Sunday, May 29, 2005

Must be A Republican

This is something that has been on my mind for a while and I thought I'd just get it off my chest. When Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading, rather than appeal it, she chose to take personal responsibility and serve her sentence, light as it was. Now I look at someone like Ken Lay, and wonder, do you think he'll ever see the inside of a courtroom, let alone the inside of a country club prison? Compare the two: Martha Stewart sold stock and pocketed $54,000, Ken Lay walked away with millions. Martha Stewart is FOB, Ken Lay had a desk at the White House. So this rationalization, weak as it may be, leads me to believe that there are a number of crimes yet unsolved that the mainstream media chooses to ignore that must have been perpetrated by Republicans.
Like the Anthrax letters. How obvious do you have to be? I mean they sent it to Tom Daschle, a Democrat. Now if the terrorists really wanted to hurt our nation, do you think he'd send it to the leader of the most spineless political party in the world? They know what lab it came from, they have video of an unauthorized entry at that lab, they tried to railroad some other guy, the only answer? Must be a Republican.
In the weeks before 9-11, some one was trading a lot of put options on airline stock that happened to be affected by the events on that horrible day. Since you can not buy stocks anonymously, the identity of this person is known. This person, who was banking on a national tragedy, had advanced knowledge of the attacks, thereby making him an accomplice to the most deadly day in the history of our country. Yet not only has this person not been named, they have not even been arrested. Why? Must be a Republican.
I would almost dare to say that 9-11 hijackers were Republican, since both Bush and Cheney resisted any investigation in to the whole matter, but I know that Republicans only believe in a cause enough to have someone else die for it, they would never die for it themselves.
Now we have a President who lied to Congress, and deliberately had intelligence fixed to support those lies. Illegally invaded another country, violating the constitution as well as international law. Where's the impeachment like Ol' Slick Willie got for lying? Oh yeah, I forgot, Bush is a Republican.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Got The Latest Thing?

Have you got the latest thing? It's the greatest thing and be the first on your block to get one before it gets passe' and all your neighbors sell theirs at a garage sale next summer because it was replaced by a newer improved thing.
We all need these things and what self-respecting American would be with out one? How does it feel to be the only American not driving around talking on your cell phone? While the rest are driving around engrossed in some deep conversation about the latest development in the Michael Jackson case, you have to sit there and just drive. Cel phones are cheaper than ever these days, why don't you have one yet? Now you can send pictures too!
When you were a kid, you had to have the latest toy, because they made it appear so wonderful in advertising that you would just die if you didn't get one. Your parents didn't understand that and now you've grown up and you have to have it all. And why not? What's wrong with driving around in a Hummer? Bad ass boy have bad ass toys as the bumper sticker says. Of course, if you're driving around in a vehicle that costs $60,000 and you still call yourself a boy, here's a clue: GROW UP! Be a man! Men don't play with toys, children do. Men are not judged by their possesions, they're judged by their character. Which is the problem with this country. Too many grown up males are afraid to be men. Being a man means you're old and being old is not for you if you're young at heart.
So go out and buy a fuel leaking water polluting wave runner. You're no tree hugger. Besides, President Gasman just conquered Iraq, so we'll have plenty of cheap oil, for at least fifty years and then you really be old and won't have the desire to play with your toys any more, which is okay because there won't be any oil left then anyway.
It's like P T Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute, so join the club and get the latest thing before your neighbor does, or worse yet, when they become obsolete.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

My taxes support our troops

I've been struck with awe at an amazing coincidence. As I drive about, I've noticed that all the cars sporting the "Support Our Troops" ribbons (I wonder where that money goes) also still sport their "W '04" stickers. Somewhere else, they may have their flag decal. Good patriotic Americans. Yet when it comes to taxes, these are the same people who gripe the most! I guess they feel they don't owe anything to the land of opportunity, no duty to provide for the common defense, as if they can just take what they need from this country and not give any thing back. And it's not like they can claim taxation without representation! Now, I don't make a lot of money. I know that some day when I do, I'll be happy, no, proud to pay a lot of taxes. I just ask that my tax monies not be used to fund illegal wars of conquest. I'd rather pay $22 Billion to eliminate poverty in this country, or to be put towards the national debt, than to pay to Halliburton in no-bid contracts to put back together a country that we shouldn't have blown apart in the first place.
Then these very same flag waving America Firsters have no problem with American manufacturing jobs being moved across the border. Or to China. Look at how they solved their labor problem. The well compensated American worker was the backbone of the consumer driven economic booms in this country. Now all those jobs are going. And the American worker is taking the blame, because they all want to be "rich". Well, if a doctor, making $350,000 a year doesn't consider themselves "rich", then how can a worker who wants to make $40,000 be getting rich? The workers only want to be able to take care of their families and enjoy some of the benefits of living in the greatest country in the world.
What I really don't get is how Bush supporters can claim he supports our troops when he and the Republicans slashed VA funding. These are our troops, some of them having lost something defending our flag, and now the Republicans want to take from them benefits they rightfully earned fighting in the wars that Bush and Company were too chicken to fight.
No, if you really supported our troops, you would ask that our leaders never send them off to fight other peoples wars. Or fight illegal wars of conquest.
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Monday, May 16, 2005


Prepare yourself, people. Another terrorist attack is on the way. How do I know this? Examine the facts:
Fact 1: George W Bush's approval rating is falling to new lows. A poll in the Minnesota Star Tribune puts his rating at 42%, almost five points lower than it was on September 10, 2001. Now that Tom Ridge has admitted that the terror levels were raised not to alert the public, but to bolster Bush's rating, Bush will need a real attack to get them numbers up to post-9/11 numbers.
Fact 2: A number of businesses are planning lay-offs soon. In the weeks preceeding 9/11, the company where I was employed had been talking massive lay-offs in September. When they came, two weeks after 9/11, we were told that business was slow because of 9/11. Even though they had been planning the job cuts all summer long. Hard to get pissed off about losing your job when you're waving a flag.
Fact 3: Iran. The Neocons in the Bush administration are just drooling at the mouth to send your children to die in Iran.As you read this, our Army is planning a military exercise on the northern Iranian border, amassing large numbers of troops. Since the last attempt to sway the masses to get behind the (illegal) invasion of Iraq has been proven to be false, they really need a reason that the sheeple can get behind. Hey! We were planning the invasion of Iraq since Bush stole the office and were planning an invasion of Afghanistan six months before 9/11. Another terrorist attack will happen and will be linked to Iran through al-quieda.
Fact 4:Media distractions. In the months preceeding 9/11, the media was all Gary Condit/Chandra Levy all the time. No stories about the attorney general being taken off commercial airflights, no story of how the order to intercept hijackers was transferred from NORAD to Donald Rumsfeld in June 2001. Now examine the media's attempt to distract the public again. Terry Schiavo. "Runaway Bride". Pay no attention to the war mongers in the White House.
And there you have it. Rest assured, when it does happen, Iran will be blamed, and the flag wavers will all fall in line.

Friday, May 13, 2005

What lies for Iran?

During the build up of propaganda leading up to our illegal conquest of Iraq, a number of lies were passed off as truth. One lie that sticks out in my head is the "Saddam gassed his own people" (the Kurds). At the time that it happened, 1988, then Secretary of State James Baker III absolved Saddam of any wrong doing. The Kurdish village in question was located on the border between Iraq and Iran, who were at war with each other at the time. Iraqi troops were stationed in the village when it was invaded by Iran and as they were forced out, they tossed mustard gas at the Iranians as they entered the village. The tide turned and with re-enforcements the Iraqis drove the Iranians back out of the village. As the Iranians fled, they tossed cyanide gas bombs in the village. The bodies of the dead showed all the effects of being poisoned by the cyanide gas, which acts differently than mustard gas. Still, in a bid to sway the American people, the present administration blamed this on Saddam.
Now I wonder, with the push the get the sheeple behind another illegal war of conquest, will the Bush administration use this again to sway the sheeple? Instead of blaming Iraq, will they now blame Iran? More disturbing, will the people fall for it?