Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Man Who Sold the World....Aspertame

The main difference between the right and left is their view of the government and it's role as a servant of the people. The right thinks that the government should adopt a laissez-faire attitude towards business, while acting like our big daddy to protect us from the horrors of gay marriages, independent thought, and the retaliations of the people from whom we are stealing oil. The left, on the other hand, feels the government should keep out of a person's private life, and protect it citizens from the greed and hazards of the corrupt corporate America.
Also the role of the federal government is to determine which legislation is best left to the individual states. As is stands now, states have the right to determine what kind of food safety labeling for products that can cause cancer, birth defects, allergic reactions or mercury poisoning. But now Congress is actively trying to change that with H.R. 4167 which will not only prevent states from passing laws requiring labels for such dangerous products, but also for genetically altered food, or food that may contain rBGH. Truly if the Congress is not going to defend the people from potentially dangerous foods, we cannot expect the corrupt corporations from doing it. Because they've already proven in the past that they don't really give a rat's dropping what goes in our food.
A good example of this would be aspertame. Aspertame was first discovered in 1966 by a scientist working at G.D.Searle Industries as he was trying to develop an ulcer drug. It was suggested as a sugar substitute after the scientist accidentally licked his fingers and found them to taste sweet. It is an rDNA deriviative, made by combining two amino acids.It was once listed as a prospective chemical warfare weapon on a list submitted to Congress by the Pentagon. It has three components,asparatic acid, phenylalaline, and methanol amino acids saturated in petrochemicals. when ingested, aspertame breaks down into it's constituent amino acids, and methanol, which then biodgrades into formaldehyde.Mmmmm...formaldehyde. says Monsanto, one of the leading suppliers of aspertame, "Formaldehyde has been implicated as a possible carcinogen when inhaled, but this hasn't been shown to be the case when taken by mouth."
Aspertame used in diet drinks, affects the brains production of serotonin, making the body crave more carbohydrates, cancelling out it's effectiveness as a diet aid. It can produce brain tumors, lead to blindness, and dries up the lubricating synovial fluid and turns joints into plastic. It can cause memory loss, chronic fatigue, and even death at extreme levels. One man who walked into a manufacturing facility with out proper protection died instantly.
From it's inception, aspertame was a drug. An addictive drug. So how did it become a food additive?
Searle had been seeking FDA approval for fifteen years for aspertame as a drug. While it funded a number of reports minimizing aspertame's dangers, a number of independent tests proved it to be unsafe.That all changed with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. A member of Reagan's transition team, Donald Rumsfeld was appointed CEO of Searle.Calling in all his markers Rumsfeld was able to get aspertame fast tracked as a food additive despite FDA reports it caused brain tumors. It's so deadly, flies won't touch it. Yet this person, looking to line his pockets, use politics to unleash a potentially deadly ingredient into the American diet. So excuse me if I feel he is unfit to defend the country from a terrorist attack. He has already unleashed a deadly chemical weapon upon the American people.
But at least gay people can't marry each other, and isn't that the most important thing?

Monday, February 27, 2006

And Then He Changed Into A Pink Leather Outfit For Aerosmith

When you're talking about corrupt corporations, the lowest slime is reserved for defense contractors. You have Halliburton, for instance, receiving billions of dolars in no-bid contracts, even after they're caught overcharging the US for their services. Or then there's MZM, which admits to paying off Randall "Duke" Cunningham and Katherine Harris. Or then there's Perini Inc. which received hundreds of million dolars from the Corps of Engineers, most likely because majority stockholder Richard Blum is married to Sen. Dianne Feinstein,who sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee, proving that Democrats are just as intersted in lining their pockets as the Republicans.
Other corrupt Corporations put the public health at risk by spewing pollutants in the air that cause numerous health hazards. Or put products on the market knowing they are unsafe, or unfit for human consumption. But what would you call a defense contractor that sells the US a product that puts our troops at risk?
That's just what happened with DHB Industries, who sold the Marines 10,000 body armor vests that failed to meet government standards. CEO, David H Brooks had failed to disclose these facts to stockholders, exercised a stock option worth $104 million right before word got out and DHB stock plunged, leading to a class action lawsuit on the behalf of DHB stockholders. The SEC was also investigating Brooks for"certain party transactions between the Company and affiliates of David H. Brooks."
So let's see. A product recall on a contract item. Class action lawsuit. SEC investigation. What do you do? You throw your daughter a $10 milion bat mitzvah! Performers include Tom Petty, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Joe Walsh and Don Henley, 50 Cent, Ciara, Stevie Nicks, and DJ AM. All you had to do was put a couple of Marines lives at risk (and their lives are pretty much at risk anyway, being Marines). And for that you got to dance around in your black leather metal studded suit and rub elbows with your favorite-I mean, your daughter's favorite dinosaur rock acts.
So hats off to David H Brooks, my choice for CorruptCo CEO of the year-2005.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Looking For A Fix

Islamophobes in this country have to find a new reason to hate Iran, as today, Russia and Iran agreed to enrich uranium in Russia. This enriched uranium is for the nuclear power plant that Russia is building at Bushehr. This means that once again the Bush administration is not telling the truth about another Middle Eastern country. And of course, I'm not talking about UAE being such a good ally, rather, I'm speaking of Iran's intentions to build a nuclear power plant.
So, barring another "terrorist" attack, the Bush administration has to find another way to stop Iran from trading the oil that US corporate hegemonists covet.
Perhaps the Bush administration will turn it's sights on Venezuela , which has threatened to cut off oil shipments to the US if the Bush administration dosn't back off it's attacks on Venezuela. When will these people learn (Evidently, never) that you can't go around threatening sovereign nations? People around the world don't hate us because we're free, they hate us because our government is a bunch of dicks who have no problem bullying weaker nations (i.e., every other nation in the world). We're like a junkie with the biggest gun in the world, breaking into everybody's house to get our fix.
Experts within the industry say Venezuela might have a problem finding a market for their oil, but I don't think so. Thanks to corporate America out sourcing jobs to India and China, their demand for oil is on the rise.
So while the flag waving, beer drinking, chemically imbalanced brain damaged mouth breathing jackanapes advocate a military solution to everything because their too busy watching NASCAR to see who is screwing the pooch, the rest of us our wondering, is there any American wet dream these people can't fuck up?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

UAE Deal A Distraction

While America was in an uproar over Bush's plan to sell Eastern seaboard ports to UAE, Congress voted 404 to 4 in favor of condemning the government of Iran for violating it's international nuclear non-proliferation obligations and expressing support for efforts to report Iran to the UN Security Council. Of course, Iran has never been in violation of the NPT, since building a nuclear power plant is perfectly legal. And any hippie worth their weight in Crosby Stlls and Nash records knows that while nuclear power is not safe, it certainly isn't worth dropping nuclear weapons on a country over.
Ron Paul, the lone Republican dissenter, laid out a good argument against the measure. One, we have put Iran in th impossible position of proving a negative. Since it can't prove it's not meeting it's obligations under the NPT, this gives the George W (W stands for warmonger)Bush administration the excuse it needs to stop Iran from creating it's oil exchange dealing exclusively in euros. Clause four of this legislation calls for Russia and China, the two Security Council members likely to vote against this resolution, to take action in any response to iran's noncompliance. Even if that report is akin to the forged Niger yellow cake documents used by Bush to justify it's invasion of Iraq.
So while the Bush administration distracts the American people with a deal that even he didn't know about ( adeal that even has longer time Bush sycophant Cal Thomas outraged)until it was brought to his attention, the US Congress took one step closer to another war we can not win. Making three so far in this present administration.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last Words On Danish Cartoons

Parading my contest winning (or was is it losing?) profile around the blogosphere last night, I visited a lot of sites. Right wing, left wing, they all agreed on one thing. TheMuslims were wrong to over react to catoons published in Denmark. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if they happen to be hypocritic.
In the eyes of the Muslim peoples, the Bush administration has declared a War on Islam. Using propaganda, they have successfully used Congress to force a vote on Iran at the UN. Iran is an Islamic country that is building a nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, North Korea, which is not a Muslim country, already has developed nuclear weapons and has the ability to strike the US, yet the US has made no threat against them. In the eyes of Islam, this is evdence that the War on terror, North Korea being part of Bush spurious "axis of evil", is really against Islam.
In Pakistan, a couple of weeks ago, the US sent an armed drone into a party of people in an attempt to take out the head of al Qaeda. The result killed a number of innocent people, but was unsuccessful in it's intended goal. The people who were killed? Muslim, to which the Bush administration never formally apologized, or even took responsibility for the mistake.
Recently, more pictures of brutal torture and abuse were released from Abu Ghraib prison . these pictures show US military personell subject people to numerous violations of the Geneva Convention. The victims in these photos? Muslim, every last one of them. From the secret torture prisons the US has scattered all over the darkest corners of the globe, to the Taliban fighters, who, were not part of alQaeda, and whose only crime was defending their homeland from an invasion, are now locked in Guantanamo Bay, in a US prison camp, with no hope for release, simply because they are Muslims.
Everywhere a Muslim is to look, the US has declared war on them. They supported the secular Fatah party in Palestine, and when the Islamic Hamas won, the US threatened to cut funding for the Palestinian Authority. The war in Iraq has killed over 100,000 civilians, an estimate, because Bush declined to count them in the War dead BECAUSE THEY ARE ISLAMIC!!!!!
To add insult to injury the US slipped three insulting pictures into the Danish cartoons to provoke a row between Europe and the Islamic world. The world's only remaining superpower has declared war on Islam, and they have every right to feel persecuted and angry.
Now, I've been to right wing blogs where the Danish editors were praised for exercising their "freedom of speech." And these are the same people who would like to silence war critics at home with a new Sedition law , aimed at those who might think the war in Iraq a bad idea. So, free speech is good, as long as it doesn't take place in the US, and as long as it's directed at Islam.
But even far more disturbing are the left wing blogs that I visited that have criticized the Muslim protest while hailing the Danish freedom of speech. Excuse me, but isn't protest a protected form of free speech? You can condemn the Muslims for over reacting, sure, but to say they have no right to protest is like saying you want your license to blog taken away.
I'm not sure if forgiveness is part of the Islamic religion.But I know it is part of the Christian religion so hopefully you can forgive the Islamic world for feeling a bit persecuted. Because they are.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Facing Foreclosure: The Looting of our Legacy

The End Of Dollar Hegemony is looming in the horizon, whether or not we attack Iran. If we do, Iran has threatened to close off the Straits of Hormuz, and has the capabilities to do so, effectively closing one of the largest shipping lanes for the world's oil supplies and driving up oil costs per barrel dramatically. If we don't, Iran will open it's oil market plan to trade exclusively in euros, effectively closing off the country with one of the greatest oil reserves from the country that consumes the most oil.
Since 1971, when President Nixon, in a move to protect the US's remaining gold reserves, took the dollar off the gold standard, where one dollar was equal to 1/35 of an ounce of gold, the Federal reserve has been printing money on a fiat money system, backed not by gold, but by an agreement with oil producing nations to accept only dollars for their oil. Many nations now had to keep dollars as a reserve currency, and pegged their monetary system to that dollar. In November of 2000, Saddam Hussein, having suffered under economic sanctions imposed on Iraq following the first Gulf War by the US and UK, moved to accept only the euro as payment for his oil. This means that all the billions of dollars he was holding in reserve like an I.O.U. could now be called in by Mr. Hussein for payment. Thus we have one of the major factors of why the US went to war in Iraq, as the sanctions against Iraq were due to be lifted and the flow of Iraqi oil could continue at full speed, only in euros instead of dollars.
Now we have news of Syria snubbing the dollar, just another of a list of countries that the Bush administration has been pressuring, following Venezuela and Iran. At this point it would be fair to point out that Bush is not the one responsible for the dollar's loss of value, and that he's dealing with it the only way he knows how.
Eventually, if and when the dollar is replaced as the major reserve currency, all the countries that now hold dollars in reserve will send those dollars here, demanding payment. And so the foreclosure sale has begun. First, Bush has given away $7 billion in oil royalties to oil companies for exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Following that, Bush is planning on selling $800 millionof forest lands set aside as a legacy for our children and grandchildren.
Now the Department of Homeland Security has approved the sale of six major US ports to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates. This has created a bipartisan uproar in Congress as UAE was the operational and financial base for the alleged hijackers who carried out the 9/11 attacks. UAE was also a transfer point for smuggled nuclear components by a Pakastani scientist.
So, this is how it declines. Piece by piece our country is sold off to the highest bidder while our hope of manufacturing something to sell the world is traded off for tax breaks for billion dollar corporations and the blame is placed on the labor force that built this great country for wanting the dignity of making a living wage. The ones who children are now off fighting a war of conquest designed to insure that those who have profitted most from this system never have to face the consequences of their actions.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rumsfeld Admits Government Cluelessness and Incompetence

In an appearence Friday at the CFR, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the current administration has no clue how to win the hearts and minds of Muslims.
"Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but for the most part we-our country, our government has not adapted."
He then went on to state that the battle for public opinion is at least as important as the battles on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq.
"In some cases military public affairs officials have had little communications training and little, if any training in the timing of rapid response, and the realities of digital or broadcast media."
In other words, these guys are clowns with no fucking clue as to what they're doing. Hey let me give you a clue Dumsfeld, since you seem to be seriously lacking one, stop bombing the fuck out of their countries. I think that's a good way to sway Muslim public opinion towards America. Bombing the shit out of their countries and sending troops in to point guns at their families is like a backward step.
Another good idea is stop abusing "detainees". Rendition is still torture and it doesn't matter who we send them to do it, they are still doing it for us! Also, when you say that detainees are being trained to lie about mistreatment and torture, remember that these people have family back in Afghanistan and Iraq or where ever we snatched them from. When you call these prisoners of war, or, in Gonzalese, "enemy detainees", liars, you are saying all Muslims are liars. Remember how upset they were by those Danish cartoons (plus the three pictures the US threw in as a psyop to get support for our upcoming war in Iran)?
And another thing, when you tell lies, such as Saddam had WMD, or Saddam moved all his WMD to Syria, or Iran is building chemical weapons, while the average beer swilling brain damaged NASCAR watching Rush listening chemically imbalanced jackanape might believe, these people live there and know this just isn't true.Syria fought against Iraq in the first Gulf War, now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe that Saddam gave them his WMD to hold on to? Only the most deluded unthinking brainwashed Bush supporter believes that nonsense, and any reasoning mind knows this is bunk.
Of course, all of this is asking too much, and you know it. And I hardly think that you are too concerned with swaying the Muslim opinion. If you were, you wouldn't be building four new permanent bases in Iraq because there'd be no need for them. You would give those prisoners in Camp Delta at Guantanamo the benefit of a trial guaranteed under the Constitution. But mostly, you wouldn't be drawing up plans for invading Iran because they plan on switching to the euro (the real reason for the invasion)and try to work out a diplomatic solution. If only Bush hadn't appointed a bunch of incompetents to those positions.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last Words On Cheney Shooting?

(Editors Note: I put the question mark in the title because I feel that if I did conclude this, the National Enquirer will have a front page story on this tomorrow that will shed more light on the shooting. Then again, there are those right wing blogs that are still obsessing over the Vince Foster "suicide".

Today on the way to work, two separate radio stations were playing Bob (Walking 'Round In Women's Underwear)Rivers song parody, "Cheney's Got A Gun", proving once again that the MSM is trailing the blogs as Neil Shakespeare has been running a thread on this since Sunday.
Also another fact brought to light following Cheney's taking responsibility for his actions (kind of) and admitting to having one beer at lunch (which is what I would tell my dad as a teenager when I would come home plastered on a Saturday Night) is the fact that Texas authorities say Secret Service prevented them from interviewing Cheney after the incident. So much for law enforcement working together (or the 14th Amendment for that matter).
Still, the biggest question in my mind is why these two gentlemen were out hunting with two women who weren't their wives. In my mind the shooting and the drinking question are a diversion from this fact.Tom Peyer:Superfrankenstein has some fairly incriminating pictures of Cheney and Ms. Armstrong together. It would seem that the mountain of morals and integrity that Bush promised us in 2000 never existed in the first place.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"They Hate Us Because We Are Free And They Are Not"

Once again proving they are utterly clueless, the Bush administration, whose idea of democracy is voting in their people, has devised a plan to destabilize the Palestinian government. The PA, if you can recall, (if your beersoaked television affected short term memory lets you) was won in the last elections by Hamas, the terrorist organization set up by the Israeli government to be a religious alternative to the secular PLO. Fatah, the US backed puppets, lost, most likely because they were US backed puppets. So rather than suck it in and accept the fact that many Palestinians, acting as free citizens, voted for a party that used to be a terrorist organization, the Bush administration shows it's utter contempt for freedom by trying to destabilize the government the people voted for. Do you think maybe it's shenanigans like this that cause the US to be so hated in the Middle East?
Now, if I were the Bush administration, I would be trying to acheive a dialogue with Hamas, and working together, maybe they would stop their prior action of suicide bombing that had made Hamas the scourge of the world. Respect them, and by doing that, respecting the Palestinians and they choice they have made as well, and you might have a chance of working out the problems that have plagued Palestine since it was split in two to create the state of Israel.
Anyway, the Bush administration plan is to cut off funding for the PA, as well as pressuring world leaders to do the same. This would cause hardship amongst the Palestinians and Mahmoud Abbas would have no choice but to call for new elections. Does anyone see anything right with this? Is this going to create allies of the Palestinian people? Is this the right step towards fighting terrorism?
That's right! Bush doesn't actually want an end to terrorism, he wants more and more of it so he can use it to justify even more and more wars and Constitutional abuses! Hamas might want Israel to actually follow UN resolutions that would divide "God's Country" (I thought that was the US) severely irking "Pat" Robertson and the religious right who are itching for the rapture. Irk "Pat", and he may call for God to take you out (and we know how close to death Cheney is anyway. How close? So close he has to travel with a medical team in case his ticker skips a beat) or smite you.
So the next time some assclown tells you they hate us because we are free and they are not, remember who's fault that is.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bloodthirsty Veep "Accidentally" Shoots Fellow Hunter

Proving once again that nothing stands in the way of his quarry, whether it be a fellow hunter or a sovereign nation, Vice President Dick (Head) Cheney today "accidentally" shot fellow hunter Harry Whittington as Cheney picked out a quail from a covey that was in flight and followed it inflight and shot.
Fortunately for Whittington Cheney always has a lot of medical personnel around him at all times, in case he knees fill up with fluid, or needs another blood transfusion allowing him to cheat death for another month or so. The medical team attended to Whittington until emergency services could arrive.
A spokesperson for Cheney said the Vice President had become trigger happy as of late being almost three years since he started a war. Also the prospect of having to wait for sufficient reason before bombing Iran had made the Veep "edgy".
Whittington is expected to recover from his wounds, although his $11 million worth of Travis (TX) County property, the center of condemnation battle with the city of Austin was seized by the city under current eminent domain rules and is scheduled to be demolished. The demolition contract went to a subsidiary of Halliburton.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Disappointing Democrats Deliver Again

Proving once again that party loyalty affects the reasoning part of the brain, the Democrats are introducing legislation, HR 4694 that will cut private funding for candidates running for House seats. It will also mandate public funds for candidates of the "two major parties" (there are two major parties?)Let me see, corruption, cronyism, incompetence and crimes being committed by the Republicans in Washington DC and this is the best they can do?
Obviously, the Democrats are feeling threatened and know they can no longer hold on to their base as they are no longer an opposition, party, merely a mirror of the Republicants. Even 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports the war in Iraq, even when a majority of Americans no longer do. So rather than act like an opposition party, the Democraps are in a power grab to hang onto what little they have left by being as party oriented as the Republicans.
It would be cynical to think that the Democrats are anxious to introduce legislation they know the Republicans will vote on. This will give the appearance of Congress not being so partisan. And while I may not care too much for the Democrats, it would be nice to see the Democrats regain control of Congress, so that if they didn't start impeachment proceedings, at least they may stop this bill from being passed. But, once again, we're talking about the Democrats, and one thing they never fail to deliver, it's disappointment.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Poll Shows Growing Number of Americans Are Fucking Idiots

In a new AP/Ipsos poll, 48 percent of Americans now support Bush's illegal wiretapping and surveillance, up from forty two percent last month. This is due in part to a propaganda campaign played throughout the corporate media preying on people's ignorance of the law and their fears of a terrorist attack. What wasn't divulged was that Bush was spying on antiwar protestors and religious groups such as the Quakers.
Seizing the momentum, Bush used a speech today to tout the stop of a terrorist attack in 2002 that would have operatives fly airplanes in to the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. The plot was stopped when an alQaeda operative was arrested by a Southeast Asian nation. How any of this actually ties in to the illegal campaign to spy on Americans was not made clear, but Bush invoked September 11 and Osama Bin Laden enough times to create the fear necessary to cloud the judgement of brainwashed Americans across the country.
The Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles complained that this was the first time he learned of this watching Bush's remarks on TV, but Press Secretary said the White House notified American officials before going public with this story, who were grateful to use the opportunity to exploit this matter for political gain.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Someone Get Bush a Gross Of Toilet Paper.........

.......so he'll stop wiping his ass on the Constitution. Continuing on in his one man crusade against the bill of rights, the Justice Depatment said Bush may have the authority to order assassinations in the US . No trial, no due process, just you're a terrorist and *blam* , you're dead. It's scary to think what other powers Bush may be granted by Alberto Gonzales because Bush is a war president. Torture, spying on citizens, and now assassination. Of course, after the power to take the life of someone living in the US, there's not a lot more he can't do.
Well, we are a penstroke away from being rounded up into FEMA detention camps , should Bush decide it necessary. And given the rampant paranoia in the White House, plummeting poll numbers could be reason enough.
Even some in his own party are saying Bush's wiretapping violated the law. Some conservatives are saying the reason Bush skirted the law is because he was abusing it to gather information to use for blackmail purposes. Ever wonder why the Democrats sit quietly while Bush runs rampant over our rights? Ever wonder why the media violates the public trust by becoming an arm of the Bush propaganda machine?
Unfortunately, the people who can make the most change are too brainwashed to do so. They work hard all day and refuse to get off their asses once they've been planted in front of the television. They'll talk more about the wonderful commercials they watched last night during the Super Bowl than they will about the abuses of the Bush administration. They're more concerned about who will make it on to American Idol than than they are about how they are losing their rights as Americans. They trust the corporate media when they say everything's all right while Bush flushes that turd stained "Godamned piece of paper" down the toilet.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wacky War Plans of Bush and Blair

According to a leaked British memo, Tony Blair and George W (w stands for WWIII)Bush floated the idea of painting a US fighter jet in UN colors and flying it over Iraq, in hopes that Saddam would shoot it down, thereby giving them the justification for the invasion of Iraq. This was probably before the forged Niger "yellow cake" documents fell into their laps through Larry Franklin and his friends at AIPAC. If they had only spent as much of an effort in planning the invasion as they did in finding a reason for it.
And it seems that if they seemed so eager to start a war in Iraq, why not look beyond that to Afghanistan? That invasion was in the planning stages six months before 9/11, what sort of deception might they use to justify that invasion? If a stray aircraft that accidentally wandered into the airspace over George W's Crawford Ranch while he was there this weekend could be forced to land by fighter jets, why couldn't hijacked planes be forced to land on 9/11? (This whole incident is reminiscent of the USS Liberty Affair, where unmarked Israeli fighter jets attacked an American Naval radio ship monitoring communications during the Six Day War in 1967 in an attempt to bring the US into the war on Israel's side)
The Bush administration, mired in corruption and practiced in deception, is now looking to invade Iran, which is building a nuclear power plant. How many lies will it spread to the American people in order to start this war, which like Afghanistan and Iraq, are all about the oil. Iran plans on exchanging it's oil for euros in March, once that happens, this supposed booming economy that we have will disappear because all those dollars sitting in foreign banks are worthless if any of these countries should try to exchange them for euros.
The sad truth is the average American is ill-informed. The corporate media is owned by people whose wealth is all in dollars. It's just as beneficial for them to continue the charade as it is for the Bush administration and Congress. So the lies being fed to the flag waving, beer swilling, brain damaged chemically imbalanced jackanapes are more convenient to them than actually reading and finding out the truth. They are the great American shame, for every time it's been pointed out that Bush is lying to them, the accept theold lie and believe the new one. Fool me once........

Saturday, February 04, 2006

How Can You Not Love This Guy?

Blognonymous has an essay contest entitled "Why I Love Our President", but there are just so many reasons, I thought it best to illustrate each point.

He is a man of clear vision

Who knows where he is going,

a man who knows what needs to be done in a moment of national crisis,

while exhibiting Christian morals and values.

In short, he is everything we could want or need from a leader. How could you not love this guy?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

alQaeda Calling?

The other night, in his State of the Union address, President George W (W stands for wash out) Bush called on Congress to act in " a spirit of goodwill and respect for one another-and I will do my part". Of course now, after the cameras are put away and a great number of Americans are stocking up on beer for the Super Bowl, Bush is refusing to release it's classified legal opinions on President Bush's domestic spying program, prefering instead to follow "the road of isolationism and protectionism" which "may seem broad and inviting-yet it ends in danger". Danger for the Constitution.
Today, I received a phone call, a wrong number from someone speaking a language I was unfamiliar with. Then I began to wonder: what if it was alQaeda calling, and got me by mistake? I mean suppose some Islamo-fascist has fat fingers and hits a seven instead of a six, and you wind up on the Bush administration's wire tap list? This is the thought that has me crouching behind my computer desk right now, watching the door for the jackbooted thugs of the US government to kick my door in and haul me away and detain me and torture me. (That would make it the second worst birthday I ever had).
I suppose it would be unfair of me to hold Bush to everything he stated the other night. After all, he didn't write it and he didn't mean it. It was all just election year posturing, with Bush breaking his previous record of going against his words by having Cindy Sheehan hauled off before he even got the chance to utter the words "Democracies...respect the rights of their citizens".
Which is a clear indication of #2 on this list