Thursday, July 28, 2005

How To End Terrorism

Recently on this blog, I've been ranting about the upcoming terror attack, which will be used as a justification for a nuclear strike against Iran. Then I stated how I am probably safe, living in a predominately Republican region.
Yesterday, as I was out smoking at work, my smoking buddy pointed out an Air Force jet.
"There it goes again, that Air Force jet's been looping around here for a while." I wouldn't have even noticed it, as I work near the airport, if he hadn't pointed it out. I mean, it could have just been a refueling plane, I'm not really familiar with military aircraft, I just know it didn't look like the fighters in the commercials for "Stealth". So I stood out there and smoked, and watched the plane, and damned if it wasn't looping around the building I worked at several times.
Then I realized I was just being paranoid, and went back to work.

I came up with a solution to end terrorism. It's a real simple plan.

  1. Stop supporting Israel The root of all terrorism stems from the fact that Israel has systematically taken over Palestinian land, and are this stage it would appear that they are carrying out genocide against the Palestinian people. Now, I'm no Holocaust denier, I just don't think that because the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews that this gives the state of Israel the right to act like Nazis. The Arab world hates us because we use our seat on the Security Council to veto any resolution critical of Israel, a country which stands in violation of more UN resolutions than Iraq under Saddam. We have sent more aid to Israel than we have spent our space program (sorry to the guys who just went up. Maybe you can make it back with out the pieces that fell off on lift off.) The current government is full of Israel-firsters, which leads to the question, Shouldn't America's loyalty be to America first? If you had a friend, and that friend kept on committing crimes, wouldn't you distance yourself from that friend before he drags you down with him too?
  2. Stop using America's military as enforcers for corporate America. Corporate America has all but abandoned the American people. With the passage of CAFTA, even more jobs will be sucked out of this country. Virtually every Presidency since WWII has used the military forces to allow Corporate America to get a foothold in a place, or to support brutal right wing dictators(like Saddam) who are friendly to American business. I'm sure that the peoples of these countries would be a lot less hostile towards us if the boot up their ass didn't have a US soldier's foot in it. By the US government messing around in these countries, we have created more enemies than friends.

Of course, What The @%#* Do I know? (


Bohemian Like You said...

End the unjust occupation of Muslim Land.

Who is brainwashed?

Lew Scannon said...

Huh? You mean the unjust occupation of Israeli on Palestinian land? Or do you mean the unjust occupation by the US of Afghani and Iraqi lands?

Chuck Wade said...

I think it's pretty clear he was talking about what you call the "unjust" occupation of Israel in Palestine, since that's what the post was about, and his comment. And I think you're the first liberal I've heard actually complain about Afghanistan too, I thought even John Kerry supported that. But I could be wrong.

Lew Scannon said...

The war in Afghanistan was not about capturing Osama Bin Laden, rather it was about building a pipeline through Afghanistan from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan where the product could be shipped from the Gulf to Enron's power plant in India and was in the planning stages six months before 9/11. And, no, he was speaking about the Muslims occupying what was once thousands of years ago part of Israel, but now is Syria, Iraq, Iran, pretty much the whole Middle East and part of the PNAC agenda is securing these lands for a Greater Israel, effectively miring the US in a never ending battle.

Chuck Wade said...

yes I know that's what he was speaking of, that's why the word "unjust" was in quotes

Lew Scannon said...

Why is it assumed that because I oppose Bush and his policies that I am a liberal? I am unbrainwashed. This gives me a better perspective on things because I don't feel obligated to toe any line. There is right and wrong on both sides of the political spectrum. The war on "terrorism" is wrong because we're not doing anything to end terrorism, in fact we are creating more terrorists the longer we stay in the Middle East. The reason they hate us is not because we're free, or because we're not Muslim, the reason they hate us is because the boot up their ass has a US soldier's foot in it. If you really supported our troops, you wouldn't ask them to fight in an illegal war of conquest.

Will Malven said...

Un-brainwashed? Looks like Michael Moore has you completely brainwashed. How pathetic.