Thursday, September 03, 2009

Big Brother Barry

Some people say, because of President Obama's tumbling approval ratings that he may well be a one-term president. But I wouldn't count on that. Why? Because the opposition is stupid. Not just plain stupid, not fucking stupid, no, they are borderline retarded. With my apologies to those retarded people, of course.
And just how retarded are these folks? Just enough to make Trig Palin seem more of an underacheiver than a Down's Syndrome afflicted child. It seems that some parents oppose a speech Obama intends on giving to students Tuesday. Why? Is it because it's full of cuss words and graphic depictions of sexual congress between two adult people? Is it because they fear Obama's ability to hypmotize people with his speech? Maybe.Is it because the message work hard and stay in school are too controversial for these folks? No, as I said before, they're beyond fucking stupid almost to the point of retardation. It's because they fear that said speech is part of Obama's indoctrination of their children into some sort of socialist Islamic oligarchy. Where would these people be without corporate media fearmongering?
Now, even though I voted for Barry, I certainly am no big fan of his. But I am still able to recognize retardation when I see it. Of course these kids are being indoctrinated, they're going to a public school for Christ's sake. If you don't want them indoctrinated in the corpocracy, homeschool the little bastards.


Tom Harper said...

Obama's TV speech is Step Two of The Master Plan. It'll be the convergence of Death Panels and Obama's first-time demonstration of his ability to hypnotize millions of children over the airwaves.

When these indoctrinated children march home that afternoon, any of their family members who are too old, unemployed or politically incorrect will be reported to the Neighborhood Death Panel, and appropriate action will be taken.

When this nightmare is over, we'll all wish we had listened to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

libhom said...

Kids who are home schooled get indoctrinated far more than those in public schools.