Sunday, October 12, 2008

Animal On Display

See this video.

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It is not funny. It is not cool. It is not intelligent. It is not acceptable. It is disgraceful, distasteful, shameful, and a racist embarrassment. In short, it is a perfect example of America for the whole world to see. (Even more disgraceful are the comments at the CBS News blog where this was lifted from.)
This was taken at a rally where Sarah Palin was speaking. Until she entered the campaign, many of the Christian Republican base were not enthusiastic about McCain. But now that she has, they have come out of the woodwork, displaying their true colors. Ignorant and racist. Intolerant. Instead of elevating us all, our political campaigns drag us all down to the level of the Moron Majority, wrapped it up in a flag and called it patriotism.
(Thanks to Mike Votes for the video find


Tom Harper said...

To quote from a B-movie: "These people give inbreeding a bad name."

Mark said...

The video from "Mike Votes" is much better then the one you posted. Your's leaves room for interpretation, Mike's does not.
Now, is this guy a representation of all or even half of McCain voters? Probably not.
Lets try to not get so excited about the black president thing, in my eyes its not a big deal. His experience and politics are though...Just as McCains insanity, age, and furvor for the same old same old are my big deals.
Third party for the voice.