Thursday, July 21, 2005

Celebrities and Politics

Mike and Lewis
Back in the eighties, I watched a documentary about a city in my state and how it had fallen on hard times do to the major employer in town shutting down a massive manufacturing facility. It was a funny movie, and sad and maddening at times.
Later the director of this film was given a tv show on a major network, called TV Nation. In it, he showed the silliness and criminality of corporate America, as well as ridiculing legislation such as NAFTA. Of course this show, which was witty and informative, was doomed. This person then went on to write more books and make moore movies and became a celebrity in the process, something I'm not sure he had originally intended. I like his stuff because while it may have a liberal slant to it, for the most part it is honest And while I don't agree with him 100% on all he says, there is a lot of thruth in what he says.Like NAFTA not being good for this country.
One reason that I have respect for the man, is that although he voices his opinion frequently as a liberal, he never felt the compulsion to run for public office.
Conservatives hate this man. They hate all liberal celebrities who speak on the liberal agenda. Why? Do they fear that fans of these people are to stupid to think for themselves that they'll do and believe everything they say?
Conservative celebrites, on the other hand, have a tendency to go beyond just speaking their mind. They actually run for office. Ronald Reagan, Fred Grandy, Sonny Bono are but a few of the conservative celebrities who have held a national office. Then there's Arnold.
Now, I like some of Arnold's movies. While I feel he is limited as an actor, the roles he picks don't require a stretch on his part at all.
Except for his current role as Governor of California. Apparantly, he is so inept he may have broke the law. ( Why is it that the conservative law and order types (George W Bush, Arnold, Karl Rove) are always breaking the law? Then, when caught, instead of taking the personal responsibility for their actions, they lie about it. They use their office for personal monetary gain (Dick Cheney, Arnold, Alphonse D'Amato) as they slash spending to help out the "people who are too lazy to work" as my conservative friend the Coach is fond of saying.
Mr. Moore is not a liberal celebrity who gives his opinion, he is a liberal who became a celebrity because of his opinion. He may be flawed but he is the first to admit that. I think the conservatives call that "personal responsibility". Now I understand why they hate him.



That should be a picture of you shaking hands with your new president, If you all knew how to vote.

Mike said...

Michael Moore was the first to break the neck off the silent bottle of General Motors, The Bush Administration, medical insurance fraud(up coming film??), Gun Control, Military recruiters(see 9/11), and anything pertinent to right minded citizens of this befudeled nation. I visit his site, at sometimes twice daily. It is the only news a strait thinking member od this unfortunate society needs to view.

judas said...

You, and all others like you, are the only reason this country is plagued with terrorist muslim fucks blowing there useless and Godless bodies up in attempts to kill your children and even you. You let them. You and your friends(no doubt) and your comments only give more strength to the invisible muslim enemy.
If i were not too old I would join the military in a heart beat. I would stand the line and fight the muslim fucks until they, and all of there children were nothing more then blood stains on there own desert floor.
You and your canadian friends hate the military, and wish you lived somewhere where protection was not needed, but guess what, the tough guys that you used to hate are now in charge of your pathetic existance.
I hate you, and all your socialist canadian fuck buddies.
Die commie die, how's that get cha, you finally made the cut to deserve such a title.
die commie die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lew Scannon said...

Judas, you really need to get a grip. There are no Muslim terrorists "lttering" this country. In the four years since 9/11, not one terror cell has been found in this country. The 200 al-Quieda cells that were claimed to be operating in this country were never found. However, we have deported 200 Israeli spies, similar to the ones they arrested in Mexico trying to blow up the Mexican Congress. Of course you didn't hear about that in America because the Zionist controlled media kept it out of the news.
So when the next "terrorist attack" happens, it will not only show the inability of the Bush administration to protect the American people, it will also show that legislation such as the Patriot act are ineffective when you have an "ally" like Israel trying to get the US military to invade Iran.
Turn off your FOX News channel and learn to seek the truth.

judus said...

don't the bombs they blow up in london and iraq and pakistan count you fuckin dimwhit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

judas said...

I also wonder, is being ugly and fat a liberal trait? as you and moore both fit the mold.

Lew Scannon said...

Let's start with London and the magical suicide bomber whose ID was found at two bomb sites. In order for this to happen, he would have to have blown himself up, then gone on to another location and blow himself up there as well. The bombers purchased return trip tickets, a waste of money if you're not planning on returning. Go beyond the terror drill focused on suicide bombers in the tube and go to the fact the video surveillance cameras (operated by an Israeli company) were inoperational on that day and the fact the only person who received advance warning of the bombings was Binyamin Netanyahu and the picture becomes clearer of who is behind the terror. The bombers in Iraq are insurgents, fighting off an illegal invading force, much as any one in this country would do if the Chinese ever decide to invade us.
Finally, I do not consider myself a liberal. The reason I respect Mr. Moore is that he had the temerity to stand up and speak out at a time when the government was telling everybody to shut up and sit down. It seems that all you can do is attack me personally, since you can't argue with the facts. That doesn't bother me at all, it just shows me what kind of small minded people traitors like you are.

The Zombieslayer said...

Nah, I just hate all celebrities, no matter what side of the fence they stand on, who voice politics. Why? they're out of the loop.

Almost none of those idiots know what it's like for us working stiffs. Yet they think since they're celebrities, they know more than we do. Bulls***.

I wouldn't want any one of them in any position of power. They're a bunch of narcissists and as bad as the current crop of politicians is, they'd be even worse.