Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The End Of The World As They Know It

The world is imperfect. There are many problems facing mankind each day, each one, created, by mankind itself. Someday, maybe sooner, but probably later, when the Sun goes supernova, I'm sure everything on this planet will be obliterated. The point is, we all have to die sometime, and all we can do about is nothing. Live your life and try to leave some good behind.
Or you can scan some book of fables and myths, parables designed to impart some ancient knowledge for some clue, any clue, until you create in your mind that the world will end on May 21 2011. Then you can spend your remaining days in bliss, spreading your message while trying not to appear as a total nutjob, warning people that indeed their days are numbered. But what happens on May 22?
Jesus predicted to his followers he would return in their lifetime ( Matthew 16:28) and that never happened. In fact, the list of claims of Jesus' return and end the world is fairly long. The Heaven's Gate cult is another prime example of people who believed in the end of the world. In fact, most major religions have these end-of-the-world fantasies where their people are spared the agony of death by the trueness of their belief system.
My point is this: if there are people who are willing to believe that the world will end soon, then they have no stock in dealing with the real problems facing us now. Therefore, any Christian extremist should not be elected to public office, because their belief system is based on some invisible guy in the sky scooping them up up and away from the consequences of their actions. The world belongs to the non-believers. We're certainly not the ones screwing it up.