Monday, September 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi:Looking Out For Everyone Named Nancy Pelosi

One man's liberty is another man's slavery
In a previous post, I noted that sometimes in order to get the attention of our public servants, all one needs is a vagina. Well, what if the public servant in question already has a vagina, and has no use for another?
Another thing politicians like, and crave almost as much as vaginas is money. Lots and lots of money. Take your beloved Speaker of the House. No sooner had she taken the public option for health care reform off the table did she suddenly become the recipient of a fundraiser from a private health insurance lobbyist. How convenient.
I'll bet her grandchildren love visiting their grandmother because Pelosi has a reputation for taking things off the table. She took censure for Joe Wilson off the table. (Not the Joe Wilson who exposed the Bush administration's Iraqi yellowcake uranium lie, but the one who exposed himself to be a hypocritical exposer of lies, having sat silent through many congressional addresses by President Bush that were packed full of lies waiting for someone to point their finger at the president and say-"You lie!")And, when she first grabbed the gavel as Speaker of the House, immediately took impeachment off the table.
Now, to be fair, the event is open to anyone. Anyone who can cough up $2,400 per person ($5,000 if you represent a PAC). Yep, that's me and you and probably that homeless guy I pass everyday on the way home from work.
Now, I could come up with $2400, but having recently lost my health insurance coverage, that money is about equal to a month and a half of COBRA for me and my kids. So for me, and the other 45,999,997 people with out health insurance, we really have no option, which means democracy doesn't work for us. And ultimately, that means that democracy doesn't work under capitalism at all.

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Tom Harper said...

Taking things off the table is a handy job skill to have. She'd make a good waitress or busboy (busperson?).