Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"They Hate Us Because We Are Free And They Are Not"

Once again proving they are utterly clueless, the Bush administration, whose idea of democracy is voting in their people, has devised a plan to destabilize the Palestinian government. The PA, if you can recall, (if your beersoaked television affected short term memory lets you) was won in the last elections by Hamas, the terrorist organization set up by the Israeli government to be a religious alternative to the secular PLO. Fatah, the US backed puppets, lost, most likely because they were US backed puppets. So rather than suck it in and accept the fact that many Palestinians, acting as free citizens, voted for a party that used to be a terrorist organization, the Bush administration shows it's utter contempt for freedom by trying to destabilize the government the people voted for. Do you think maybe it's shenanigans like this that cause the US to be so hated in the Middle East?
Now, if I were the Bush administration, I would be trying to acheive a dialogue with Hamas, and working together, maybe they would stop their prior action of suicide bombing that had made Hamas the scourge of the world. Respect them, and by doing that, respecting the Palestinians and they choice they have made as well, and you might have a chance of working out the problems that have plagued Palestine since it was split in two to create the state of Israel.
Anyway, the Bush administration plan is to cut off funding for the PA, as well as pressuring world leaders to do the same. This would cause hardship amongst the Palestinians and Mahmoud Abbas would have no choice but to call for new elections. Does anyone see anything right with this? Is this going to create allies of the Palestinian people? Is this the right step towards fighting terrorism?
That's right! Bush doesn't actually want an end to terrorism, he wants more and more of it so he can use it to justify even more and more wars and Constitutional abuses! Hamas might want Israel to actually follow UN resolutions that would divide "God's Country" (I thought that was the US) severely irking "Pat" Robertson and the religious right who are itching for the rapture. Irk "Pat", and he may call for God to take you out (and we know how close to death Cheney is anyway. How close? So close he has to travel with a medical team in case his ticker skips a beat) or smite you.
So the next time some assclown tells you they hate us because we are free and they are not, remember who's fault that is.


Anonymous said...

You are the definition of an "assclown".

Lew Scannon said...

No, an assclown is omeone who when faced with facts they can't dispute, resort to childish name calling. Sound familiar?

sideshow bob said...

Hmmm...someone too chicken to reveal their identity issuing insults...is that you , Karl Rove?

Kvatch said...

You are the definition of an "assclown".

But at least Lew isn't an anonymous coward.

Now with that out of the way... Spent millions of USAID money trying to prevent Hamas getting into office, now we'll spend more to ouster them. No wonder were looking to have another record deficit yaer.

michael the tubthumper said...

great post.

but since he said you were an 'assclown' i think the case is made and i have to stop coming here

mikevotes said...

Thanks for the link.

I have reciprocated.

And, I'd jump to your defense, but it looks like you've already got plenty of cover.

Also, what Kvatch said. The US poured at least two million dollars over the table in the last days of the election to try to keep Hamas out.

Diplomacy is about working with governments you don't like and don't think are best for the world. There are several countries that feel that way about the US after all.


Lily said...

Recall when Dean suggested we 'talk' to Hamas? The fury!

Sounds like a great strategy we have going.

Ron Nasty said...

We tried blowin' them fuckers up, and theyn tried blowin' themselves up. Maybe they aught to sit around with some Jack daniels and shoot the shit. I bet they'd find out they both hate them Jews. I know that Robertson fucker do.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, no, I think they hate us cuz we're prettier than them. Yup. I'm sure that's it. Yes, I know that sounds like something a 12 year old would say, but so does 'they just hate us because we have democracy and they don't!'

Lew Scannon said...

Is that what the burkas are for?