Monday, February 06, 2006

Someone Get Bush a Gross Of Toilet Paper......... he'll stop wiping his ass on the Constitution. Continuing on in his one man crusade against the bill of rights, the Justice Depatment said Bush may have the authority to order assassinations in the US . No trial, no due process, just you're a terrorist and *blam* , you're dead. It's scary to think what other powers Bush may be granted by Alberto Gonzales because Bush is a war president. Torture, spying on citizens, and now assassination. Of course, after the power to take the life of someone living in the US, there's not a lot more he can't do.
Well, we are a penstroke away from being rounded up into FEMA detention camps , should Bush decide it necessary. And given the rampant paranoia in the White House, plummeting poll numbers could be reason enough.
Even some in his own party are saying Bush's wiretapping violated the law. Some conservatives are saying the reason Bush skirted the law is because he was abusing it to gather information to use for blackmail purposes. Ever wonder why the Democrats sit quietly while Bush runs rampant over our rights? Ever wonder why the media violates the public trust by becoming an arm of the Bush propaganda machine?
Unfortunately, the people who can make the most change are too brainwashed to do so. They work hard all day and refuse to get off their asses once they've been planted in front of the television. They'll talk more about the wonderful commercials they watched last night during the Super Bowl than they will about the abuses of the Bush administration. They're more concerned about who will make it on to American Idol than than they are about how they are losing their rights as Americans. They trust the corporate media when they say everything's all right while Bush flushes that turd stained "Godamned piece of paper" down the toilet.


lily said...

OH, Lew! The imagery! Not during lunch hour!

No. They don't care, for the most part. We scramble around trying to make people care. But end up talking most often with each other, the only folks around during prime time tv.

Lew Scannon said...

After I posted this, in the minutes before I dropped off to sleep, I had the wonderful idea of having everyone who thinks Bush is abusing his power to mail the White House a package of toilet paper with a note asking Bush to stop using the Constitution. It would be our way of TPing the White House. Of course, when I awoke, I realized jow silly an idea this was.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

He already has this kind of power. Except why waste court time? His new power is dynamic. It's called the NEW military industrial complex.

While the US is bound to the Warsaw Pact, his little croonies down at Halliburtion and KPR can shoot the hell out of anyone and are not held to the standard that the US Army is because it was signed with the Gov't, not contractors. The ability to bring them to court or punish them is lost. Pure genius on the part of sociopaths like Rove and Cheney.

The beauty of contractors who are paid for and double paid for (Thanks Cheney) on our tax payer dollars is realized, again and again!

michael the tubthumper said...

i don't know how many times i have posted this as a comment but here we go again....

i am sorry to report that this business is not confined to the US

old mother reagan said...

Tubthumper: reality check/

here's another:

"held to the standard that the US Army is" Adorable girlfriend, you ARE adorable but I beg to differ. We violate the articles of geneva, have engaged in pre-emptive war, and are in violation of the UN. We have used chemical weapons and we have refused to participate in nuclear non-proliferation. We have other countries torture on our behalf and we have historically supported dictators with human rights abuses.

Um, what were those standards again?

Do they cover the use of white phosphorous and depleted uranium on civilians? Selling weapons illegally to rebel regimes? Using oppressive administrations to fight our enemies?

Do these standards include turning our back on Geneva's provision for intervention in genocide in the Sudan?

Where can these be found, these standards? Rummy's latest memo?