," he said. (You can read it for yourself right here:,2933,161962,00.html) This struck me in several ways.
First, aren't we supposed to be safer now that we have given our liberties up? A terrorist attack in this country (which is where it would have to occur to get the American people behind what they have planned) would be impossible since we've spent so much money on Homeland Security, right? Since intelligence sources are aware of activity within the terrorist community (isn't that an oxymoron?) why not stop them before they commit their act of terror?
Second, these terrorist attacks always happen at a time convenient for the Bush regime and their agenda. We were planning an invasion of Afghanistan six months before 9/11 gave Bush the excuse to invade that country. The anthrax letters arrived just in time to get the Patriot Act railroaded through Congress. The London bombings occurred as Blair and Bush were trying to dominate the G-8 conference with terrorist talks. As well as distracting the public attention away from that Karl Rove thing. And now that covert operations have begun towards our invasion of Iran, perhaps an aircraft carrier in the Gulf, like the Carl Vinson, or something will be "nuked" by Iran. With help from Osama Bin Laden, who's hiding out there(
Third, I seem to remember posting this very same warning a couple of weeks ago. (See "TERRORIST ATTACKS IMMINENT!"). Since this attack will be on Americans, probably as they go to work, it will also lay the ground work for a National ID card with a tracking chip in it. And since everybody's movements will be tracked by satellite, crime will go down as microchips don't lie. And with crime eradicated, there will be no need for guns for personal protection.
Of course now I'm being ludicrous, but keep in mind I was being ludicrous when I posted my previous prognostication. Whether or not any thing will happen remains to be seen, but if it does, I hate to say it, but, I told you so.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Media elitist Vs. Bloggers

Recently, Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau published a strip criticizing bloggers for their lack of journalistic skills and business acumen (I can make money doing this?) You can check it out at . This is an example of how the corporate media are running scared when it comes to the bloggers are developing (not me, I suck at this) in creating national political dialogue. The Downing Street Memo would have disappeared if weren't for the persistence of the bloggers. As I reported earlier in "90 Miles An Hour into A Media Stonewall" when I mentioned the Downing Street memos in passing in an email to the local press, the editor emailed me back wanting proof of the Memo.
One point that Trudeau tries to make is that if bloggers were serious journalists, they would go to school and get a job at a newspaper. In Noam Chomsky's "What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream?" he states that the purpose of college is to weed out those who won't follow the line. The corporate media tries to influence endless stories of celebrity trials and runaway brides and any other pointless story that diverts attention away from the fact that Karl Rove is the traitor who leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press. Or that Bush has already started covert operations in Iran designed to prepare for that impending illegal invasion.
But the corporate media has started up the propaganda machine for Iran already as Bush makes his case for an invasion of Iran at the G-8 conference. "We cannot let Iran develop nuclear weapons," his brave pronouncement as he begins another round of lies designed to tricking the people into sending their children to die for no apparent reason. Iran doesn't have or want nuclear weapons. What it wants is nuclear power. None of this will be reported by Garry Trudeau or other corporate media lackey elitists.
The other point is that bloggers don't make a lot of money (if any) so what they do can't be considered serious journalism. I say it's the other way around. Serious jopurnalism doesn't include copying White House or corporate press releases verbatim and call that reporting. Serious journalism doesn't include runaway brides, scare of the weeks, celebrity scandals, or any kind of sports reporting. Serious reporting is like Greg Palast, the guy who uncovered the scrubbed voter rolls in Florida. Serious journalism is a thousand bloggers providing a link to the Downing Street Memo, at no charge to their readers.
I don't do this for the money. I don't know if anyone actually reads this crap. But I do like to write and I do like to give my opinion, this gives me a chance to do both. What Mr. Trudeau's strip reflected to me was a fear of blogs evetually replacing the print medium. With no newspapers to print his strip, he would be out of a job. Then, he would have to get a real one. Then we can see how much money Mr. Trudeau can make.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Knowledge Filters and Belief Systems

Truth is all in how you perceive things to be, when you change your perceptions your truths will change as well. Everybody has a unfaltering belief in something and that belief clouds your perception of truth.
And you will find for that every belief system in place on Earth, there is another belief system that is completely opposite. These people become your enemy, their belief system held up for ridicule. What they don't see is that their own belief system is just as ridiculous.
One inherent problem with this that in order to hold one's beliefs, one must accept lies as truth and truth as lies. Every belief system is protected by a knowledge filter, some thing I read about in an article entitled "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael A. Cremo. In his article (and book of the same name) he discusses how human skeletal remains found embedded in rock formations millions of years old have been hidden away, all because their existence prove Darwin wrong, and the Darwinists can't accept that fact.
Fact. That's what it comes down to, fact. Johnny shot Billy. His motives may be in question, the evidence lacking, but that's a hard fact. Not a statistic, fact.
You can quote a percentage of murders that go unsolved. Doesn't change a thing.
Jesus died for your sins. That's an opinion. Since I don't believe in sin, just bad decisions, I haven't "sinned" so Jesus did nothing for me. Sin is a label given to natural human urges by the church to keep the "sinners" coming with their tithings every week.
Of course I pick on the Christians because their knowledge filter is the most wackiest thing! Christians who were indignant when President Clinton lied about a blow job were heard to say: "It's not what he did, it's that he lied about it." Now their guy George W Bush is caught telling the biggest lie and .......well, we'll get back to you because unlike the Monica Lewinsky thing, the Downing Street Memo has been ignored by the Mainstream Media.
All belief systems are based on fear in one form or another. To pick on them Christians again, their beliefs are held in place by the fear of going to Hell. Racists fear those different from them. The Mainstream Media acts as a knowledge filter while simultaneously feeding those fears. Any belief system that contradicts the accepted belief systems are held up for ridicule. Any statement of fact not acceptable within accepted belief systems is written off as conspiracy theory. Any story that feeds our deepest darkest fears in an acceptable way is the big news story of the day.The "War On Terror" is an example. The Government and the Mainstream Media use it to keep us fearful that those people with unacceptable belief systems may attack us at any moment. The unbrainwashed realize this is just a farce, a tool used to prop political approval ratings up around election time, as well as an excuse to to do just about anything we damn well please because we're the only Super Power left and no one can stop us. But to the masses, propped in front of their television sets with their duct tape and plastic sheeting, the terror level is a real thing. Millions of Americans still believe Saddam had ties to al-Queida. Of course, these are the same people who believe there's a "secret code" in the bible, it just goes to show you how their knowledge filter supports their belief system.
Some belief systems and knowledge filters co-exist to support each other. Some people's Christianity can be plugged in to their political beliefs, even if the two appear to be opposed. I'm sure as many Republicans as Democrats claim to be Christians. And, they would have you believe that there is a difference between the two, when in fact the third unseen knowledge filter prevents them from seeing the truth, they are one and the same. Most candidates exist to siphon votes from those candidates not owned by the people who control the knowledge filters, or to hedge the bets of those in control. When a bill passes Congress, such as NAFTA or the Patriot Act, with a large majority, one only needs to trace who benefits to find who owns our Congress. That our Congress works for Americans, that there is difference between the major parties, these are untruths held in place by knowledge filters.
There is no Grand Conspiracy at work, most people who act in behalf of a belief system have no knowledge of the hidden agenda they are pushing. They truly believe in what they say, just as those with the same belief systems believe they are being told the truth.
And ultimately, is this supposed age of information, our media filters stories as well. The whole Downing Street Memo was kept out of the American Media until bloggers began pushing the story. Actually, the list of filtered stories would be enough to fill several blogs.
Eventually, the knowledge filters reinforce the belief system to the point that one can't understand why every one doesn't see it that way, and we begin forcing our belief systems on others. Animal rights activists, for instance, have no idea that their belief system was created by Anton LeVey, who also founded the First Church of Satan. They may believe it's cruel to test on animals, but the truth is, it's pointless. Toxins to humans may not be toxins to animals. Rather than focus on that aspect, that testing on animals is wrong because they have different DNA, they focus on the cruelty aspect. These same people, who detest cruelty to animals, also disdain hunting, even though hunting deer, for instance, thins out the herd so that food is plentiful and no deer has to die a long painful death from starvation. Most hunters hunt to put food on the table for their families, not for the enjoyment of inflicting cruelty on animals.
Gun rights are another issue where both sides employ knowledge filters to reinforce their beliefs. Pro-gun advocates feel that every one should own a gun to protect themselves. Unfortunately, there is a large population who should never own guns; it's just too bad that most of them don't know it. I, for one, have enough sense to know that with my short fuse and irrational anger, a gun is the last thing I need to put my hands on. Anti-gun advocates feeling that outlawing guns would reduce crime but think about this. For years, I was a pot smoker. Everyday, I would fire one up, even though I knew it was illegal. Never stopped me, because for me the desire to get high over rode my desire to obey the law. Now, if someone with criminalistic tendencies wishes to own a gun, do you really think that outlawing them will make one give them up? Like the NRA says, when guns are out lawed, only outlaws will have guns. In an ideal world, sure, we wouldn't need guns, but this is not an ideal world. It's too overpopulated with people who use their knowledge filters to reinforce their belief systems.

Jerry Fallwell: Leader of the Sheeple, or Who Cares About a Traitor in the White House We've Got A Supreme Court To Pack

When the Bush Administration claimed it had documents proving Saddam Hussein was trying to acquire Nigerian yellow cake uranium, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson investigated these claims and found them to be false, the documents crude forgeries. Someone from the Bush Administration then retaliated by exposing Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame as a CIA operative, which is a treasonous offense as she was working undercover at the time.
Now it appears that the source of the leak is none other than Karl Rove, (http:/// . Applying Socratic logic it follows that:
  1. Exposing intelligence agents is an act of treason in a time of war.
  2. Karl Rove exposed Valerie Plame
  3. Karl Rove is a traitor

Now, seeing how conservatives were so delighted to call anti-war protesters as 'giving aid and comfort to the enemy', their silence in this open act of treason has been more than deafening.

Nowhere was this made more clear to me than this morning. In the wake of Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement announcement, Jerry Fallwell was preaching not the word of God, but the word of Jerry as told to by the GOP. In the fifteen seconds I caught before the kids went "Yaaauuugh! Church tv!" and switched it off, Ol' Jerry mentioned 'activist judges', 'gay marriages' and 'abortion rights' in a sermon that had more to do with reactionary right wing politics than any real religious experience or Biblical matter.

You see, as I'm sure Jerry went on to explain, God wants for the sheeple to pray for George W. Bush to guide him as he seeks a replacement for Ms. O' Connor (well, maybe not Ms.) as well as the other two expected retirees from the court in the next three years. In fact, according to sources, the reason O'Connor voted to stop the recount in Florida, one that would have proven Al Gore the winner, was that she wanted to retire and didn't want to replaced by a liberal.

I'm sure as well that Jerry went on about needing judges who respected life (which, oddly includes abortions, but excludes deaths caused by a rogue superpower intent on implementing it's twisted version of democracy on countries unfriendly to US business practices) and used the Bible as guidance, as opposed to the constitution.

What Mr. Fallwell is doing is not so much informing his followers as he is acting as their knowledge filter. I'm sure when Ol' Jerry moans about 'activist judges' 'legislating from the bench' he forgets to inform them that the purpose of the judicial branch is to provide checks and balances on the legislative and executive branches of the government. When a law passed is challenged before the court, it is the duty of the judge to determine if that law violates our constitutional rights. And if, in their interpretation of the constitution, that law is wrong, it is struck down. No activism, just checks and balances. What conservatives fail to realize, or maybe they do, is that the Constitution is really a liberal piece of work, with it's separation of powers, rights, and all those other liberal ideas.

What Fallwell and Co. are looking for is an end to abortion, as it has proven to have created a shortage of cannon fodder for their Holy War against the infidels (who are fighting a Holy War against the infidels) and in order for Jesus to come back, big oil, I mean, Israel, must control the Middle East, with Good Sheeple as their slavvering lackeys. Then the rapture comes, all good Christians float up to Heaven, Israel controls the World and God is happy.

Also, they wish for a return to prayer in the Public Schools, because in order for Christian brainwashing to be effective, it must be started at an early age. More Christians means more money for Mr Fallwell. More sheeple mean more votes for whoever meets Mr. Fallwell's agenda.And who was it that said prayer in school violated the constitutions separation of church and state? The Supreme Court!

So don't worry about the President, who had documents forged, nor those in his administration who commit acts of treason, nor the illegal war they started in Iraq or the torture of prisoner of war(oh, excuse me I mean enemy combatant detainees) the important thing is to pack the Supreme Court with the morals of Jerry Fallwell. Which, if reflected in the corrupt government he supports, are seriously lacking.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Jesus is The Flavor of the Weak

Jesus' followers are generally weak people with no control over there natural biological urges with out fear of damnation hanging over there heads. Christianity is used by the ruling elite to keep the sheep in the flock instead of wanting what the wealthy have. Christians sleep better knowing that when they die, they go to heaven, while, the rich man has a better chance of riding a camel through the eye of needle. Of course when they die, and there is no heaven to go to, it's too late, they got screwed and the rich keep getting richer.
Christians vote based not on their own religious beliefs, but on the beliefs of the candidates they support. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both claim to be Christians, both are pathological liars. A Christian wouldn't commit adultery, and if he does, his sins are forgiven only if they are the right kind of Christian. A Christian wouldn't bear false witness (i.e., forge documents) so they could kill (i.e., invade Iraq) to steal (take Iraqi oil), yet the same Christian right who despised Bill Clinton's indiscretions seem to have absolved George Bush of all his.

But the Jesus they worship is myth, no more real than Superman or Winnie-The -Pooh. A book available at details how The story of Rabbi Jesus and Judas Khrest became the New Testament. The book is by a man who actually studied Old copies of the Bible. In the original languagem of Aramaic. The English language King James version (written By Francis Bacon) is actually five languages removed from the original language of the Bible. So before you start thumping your Bible in my face and telling me I'm doomed as a non-believer, read this book and then tell me how I'm going to Hell.