Saturday, July 23, 2005

Good Ol' American Self-Proctology

Driving home from work on Friday, I became incensed because for some reason I was reduced to driving forty miles an hour in the left lane on the freeway where the posted speed was seventy. Rule No. 1 in my book is if you're in the left lane, the least you could do is the maximum speed limit, unless you're unable to because of road conditions.
I looked up the road and I saw what was happening. A line of cars were in the right lane stuck behind a semi that had yet to build up to speed. In the left lane, there was a car about ten cars ahead of me that was slowing down to let all these people through. Every time a car from the right went in front of the other car, the driver would hit the brakes, send red lights flashing all the way down the left lane, about twenty cars behind me.

This went on until all the cars in the right lane had worked their way around the semi, then the driver accelerated to fifty to pass the semi (eventually) forcing all the cars ahead of me to pass he on the right.

As I approached, I could tell the driver was confused. Not because she was an old lady shaking her head as she tried navigate that Messcort in to the right lane. I could tell she was confused as she still had her Bush/Cheney '04 sticker on her car, along with several different magnetic ribbons attached to her car. As I finally passed her, I wish I had some kind of bomb to throw at her containing a gas that would wake the bitch up. Hello? Downing Street Memo? Rovegate? Florida 2000? Ohio 2004? Abu Ghirab? Camp X-Ray?

I also saw the same sticker on a service vehicle from a local company that I will never do business with. But I'm keeping my faith that the truth will out. Already more people are waking up to the fact the Iraq War was a (bad?evil?) idea. ( The more the truth works it's way through other channels, the more the corporate media will be forced to follow suit. It's bad enough that our public servants, who are supposed to work for us, not Halliburton and Israel, lie to us, but when our supposed watchdog "liberal" media backs up those lies they find themselves scrambling for credibility, just as we've seen recently with the flood of "official" explainations in London changing as the public discredits obvious cover-ups.

I was having a conversation with my sister when she stated, "All those people over there complaining about video camers everywhere, calling it 'Big Brother', what do they have to say now?" Obviously she had been watching corporate media news or listening to her husband, a Dittohead.

"Yep," I replied, "all those cameras didn't stop the 'terrorists'. It didn't show the suspects carrying backpacks or bombs. Doesn't explain how one suspect who blew him self up had ID at two bombing sights. It's like the ID they found at the World Trade center that miraculously survived the explosion that the black boxes didn't."

"Yeah, how'd that happen," she acknowledged. Once you hit people with enough logic they will slowly pull their heads out. That's what you have to do, one by one. Some people will still choose to remain brainwashed, defending their President no matter how evil (like judas). They must like the view up there. You don't start with the big truths, you start with the little ones working all the way up to the PNAC. Along the way, you expose propaganda shills and disinformation agents (Judith Miller should rot in jail!) so you can understand which sources are trustwothy and which are publicists for the New World Order.

But you can't give up, or runaway in frustration. Then they win. And they did all this stuff when they didn't win.


Les Visible said...

Man. You are fair intelligent for a 14 year old and driving as well. Way to go! Thanks for an entertaining read and thanks for your comments at my site.

I didn't leave really. I'm still fighting but I'm doing it from abroad. It's the sensible thing. I would definitely be in prison now otherwise and then unable to fight or be heard at all.

Lew Scannon said...

Not really 14, must ahve transposed the numbers when I was typing. I ahve a ahbit of doing that.