Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three Months Is Like A Lifetime on the 'Net

When did Bush bashin' become all the fashion?

Seriously, I have spent the last three months disconnected from the web (due to corporate hostility towards those who choose to live a non-consumerist lifestyle), much of it spent vegetating, actually having Favorite shows!!! In the world of television (broadcast television, alas, soon to be swept away by HD-TV so that corporate America can sell more airtime to imbeciles who feel it necessary to hold conversations at supermarkets. Yay technological advancement!!) George W Bush rarely exists, except as a target for jokes for those who wouldn't have had the temerity to make them two years ago. The war in Iraq is never discussed, except when the networks feel it necessary to trot out the troops to thank them for fighting a war that has long lost it's reason.
The yellow ribbon magnets have all faded, and are no longer being offered at any store I shop at. (Which is like, two or three. Maybe they sell them at Wal-Mart, right next to the new Eagles album, er, CD, that I will never purchase, because I will never set foot in such a den of evil)
On television, everybody is dancing because they got a new cell phone, floor cleaner, moisturizer, or air freshener, and their whole life has vastly improved so much that they can barely contain their glee at being able to be free to purchase these items because our soldiers are over in Iraq, fighting non--existant terrorists to give them the chance to dance with glee because they have a new deodorant. Sure, they probably don't have fresh water or electricity 24/7, but they can always ululate because Allah has provided them with a cell phone in their choice of colors. Not a rainbow of colors, but three, which is three more choices than they had before.
So anyway. now I'm back. It may take a while for me to get back up to speed, having had my head filled with misinformation for the last three months. And hopefully, I will reacquaint myself with all my old friends soon (the ones still out there). And special thanks to the friend who helped hook me up with my new ISP.