Friday, October 31, 2008

See? Socialist!

In a typical display of the socialism that has defined his campaign, Friday night Barack Obama took his daughter door-to-door looking for handouts in his Chicago neighborhood. His daughter, barely disguised as the Corpse Bride of capitalistic democracy as they walked hand-in-hand. Sen. Obama then pleaded with journalists following him to not exercise their First Amendment Rights and expose the true socialistic nature of Obama.

Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Have Seen The Future Of The GOP And It Ain't Pretty

Call it the Bush legacy. With all the high profile Republican defectors to the Obama camp (Obamicans, if you will), the brain drain in the regular party has begun.
Drill, baby, drill.
Soon, all that will left of the party are people who still stand with President Bush, and those behind the scenes manipulators pulling their strings.
A party of morons (or is that morans?) led by a gang of crooks.
First off, we have Samuel Wurzelbacher, the party operative better known as "Joe the Plumber". Acting as a Palin/McCain surrogate, he was actually called out by Fox News for stating after being asked by a McCain supporter if "a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel."
"I'll go ahead and agree with you on that,"

At the same time, the McCain campaign was going to put out an ad criticizing Obama's policies on Israel. Coincidence? Any questions as to whether or not Wurzelbacher was working for McCain when he approached Barack Obama on the Sunday before the debate?
(Now we know which country Palin/McCain supporters mean when they say "Country First".)
And with Wurzelbacher speculating about a possible congressional run in 2010, that means the possibility of another politicians who "know just enough to kind of be dangerous."
Contrast that with a recent Sarah Palin rally
"Sarah Oh-12!"
Mrs. Palin and supporters see her emerging as the party leader. When introducing her husband, the "First Dude" of Alaska, cries of Duuuuude rang through the crowd, with Palin stating "We need a dude in the White House".
This would cause one to wonder two things: is she campaigning for 2008, or her run in 2012, and, who would actually be in charge in the Palin White House, the one who was elected, or some snowmobile racing intellectual lightweight?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Return Of The Supertwolieberfaceweaselman

Joe Lieberman, never one to grandstand, or be a political oppurtunist has claimed that he has spoken "to doctors and insurance actuaries" about McCain's health, and McCain "will live to 85 at least." I don't many professional types, medical or otherwise, who would be inclined to make a prognosis with out actually seeing the patients medical records, but according to Joe they looked at his age and his health, including skin cancer, and so we can all rest easy and Thank God that Sarah Palin is not going to have to be president from day one.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes, They Have No Shame

AS the presidential campaign winds down towards it's last week and a half, and with their candidate trailing in most polls by double digits, the GOP is getting desperate in it's attempts to switch the narrative of the campaign from how badly their party has screwed up the country to personal smears of the opposition candidate.

First up is this picture, which some purport to portray Barack Obama's moms. Leave it to the party of family values to smear a candidates dead mother. (As the vintage porn collector commented here it's a highly dubious claim) What purpose this serves is beyond me, other than to scare people into thinking that if Obama could get his mother to pose nude before he was born, imagine what he'll do to your mom. This is certainly not an attempt to garner the youth vote, what young woman hasn't had her nude picture taken in these days of digital cameras and video phones?

Next up is the whole Barack Obama birth certificate scandal I received a call today from avid reader Susan, who asked me if it was true that Obama wasn't even born in this country, which, according to Snopes is true. Above is a copy of Sen. Obama's birth certificate, gleaned from the ultra left leaning LA Times This is a tactic that the Clinton campaign tried, look how well it worked for them!
But now Obama's father's identity is called in to question, from a Muslim to an avowed Communist, because everyone knows communism, like Islam,is passed genetically from one parent to the child.
Now we go on the Pennsylvania, where the state McCain campaign was quick to hype the attack hoax, has now been found to be sending out false Obama emails.
There's still a week and a half left. How low will the right wing dirty trick squad go? I believe they'd go to the pits of Hell if they thought it would change the outcome of this election.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your God Is Anti-American

According to Sarah Palin, she is putting this in God’s hands that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on November 4th.. I thought the US was a democracy, where the right thing is decided by voters, and not by God, the Supreme Court, Diebold, or Republican voter caging efforts. the answer is simple.
The US (or "America", as simple minded people refer to it, forgetting that it also applies to Mexico and Canada) is a democracy. If God as defined by Sarah Palin steps in, then He (or She) is definitely undemocratic. Therefore, if God is undemocratic, that would mean that God is anti-American.
Did conservatives think the hand of God was in play when Bill Clinton was elected? How about Congressional races, aren't they as important? After all, under the American system of government, the power to pass bills,override vetoes, and confirm political appointees is in the hands of Congress, unless you believe that Alberto Gonzales John Yoo crap about a unitary executive (neocon speak for a dictator).
If this all powerful God actually cares about the human politics, why does he only participate in the American elections? Couldn't, say, Hugo Chavez make the same claim, that God has chosen him?
This weekend, I spied amongst the clutter of political lawn signs a sign for the National Day of Prayer To End Abortion. This has been happening since Reagan and the Republicans used abortion as their ticket to the White House. Since then, neither God nor the Republican party has done a thing to bring an end to abortion. One can then only conclude that a) God and the Republican Party don't really care about abortion, b) once the Republicans actually eliminate abortion, they have no other way to grab the vote of the Christian Right ( I mean, the party of Lincoln hasn't been very adept at hanging on to the black vote) and c)only the truly politically jaded would invoke God's name for political gain as well as the truly politically naive would believe that God has a party preference.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The GOP is desperate. There is no low they won't sink to in order to win this election. They've tried to smear Sen. Obama as a secret Muslim anti-American terrorist lover, and it still hasn't stopped McCain's numbers from plummeting.
Now, with Obama's victory almost assured (given that all those polled actually vote), they've gone even lower, dredging (or is that drudging?) up ACORN again, you would think that would be as low as they could get. Right? Right?


Now the claim is that Sen. Barack Obama is Using hidden hypnosis on voters to get them to vote for him. Seriously.

While I respect Sen. Obama more than I do Sen. McCain, and having heard Obama speak on numerous occasions, I do not feel compelled to vote for him. I have a free will of my own.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You CanTell It's An Election Year When..........

Yesterday at work we received a printout of this warning from the USFDA about food defense and terrorism, which, after bringing much laughter and derision ( What with MFN Chinese government still sending us food laced with melanine), reminded me that this is an election year and once again the politicizing of government agencies to put fear into voters continues unabated under he Bush administration. (Remember the Justice Department's investigation into ACORN in 2004 which was carried out because Bush had politicized the DOJ?) Is this another case of manipulating terror threat levels right before an election?
Another way you can tell it's an election is falling gas prices, which also happened before the 2006 election. There really hasn't been any major changes in the oil markets to indicate why this has happened, nor have we begun drilling offshore, yet gas prices have fallen almost a dollar or more in the last couple of weeks.
So besides these two things, along with lawns cluttered with signs (because I really care which way a homeowner is going to vote) and rampant vote theft by the GOP what are other indications this is an election year?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post Debate Thoughts

What happens after the election? One of the two major party candidates will go on to the White House, while the other will return to the Senate. This was what I started thinking about last night while I was watching the debate (and liveblogging over at The Guys From Area 51). After being puzzled by the whole Joe The Plumber incident, I began to wonder, who would be most productive in the Senate should they lose the election?
Barack Obama, I believe would lose as gracefully as he has run his campaign, and go back to the Senate where he will continue on.
McCain, however, will not be as gracious in defeat. McCain has already blamed Obama for the negativity of his own campaign, repeating the charge again last night at the debate. And while the GOP keeps making racist attacks on Obama, again and again, last night McCain claimed his feelings were hurt by some statements made about him at Obama rallies by Obamaniacs. Suddenly, Sen. McCain has become sensitive.
Or the biggest baby in the world.

Darn You Katie Couric!

Sarah Palin in the Oval Office! I especially like opening that door! Spinning the globe is fun as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Cheney Bailout

Dick Cheney canceled a campaign appearance over an abnormal heart rate, and I think, wait a minute! Dick Cheney has a heart?
Really this started me thinking for two other reasons.
One, how much does it cost the American tax payer on an annual basis to keep this decrepit old fart alive? Cheney abused his body throughout his life, yet the final costs are being borne not by Cheney himself, but by the American taxpayer. How many of these obscenely wealthy people are we going to allow to feed off the public tit?
Two, Cheney has a 18% approval rating. Unless those 18 percentile are all living in congressional candidate Marty Ozinga's district, why would he want Dick Cheney to campaign for him? The man is even more of a political pariah than George W Bush and John McCain combined, a ringing endorsement from Cheney would be more akin to a kiss of death.
Perhaps Cheney, never the great crowd drawer to begin with, was asked by the Ozinga campaign not to appear, since people have had enough of Bush and Cheney. Rather than actually have to admit it, they instead went with the "abnormal heartbeat" route.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't Cry For Her, She's A Pitbull. With Lipstick.

The McCain campaign has been an abject lesson in judgment. Bad judgment. Years from now, the McCain campaign will still be used as a punchline to a myriad of jokes about bad judgment.
The idea to send Sarah Palin to a Philadelphia Flyers game to drop the first puck was merely the latest in a string of judgment calls that have failed the McCain campaign. In a town where Philly fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus and booed Beyonce, did they really think this would go over?
Another example of the bad judgment would be the selection of Palin as a running mate. They couldn't have vetted her too closely, other wise that whole "Troopergate" thing would have popped up. And now Palin ( a 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency should McCain get elected) has shown that she too can exercise bad judgment by engag(ing) in repeated inappropriate contact with Walt Monegan and other high-ranking officials at the Department of Public Safety, even after Monegan and his peers constantly warned these Palin disciples that the contact was inappropriate and probably unlawful.
The McCain campaign also decided to grandstand on the financial bailout mess, "suspending" it's campaign for no other reason to call Joe Lieberman so McCain could claim he was reaching across the aisle to solve this problem, which, in another exercise of bad judgment, they blamed on "earmarks".
But perhaps the one judgment call that has sealed their fate has been the one to play up a non-existent link between William Ayers and Barack Obama as one where Obama is "palling around with terrorists". While this has played well with inbred Bible Thumping non-readers, even conservatives admit McCain is running a stupid campaign. And using Palin as their attack dog?

Animal On Display

See this video.

Watch CBS Videos Online
It is not funny. It is not cool. It is not intelligent. It is not acceptable. It is disgraceful, distasteful, shameful, and a racist embarrassment. In short, it is a perfect example of America for the whole world to see. (Even more disgraceful are the comments at the CBS News blog where this was lifted from.)
This was taken at a rally where Sarah Palin was speaking. Until she entered the campaign, many of the Christian Republican base were not enthusiastic about McCain. But now that she has, they have come out of the woodwork, displaying their true colors. Ignorant and racist. Intolerant. Instead of elevating us all, our political campaigns drag us all down to the level of the Moron Majority, wrapped it up in a flag and called it patriotism.
(Thanks to Mike Votes for the video find

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What Are Earmarks?

At the second presidential debate the other night, John McCain criticized "earmarks". That's the cause of our financial meltdown. Earmarks.
But a congressperson, when they go to Washington DC, one of the things they do to prove to the voters back home that the congressperson is truly working for them is to try to bring some of the money that constituents paid in taxes back to their state/district, for the betterment of the community. Like the $3 million for a overhead projector for a planetarium that so incensed John McCain. And I can understand that, a lot of the Republican base, while enjoying cell phones, computers, mp3 players and DVRs, tend not to trust science, mainly because they don't understand it.
"How do it work?"
"I dunno"
Religion is much easier for them to understand: God throws lightning bolts, Jesus makes little babies and there's no other explanation needed.
The war in Iraq, for FY2008, is budgeted at about $182 billion dollars a year, or, roughly $10.5 billion a month. So a one time "earmark" is worse than a monthly "earmark" that is $10.2 billion more in John McCain's world. And even though McCain claims the ethnic cleansing, er, I mean, the "Surge" was successful, here it is a full year to a year and a half since it started and we're still over there spending $10.5 billion a month, so it really couldn't have been that successful.
It's no wonder Sen McCain looks angry, the Straight Talk Express has been replaced by the Hate Talk Express, his poll numbers are slipping the closer we get to the election, and every claim he makes has come back to bite him on the ass. But November 5, we'll find out what earmarks really are, the indentations on the walls of a McCain McMansion from banging his head against it for blowing this election.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Republicans:The Missing Link

Palintology-The belief that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, with humans utilizing pterodactyl as airliners, brontosaurus as steam shovels, woolly mammoth as dishwashers, stegosaurus as garbage disposals, and kept saber toothed tigers as pets. Humans also tooled around in stone cars, propelled by their feet accompanied by a bongo solo.
Just how patriotic are the people who support the GOP ticket? Patriotic enough to call for the assassination of a presidential candidate. Just how misguided are these window licking mouth breathers? The policies of the last eight years, the same policies that John "Mavericky" McCain and Sarah Palin are running on have caused retirements accounts to lose $2 trillion in the last 15 months. (Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that George Bush and John McCain weren't able to privatize Social Security) So instead of being pissed off that they are now likely to have to work until they die (in other words, worked to death), they take it out on the one person in Congress least likely to have caused it. That's not smart. That's fucking regressive. And so, there you have it, the missing link between the Neanderthals and modern man the Palintologisyts of the Republican Party.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

John McCain Pals Aound With War Criminal

Following a 2,100 word article in the New York Times (which total discredit any claims to the contrary), Sarah Palin accused Sen. Obama of "palling around with terrorists". Two can play that game.
Conservatives decry the use of politically correct language, how would they feel if they knew that the invasion of Iraq was a war crime. As well as using torture. That would make George W. Bush a war criminal. And who's that in the above picture, embracing a war criminal? None other than Palin's running mate, John McCain.

Right now,the US is using the MeK to strike inside Iran. The Mek is a terrorist organization. Since George W Bush is commander-in-chief, he has authorized the use of terrorism by the MeK. That makes George Bush a terrorist leader.
John McCain asked last spring “How can you countenance someone who was engaged in bombings that could have or did kill innocent people?”
How, indeed, Sen. McCain?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Worryin' "Bout Sendin' Our Kids To Learnin'

A couple stray thoughts were stuck in my head followin' last night's Biden/Palin VP debate. One, if I have to hear that voice for the next four years, I'll go crazy.
Two, as Frederick pointed out at The Guys From Area 51 last night live bloggin' the debate, Palin quoted that discredited misinterpretation of Mahmoud Ahmadenijad saying "Israel must be wiped off the map". If she doesn't know this is a false quote, she's not really qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Also, when she talks about "Country First", I found myself wonderin' just what country she is placing first.
But when she started talkin' 'bout her and her husband (and I'm paraphrasing here) sittin' 'round the fancy eatin' table, worryin' about how they'll be able to send their kids to college, I wondered. Son, Shane, fightin' in Iraq now, will probably have his college paid for by the military, if he so chooses. daughter Bristol has spared them the stress of payin' for her college by gettin' pregnant and droppin' out of high school. Son Trig, when he grows up, would be lucky to get a job roundin' up shoppin' carts at the Wasilla Wal-Mart.
That leaves her other two daughters, uh, Tractorpull and Snowmobile (I think). As the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin's salary is $81,000. Add to that the $16,941 per diem she charged the state of Alaska to stay in her own home, that's a pretty good income. On top of that, her husband has a pretty good job, carving' moose calls out of discarded beer bottles (I think) that he sells to oil pipeline workers durin' huntin' season. My point is, with their income, they should have had plenty to set aside to send two girls to college (providin' of course, nature doesn't step in). And if they can't do that, she certainly has no business bein' a heartbeat away from decidin' the federal budget.
You betcha!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Closing Up Shop

Taking another step towards total irrelevancy, John McCain has abandoned Michigan.
McCain will go off TV in Michigan, stop dropping mail there and send most of his staff to more competitive states, including Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida.

I say good. I hated having to explain to my kids how a "war hero" like McCain could outright lie in his ads and still claim to be an honorable person. The McCain campaign is getting ready to implode, what with him terminating interviews, as well as yelling at reporters, but to give up a state like Michigan, well, he might as well throw in the towel.
There is talk that McCain might be able to take Michigan,having beat George Bush there in the primaries in 2000, but I think he won that election because some people were voting against Bush rather than for McCain. And while people here might not be too fond of Gov. Granholm, they disdain George Bush more. To , the election's over, and Obama won!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A-Wah, A-Wah, A-Wah

Pity poor Kathleen Parker. Having made the suggestion that maybe Sarah Palin should step down, now she's crying about the hurtful things "conservatives" are saying to her because of it.
I am a traitor and an idiot. Also, my mother should have aborted me and left me in a dumpster, but since she didn't, I should "off" myself.

They're called trolls, Ms. Parker, and those of us who have been in the blogosphere long enough know that they are maladjusted cretins who lack the capacity for conscious thought outside the parameters of their own twisted and highly brainwashed worldview. While she boldly defends her right to free speech, in the past she has defended censorship
Speaking of public discourse having been deteriorated, how about some kind words from Ms. Parker about those of us in the blogosphere?
There's something frankly creepy about the explosion we now call the Blogosphere...
Bloggers persist no matter their contributions or quality...most babble, buzz and blurt like caffeinated adolescents competing for the Ritalin generation's inevitable senior superlative: Most Obsessive-Compulsive...
they hold the same megaphone as the adults and enjoy perceived credibility owing to membership in the larger world of blog grown-ups. These effete and often clever baby "bloggies" are rich in time and toys, but bereft of adult supervision. Spoiled and undisciplined, they have grabbed the mike and seized the stage, a privilege granted not by years in the trenches, but by virtue of a three-pronged plug and the miracle of WiFi....Plenty smart but lacking in wisdom, they possess the power of a forum, but neither the maturity nor humility that years of experience impose...what we're witnessing as the Blogosphere's offspring multiply — is that people tend to abuse power when it is unearned and will bring down others to enhance themselves. Likewise, many bloggers seek the destruction of others for their own self-aggrandizement.

Following the events on 9/11, Parker boldly stated Truth is back in vogue, then went on later to condemn those who opposed the illegal invasion of Iraq as "clueless". And yet when someone does speak the truth, as Cynthia McKinney did, "We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11th,What did this administration know and when did it know it, about the events of September 11th? Who else knew, and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered? What do they have to hide?" This of course led professional propagandist Parker to ridicule McKinney with Likewise, every time I hear Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., speak, I think: There ought to be an award. We could call it The McKinney Award - for people too stupid to serve in public office. So much for truth being in vogue, or her lamentations on the deterioration of public discourse.
She also tried to defend George Allen's "macaca" statement as non-racist, and criticized Hillary Clinton for claiming that believing George Bush's claim of WMD in Iraq was her biggest mistake, and then goes on to say it was all Bill Clinton's fault that everyone believed Saddam had those nasty weapons.
Perhaps Parker put Palin on the spot because she hadn't learned the true conservative art of deflecting all questions into a criticism of Democratic policies. All I know is someone so thin skinned should not be throwing poison darts at others.