Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bloodthirsty Veep "Accidentally" Shoots Fellow Hunter

Proving once again that nothing stands in the way of his quarry, whether it be a fellow hunter or a sovereign nation, Vice President Dick (Head) Cheney today "accidentally" shot fellow hunter Harry Whittington as Cheney picked out a quail from a covey that was in flight and followed it inflight and shot.
Fortunately for Whittington Cheney always has a lot of medical personnel around him at all times, in case he knees fill up with fluid, or needs another blood transfusion allowing him to cheat death for another month or so. The medical team attended to Whittington until emergency services could arrive.
A spokesperson for Cheney said the Vice President had become trigger happy as of late being almost three years since he started a war. Also the prospect of having to wait for sufficient reason before bombing Iran had made the Veep "edgy".
Whittington is expected to recover from his wounds, although his $11 million worth of Travis (TX) County property, the center of condemnation battle with the city of Austin was seized by the city under current eminent domain rules and is scheduled to be demolished. The demolition contract went to a subsidiary of Halliburton.


Lily said...

OH I love eminent domain battles... I waited to see if you'd post on this at the other blog, had a graphic ready to give you. But I see you've done it here, good for you. Whatta jerk.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Aha! That eminent domain battle could be 'the motive'. And here I thought it was because Cheney was jealous that Whittington was having an affair with his own personal squeeze, 'that woman, Ms. Armstrong'...

Lew Scannon said...

I almost did post this there, but didn't know if your were going to pt something about it. Now I'm kicking myself because I didn't.
Ms. Armstrong and Cheney? Is that why he keeps a medical team around, he doesn't want to go out like Nelson Rockefeller?

Lily said...

I know you are home more on weekends, and so I don't post unless the day is waning (like last night) so as not to pre-empt something you might be working on. I'm just trying to be courteous. I figure it works out because I am usually very busy on weekends and you are usually tired during the week. Doesn't have to be that way.

Good post at unSpunblog on Seventies culture by Big Daddy here

Wadena said...

Amazing. These bastard Republicans will do anything to get Iraq off the front pages.....even shoot each other.

I wonder how they choose who gets shot?

It would have been a FAR more dominating storty and had more legs if Cheney had been the one to get shot.....guess he wasn't willing to "bite the bullet."


Kathleen Callon said...

... and a company involved with the desecration at Funeralgate got a no-bid contract to take care of the fatalities in Louisiana.

Did you see he had a heart attack?

Lew Scannon said...

Caused by a pellet of birdshot blocking an artery.How will they spin this in to no big deal? (oh yeah, they blame Whittington for Cheney's inability to follow correct hunting procedures)

sideshow bob said...

I would feel sorry for the guy if he wasn't so stupid as to go hunting with Dick.