Friday, May 13, 2005

What lies for Iran?

During the build up of propaganda leading up to our illegal conquest of Iraq, a number of lies were passed off as truth. One lie that sticks out in my head is the "Saddam gassed his own people" (the Kurds). At the time that it happened, 1988, then Secretary of State James Baker III absolved Saddam of any wrong doing. The Kurdish village in question was located on the border between Iraq and Iran, who were at war with each other at the time. Iraqi troops were stationed in the village when it was invaded by Iran and as they were forced out, they tossed mustard gas at the Iranians as they entered the village. The tide turned and with re-enforcements the Iraqis drove the Iranians back out of the village. As the Iranians fled, they tossed cyanide gas bombs in the village. The bodies of the dead showed all the effects of being poisoned by the cyanide gas, which acts differently than mustard gas. Still, in a bid to sway the American people, the present administration blamed this on Saddam.
Now I wonder, with the push the get the sheeple behind another illegal war of conquest, will the Bush administration use this again to sway the sheeple? Instead of blaming Iraq, will they now blame Iran? More disturbing, will the people fall for it?

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