Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To End The "Stealth Jihad"

I think I was vaguely aware of this but once again, to reiterate, the Muslims are taking over the country! They have one of their own, a secret Muslim fascist communist socialist, as president, and now they're taking over everything else. I know they took over a dollar store down the street, and possibly a corner gas station.
Do I sound paranoid? Probably, but not as paranoid as one Canyon Clowdus, a candidate for congress from Texas (of course! All the wing nuts with funny names are from Texas). Mr Clowdus feels we are experiencing a "creeping sharia" and a "stealth jihad" in this country, and so he wants to bar any more Muslim immigrants from entering this country. Sure, we can stop more from entering the country, but what to do to protect our country from being overrun by this whole "creeping sharia" thing?
What we need is a law, some sort of Constitutional amendment, that would provide for the prevention of establishing laws based on one's own personal beliefs. That would certainly halt the stealth jihad we as Americans are experiencing right now. Of course, that would mean that Mr. Clowdus wouldn't be able to put his God back in government either, but it's all a small price to pay to protect us from the creeping sharia we are experiencing now, wouldn't it? Besides, I don't believe there ever was a time when there was a "God" in our government.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Tale Of Two Nuclear Programs

The Obama administration has been making much political hay played up for the propaganda push in the press for an attack against Iran because of the revelation that Iran has a secret nuclear facility. Not any more they don't. But Iran has already agreed to open the site up for inspection by the IAEA. It's sole purpose is not a nuclear weapons facility, but is another nuclear enrichment site for it's reactor at Bushehr.
President Obama has accused Iran of "breaking rules that all nations must follow". All nations?
No, there is one nation that has nuclear weapons and has refused calls for it to sign the NPT and open their nuclear sites up for inspection. This nation of moochers has attacked a US naval ship and yet still receives billions of dollars in aid from the US annually. That's enough to fund health care for every American citizen. Meanwhile, this nation commits war crimes and is violation of numerous UN resolutions, and yet still has the audacity to cal for war against the "mad" regime in Iran. (By US forces, of course.)
So why are we planning to attack one regime for obeying international law when another flaunts that very same law?
One word:oil.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One More Time And I'll Be Marching With The Teabaggers

When then-President Bush announced the Wall Street bailout, I was very much opposed to it. These "free-market" devotees should practice what they preach, and if the market couldn't support them, they deserved to go under.
When the automakers bailout came out, I had mixed feelings, being from Michigan where almost every other person (an exaggeration) is involved in the auto industry. But in the end, anyone with enough foresight could have seen this coming when many jobs in the auto industry were shipped to Mexico and Canada. (that whole NAFTA thing) The service industry jobs lauded to replace manufacturing don't pay enough for people to afford $25,000 cars.
Now, they want to bailout newspapers. This is too much.
On any day in the fair city of Grand Rapids, you can walk into your local supermarket, and see a representative of the Grand Rapids Press, standing at a lectern, ready to sign you up for delivery and hand you your free copy of the Press. There aren't many takers, as the copy given you is fresh out of coupons and is all content-if you can call wire service reports and local sports scores news. I don't know how good your local paper is, but here, in the heart of Conservia, it plain sucks.
On January 15, 2003, when protesters around the globe gathered to protest the US intentions on invading Iraq, the Press gave it a tiny square on the back of page one. In the meanwhile, the local Clear Channel gathering to "support our troops" got the full front page of the Metro section.Liberal media bias, no doubt.
I finally gave up on the Press when, after having been banned from submitting letters to the editorial page, I submitted one using a pseudonym in 2005. In the letter, I referenced the Downing Street Memo, or Minutes, as they are known in the UK. A damning piece of evidence that stated that "....the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy..." of invasion for Iraq. You know, the forged Yellowcake Uranium documents from Nigeria, the weather balloon station portrayed as a mobile chemical weapons lab, etc, etc. I received, later that day, a request from the editor of the paper of a link to this "memo", which should have been front page news, but, and this is something for you Teabaggers to keep in mind, dissent against the Bush regime was akin to treason, and exposing the lies they perpetrated was tantamount to sedition. Can't let the people know they're sending their children over there to die for a lie.
So now I can add this to the growing list of things my tax dollars going for that I oppose. The endless quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, the upcoming excursions into Iran and Pakistan, bailouts for billionaires, and now propping up the propaganda. Fuck them all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Republicans want To Kill Net Neutrality. I Wonder Why. (No, I Don't)

There is no blog topic more unglamorous than Net neutrality. But, it is an important one. Net Neutrality is the notion that a neutral broadband network is one that is free of restrictions on content, sites, or platforms, on the kinds of equipment that may be attached, and on the modes of communication allowed, as well as one where communication is not unreasonably degraded by other communication streams. What it means, essentially, is that all users have equal access to the internet.
But there are some people who feel Net Neutrality is a bad thing. They don't like the Obama administration's recent ruling defending Net Neutrality because they feel it will lead to more "regulation". To these corporatists, regulation is a bad thing. Just ask the folks in California, who had to deal with rolling blackouts during their energy deregulation, or look at how the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act led to the deregulation of our banking system, and the ensuing problems that has created. The corporatists are defending the major corporations, who claim that telecoms have no intention of blocking content or degrading network performance, but if that is the case, why has GOP Senators , who want to add an amendment to a bill denying funding to the FCC for any initiative to uphold Net Neutrality.
What a surprise. The GOP, in recent weeks following the Teabagger protests, have tried to portray themselves as the party of the angry taxpayer, but instead, have shown that they are just as much in the pocket of the large corporations who want to restrict what information you can read on the internet as the Democrats who want to use your hard earned money for handouts to bankers who robbed us while no one was looking (regulating). I wouldn't be surprised at all if some spineless Democrats (a redundancy, I know) joined in, as it is close to an election year, and the corporate campaign contributions go a long way towards suppressing any opponent who might want to try to bring back a government for the people. And if the corporatists have their way, you wouldn't even be able to read about them on the 'Net.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guilty Dinner Party Girls

How much is a dinner with Sarah Palin worth to you? Factoring in, of course, the cost of the trip to Alaska, would you pay $63,500, proceeds of which go to Ride 2 Recovery, an organization that helps our "wounded warriors" cope with losing a limb in a pointless war designed to line the pocket of Republican Party donors? Well, Cathy Maples of Huntsville, Ala did just that. Ms. Maples is a "big advocate" for Palin, and would love to see her as president. I guess Maples isn't counting on Ralin quitting when things get rough, like she did when she was governor of Alaska. (Notice the article refers to her as former Republican vice presidential candidate and not as the job quitting former governor of Alaska)
In these tough economic times, brought on in part by reckless government spending in a war against a country that posed no threat to the US, very few of us can make a one time payment of that much money, plus round trip air fare to dine with the Retardican Party's icon of dimwittedness, but not everyone is struggling in this economy.
So what does the unassuming Ms. Maples do for a living that affords her such a luxury when many Americans are taking to the street feeling the pinch of an oppressive government taxing them to death? Why, she's a defense contractor, one of the people who are still manufacturing something this country still exports, death and mayhem. I'm not sure how much she is raking in as the government exploits stupid people's paranoia, but it only seems fair that to those who sacrificed a limb to make sure Iraq's oil is denominated in petrodollars and UNOCAL can build a pipeline through Afghanistan, that the people who profited from it give a very little back. Oh, and so profiteers like Cathy Maples can still spend frivolously on meals with whacked out politicos like Sarah Palin. It's a small sacrifice to make so that so few can live so much better than the rest of us because of our socialized defense department.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Teabagger Smackdown

I'll admit I was a little bit confused about last weekend's Tea Party (Teabaggers) Protest in Washington DC last weekend. Just what are they protesting? Government spending? Where were they when the Bush administration was spending more money than any previous administration combined? Health Car Reform? Do they like the possibility of being denied by their carrier for pre-existing conditions? Do they care so little for fellow Americans that they'd like to have them die because they are unable to afford health care? Or is is taxes? Did they not notice while in DC that everything around them, every symbol of our country's (former) greatness was built and maintained using tax payer's money? Or is it because they didn't mind all this stuff when we had a white president?
It was last night, while the kids were watching WWE Smackdown (for the sole purpose of mocking it) that it hit me: Teabaggers are the political equivalent of wrestling fans. Ignorant people being cynically manipulated and exploited for their stupidity. They both carry signs that stretch the boundaries of their ability to write legibly and spell correctly. They both are angry when their "guy" loses a fight/election. These people are not the bottom of the gene pool, they're whatever is left after the gene pool has been drained and plowed over to make a subdivision of McMansions.
Like the wrestling fans who insist that it's all real and nothing is sripted, Teabaggers are blind to the obvious as well. As Bill Moyers points out:
"Something these marchers who came to Washington at Armey's urging could hardly be expected to know. For most of his adult life, their leader has benefited from just the kind of government tax-supported health care he's fighting to keep them from having too."

Only Vince McMahon can be more cynically exploitative.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi:Looking Out For Everyone Named Nancy Pelosi

One man's liberty is another man's slavery
In a previous post, I noted that sometimes in order to get the attention of our public servants, all one needs is a vagina. Well, what if the public servant in question already has a vagina, and has no use for another?
Another thing politicians like, and crave almost as much as vaginas is money. Lots and lots of money. Take your beloved Speaker of the House. No sooner had she taken the public option for health care reform off the table did she suddenly become the recipient of a fundraiser from a private health insurance lobbyist. How convenient.
I'll bet her grandchildren love visiting their grandmother because Pelosi has a reputation for taking things off the table. She took censure for Joe Wilson off the table. (Not the Joe Wilson who exposed the Bush administration's Iraqi yellowcake uranium lie, but the one who exposed himself to be a hypocritical exposer of lies, having sat silent through many congressional addresses by President Bush that were packed full of lies waiting for someone to point their finger at the president and say-"You lie!")And, when she first grabbed the gavel as Speaker of the House, immediately took impeachment off the table.
Now, to be fair, the event is open to anyone. Anyone who can cough up $2,400 per person ($5,000 if you represent a PAC). Yep, that's me and you and probably that homeless guy I pass everyday on the way home from work.
Now, I could come up with $2400, but having recently lost my health insurance coverage, that money is about equal to a month and a half of COBRA for me and my kids. So for me, and the other 45,999,997 people with out health insurance, we really have no option, which means democracy doesn't work for us. And ultimately, that means that democracy doesn't work under capitalism at all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just What Are You Trying To Say?

This must be a good time to be pharmacist, what with all those tightly wound right wing nuts living in a state of constant fear, I'm sure they need a myriad of prescriptions. There's the anxiety caused by socialized medicine, the fear of rising tax rates, sleepless nights caused by illegal immigration, and now the awful truth of Muslims moving in and taking over.
Well, thank goodness for the red, white and blue, that's how you can tell a super patriot from just an "American". Wearing the stars and stripes on everything means you really, really, really, really, love this country, even though you can't stand half the people living in it. I would really be interested in hearing their solution to the "Muslim" problem.
Another thing I don't understand is what exactly these protests are against, or what they hope to accomplish with them. As someone who stood against the war in Iraq before it began, let me tell you, protesting doesn't really accomplish anything, except maybe giving the corporate media an opportunity to make protests look ridiculous. So are they protesting the Wall Street bailouts? No, because they started with Bush, and none of these people were angry about it then. Are they protesting the out-of-control spending by our government? NO, because if they were really concerned they would have opposed the out of control spending by our government for the war in Iraq. So what are they against? Non-existent "death panels"?
No, simply put, these are people who haven't gotten over that so many "Americans" would betray the country and elect Barack Hussein Obama president because "He's running this country into the ground".
Where have these idiots been for the last eight years? Watching Fox News!

(Once again, picture poached from Born At The Crest Of The Empire Thanks Mike!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

They Get Laid, We Get Screwed

With millions of people with out health care, (including now, myself), or unable to afford it, do you ever wonder what it takes to get the attention of our politicians? Well, if you're CA State Assemblymen Mike Duvall, all you need is a vagina.
Duvall, a married Republican from Orange County, was caught on tape bragging about a graphic sexual encounter with a female lobbyist for energy company, Sempra Energy. Duvall is vice chair of the Committee on Utilities & Commerce. No word on whether or not their arrangement was quid pro quo, but their relationship was "the worst-kept secret in Sacramento". The revelation has caused Duvall to resign his position, but now has back pedaled and said that he was only involved in "inappropriate storytelling." way to man up, Mikey.
It need not be said that Duvall is a family values Republican, who opposes gay marriage, and is a hypocrite, any combination of the two is merely a redundancy. In my previous post, I mentioned an unnamed still-sitting Democratic congresswoman, videotaped in a same-sex tryst being blackmailed by a foreign government, so piggish behavior is not limited by gender and/or party. The only thing they have in common is they happen to be politicians and that leads me to my point.
For years, before my health insurance ran out, I was paying into a fund, and not using it, because I am somewhat healthy. Now that I no longer have this carrier, does that mean I get a refund? No, of course not. I just wonder if maybe that money, when not going to CEO bonuses or to bureaucrats trying to find a reason to deny other people's claims, was being paid to a lobbyist to fuck some fat-assed gray haired dickwad family values Republican hypocrite, who then graphically describes his encounter to anyone in earshot because that's the kind of uncouth lobbyistfucker he is, to oppose any health care reform at all. That seems to be the way our system works these days. Giant corporations take our hard earned money and buy politicians who enact laws that benefit these large corporations at our expense. And if you don't like it, move to Canada.
At least you'd have health insurance.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stray Thoughts...........

......do the people who had a problem with Obama's speech to children today as some sort of indoctrination also oppose military recruiters at schools?
...have any of the Republican fear mongers ever read 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'?
.....can we vote away health care for congress?
.......who is the unnamed, currently-serving, married Democratic Congresswoman said to have been video-taped in a Lesbian affair by Turkish agents for blackmail purposes according to testimony by Sibel Edmonds?
.......how many other congress members are also being blackmailed?
........why do people still listen to Sarah Palin?
.... is the right wing policy of yelling and over reaction sustainable into the next election cycle?
..... with all this yelling and screaming, have the Republicans put across any doable ideas as solutions to the problems facing America?
......why are all Right Wing Obama attacks, i.e., death panels, indoctrination speeches, based on obvious lies?

Just wondering.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Two Thoughts So Terrible They Could Cost You Your Career

So many times were told that America is a great country because of our liberties, one of which is our freedom of thought. We can think any idea to be true, no matter how insane it may be. We are able to think that President Obama, for instance, was born in Kenya, and his mother merely had his birth announcements placed in Hawaiian newspapers because she knew someday that he'd be elected president, where he could foist his radical secret Muslim socialist oligarchic agenda on an unsuspecting people. You can think President Obama's speech to school children will brainwash them to socialism, and hell, CNN will give you all the air time you want because these views are important, and worthy of being aired on national television.
You can believe a lot of things, and have the freedom to express your faith in anything, Elvis, Jesus, Mohammed, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the ability of free markets to lift all boats, and that's okay. You can believe Sarah Palin is a maverick qualified to be president because she quit her job half way through her term, gays and lesbians being married will some how destroy your marriage, or that swine flu will be really, really bad this year because the fear mongering media keeps telling you it will.
No, there are two things that you can't think. One, is that Republicans are assholes. Let me see, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, John McCain, Michelle Bachman, Sean Hannity, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, John Sanford, stop me when I get to one that hasn't displayed assholish behavior on a regular basis.
The second terrible thought is that the previous administration allowed 9/11 to happen to further their agenda. Let me see, Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton, who had to have his Halliburton stock pried from his cold, stiff, and half dead fingers allowing the worst terrorist attack on American soil to happen which benefited, uh, Halliburton, and people are shocked? The truth is that with the fall of communism at the start of the nineties, the defense contractors (like Halliburton) needed a justification for the half a trillion dollar annual defense budget of the United States. They needed a new perpetual enemy and a new Pearl Harbor. And, most importantly, they needed a way to keep the masses in fear so they could continue to loot the country for their own benefit without anybody paying too much attention. So excuse me for thinking that 9/11 was an inside job, and I'll excuse you for thinking that a bunch of cave dwellers half way across the globe had the intelligence and foresight to be able to penetrate our defense systems, force NORAD fighter jets to stand down, and fly over the most secure airspace on the planet with impunity. And in that same extent, perhaps we should look more into Van Jones' beliefs as well, since his beliefs are personal, and in no way interfere with his position as "Green Jobs" adviser to the Obama administration.

Friday, September 04, 2009

If You Only Get Upset When De Black Folk Do It, Then You Are Definitely A Racist

Our democracy is a farce, a charade put on to keep each side bickering with each other while those in Congress we elect to serve us rush out billion dollar bail outs for bankster cronies as millions of people are dying for better health care reform.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one Dan Broun, an alarmist with in the Republican party, which, ever since Obama became president, alarmist and Republican has become a redundancy.
Rep. Broun, from Georgia, who came to prominence last year when he suggested the Army ban sales of controversial reading material such as Playboy, fears the Democrats are creating a totalitarian state. Funny, but that's what many on the left felt about the Bush administration. Broun cites Obama's call last year during his campaign for a a civilian national security force as the first step in the takeover of the government. However, when the Bush administration created the Civilian Defense Force two years ago, Broun must have been too busy researching his positions on adult themed publications he was looking to ban for sale to our troops to notice that, indeed, we were moving towards a totalitarian state. Nor did Broun make a fuss about Cheney using Blackwater Security as his own private security force.
Broun also cites a ban on gun ownership as one of the things Obama has to bring about the Democrats totalitarian state. Wait a minute! Do you mean we can't own guns? When did this happen? Broun didn't squeak when Homeland Security banned shampoo, perfume and bottled water on flights as potential weapons, perhaps he prefer that smelly people with dirty hair deserve to be thirsty, I don't know, but when the government can deny you these simple items, can totalitarianism be far behind?
Finally, Broun cited President Obama's control of the media as another step towards totalitarianism. This is, of course, the same "liberal" corporate media that in 2002 essentially became an arm of the Bush administration's propaganda campaign for an illegal invasion of a country that never posed a threat to this country at all, the same media that from September of 2001 to August 2005 never dared to speak, print or publish the slightest negativity about President Bush, now he thinks somehow Obama has control of it? Or, do the corporations that control our media also control the person in the Oval Office, be they Republican or Democrat?
I think that Rep. Broun had no problem with the US becoming a totalitarian state, as long as it was run by a rich white Republican good ol' boy from TexaConnecticut, but now that it's in the hands of an urbane, well spoken Nigrah from Chy-cago, well now it's time to pine tar up the Ol' Rugged Cross boys, we got us a sacred ritual to perform.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Big Brother Barry

Some people say, because of President Obama's tumbling approval ratings that he may well be a one-term president. But I wouldn't count on that. Why? Because the opposition is stupid. Not just plain stupid, not fucking stupid, no, they are borderline retarded. With my apologies to those retarded people, of course.
And just how retarded are these folks? Just enough to make Trig Palin seem more of an underacheiver than a Down's Syndrome afflicted child. It seems that some parents oppose a speech Obama intends on giving to students Tuesday. Why? Is it because it's full of cuss words and graphic depictions of sexual congress between two adult people? Is it because they fear Obama's ability to hypmotize people with his speech? Maybe.Is it because the message work hard and stay in school are too controversial for these folks? No, as I said before, they're beyond fucking stupid almost to the point of retardation. It's because they fear that said speech is part of Obama's indoctrination of their children into some sort of socialist Islamic oligarchy. Where would these people be without corporate media fearmongering?
Now, even though I voted for Barry, I certainly am no big fan of his. But I am still able to recognize retardation when I see it. Of course these kids are being indoctrinated, they're going to a public school for Christ's sake. If you don't want them indoctrinated in the corpocracy, homeschool the little bastards.