Friday, September 04, 2009

If You Only Get Upset When De Black Folk Do It, Then You Are Definitely A Racist

Our democracy is a farce, a charade put on to keep each side bickering with each other while those in Congress we elect to serve us rush out billion dollar bail outs for bankster cronies as millions of people are dying for better health care reform.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one Dan Broun, an alarmist with in the Republican party, which, ever since Obama became president, alarmist and Republican has become a redundancy.
Rep. Broun, from Georgia, who came to prominence last year when he suggested the Army ban sales of controversial reading material such as Playboy, fears the Democrats are creating a totalitarian state. Funny, but that's what many on the left felt about the Bush administration. Broun cites Obama's call last year during his campaign for a a civilian national security force as the first step in the takeover of the government. However, when the Bush administration created the Civilian Defense Force two years ago, Broun must have been too busy researching his positions on adult themed publications he was looking to ban for sale to our troops to notice that, indeed, we were moving towards a totalitarian state. Nor did Broun make a fuss about Cheney using Blackwater Security as his own private security force.
Broun also cites a ban on gun ownership as one of the things Obama has to bring about the Democrats totalitarian state. Wait a minute! Do you mean we can't own guns? When did this happen? Broun didn't squeak when Homeland Security banned shampoo, perfume and bottled water on flights as potential weapons, perhaps he prefer that smelly people with dirty hair deserve to be thirsty, I don't know, but when the government can deny you these simple items, can totalitarianism be far behind?
Finally, Broun cited President Obama's control of the media as another step towards totalitarianism. This is, of course, the same "liberal" corporate media that in 2002 essentially became an arm of the Bush administration's propaganda campaign for an illegal invasion of a country that never posed a threat to this country at all, the same media that from September of 2001 to August 2005 never dared to speak, print or publish the slightest negativity about President Bush, now he thinks somehow Obama has control of it? Or, do the corporations that control our media also control the person in the Oval Office, be they Republican or Democrat?
I think that Rep. Broun had no problem with the US becoming a totalitarian state, as long as it was run by a rich white Republican good ol' boy from TexaConnecticut, but now that it's in the hands of an urbane, well spoken Nigrah from Chy-cago, well now it's time to pine tar up the Ol' Rugged Cross boys, we got us a sacred ritual to perform.

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libhom said...

I have to laugh when the rightists say that Obama controls the corporate media. If he did, you would see zero stories about the "birthers" and their nonsense.