Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last Words On Cheney Shooting?

(Editors Note: I put the question mark in the title because I feel that if I did conclude this, the National Enquirer will have a front page story on this tomorrow that will shed more light on the shooting. Then again, there are those right wing blogs that are still obsessing over the Vince Foster "suicide".

Today on the way to work, two separate radio stations were playing Bob (Walking 'Round In Women's Underwear)Rivers song parody, "Cheney's Got A Gun", proving once again that the MSM is trailing the blogs as Neil Shakespeare has been running a thread on this since Sunday.
Also another fact brought to light following Cheney's taking responsibility for his actions (kind of) and admitting to having one beer at lunch (which is what I would tell my dad as a teenager when I would come home plastered on a Saturday Night) is the fact that Texas authorities say Secret Service prevented them from interviewing Cheney after the incident. So much for law enforcement working together (or the 14th Amendment for that matter).
Still, the biggest question in my mind is why these two gentlemen were out hunting with two women who weren't their wives. In my mind the shooting and the drinking question are a diversion from this fact.Tom Peyer:Superfrankenstein has some fairly incriminating pictures of Cheney and Ms. Armstrong together. It would seem that the mountain of morals and integrity that Bush promised us in 2000 never existed in the first place.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Oh yeah. We're talkin' hoochiecoochie here for sure! And it is truly amazing how the MSM doesn't touch it! Hey, c'mon! Let's have some semen samples!

Lew Scannon said...

Hey! Congrats on scooping theMSM with your parody. At last two radio sations played it this morning an each time they did, I thought, "Neil Shakespeare".
And i think the whole drunk thing is a distraction from th fact that these two maried men were out "hunting"(from a car?) with twop women who weren't there wives. I'll bet lynne's giving Dick the silent treatment now.

RichM said...

Lew, Cheney, with the heart condition he has probably could not get it up on demand if his life depended on it. Now the ladies may be impressed with his big unit (remember the picture of him sitting on the bench with with the outline of junior and the twins caught for all to see?)but Mr. Happy just does not work for the Dickster when he wants him to. I mean when he gets up in the morning and once in a month Mr. Happy is giving him the salute he just better not waste it because who knows when next he will get the opportunity. Never can tell what other kinky habits he may have though to get his kicks.

Also while surfing about I came across Joe Scarborough doing and interview of Al Franken. And Al said you know if you shoot your buddy and he is being taken to the hospital wouldn't you be going too just as a matter of courtesy and concern? Watch it. Makes you wonder some more.

Lily said...

Dammit- I missed junior and the twins??

I would have downloaded THAT puppy.

Kathleen Callon said...

Saw your comment at Delilah's. Are you serious about two women being with them? Is there a link?

Wadena said...

It seems that in these political tempests people are often heard bewailing the fact that they can't find a smoking gun.

Here we have Cheney caught HOLDING a smoking gun and STILL can't nail him for anything.

So much for smoking's frustrating to the extreme (you don't even have to listen closely on a still night to hear the wailing of the moonbats and the gnashing of their teeth).

You know....except for in Texas....there really aren't many women who hunt anymore. It is truely difficult to find a woman (wife, concubine or single) to go hunting with.

And.....since this was a party of ten in fairly open country with the men being mostly senior citizens in less than robust health....the possibility that there was a dripping gun seems fairly remote.

lily said...

A dripping gun! There's definitely a dark side to Wadena! However subtle.

Must be all the neutering...

sideshow bob said...

Maybe not everyone is up on the latest scientific news, but they have magic boner pills now. I mean, Hugh Hefner is 15 years older than Cheney, and he still has sex...with more than one girl at time no less. At that to the testosterone that gets flowing from holding a gun and shooting the most dangerous game, Man, and you've got a volcanic libido ready to blow. Unfortunately, Cheney appears to suffer from premature trigeration...poor guy.

And when I hear people say they voted for Bush because of his strong morals, it makes me want to kick baby puppies whose eyes haven't even opened yet through cinderblock walls!

That Damned Jezebel said...

I heard wailing moonbats as well...or maybe they were cats in heat?

Wadena said...

Probably both.

However, I am far more moonbat than in heat.

That damned neutering again!