Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...And This Is Why They're Wing Nuts

I like nutty donuts. They're one of my favorite kinds. But that's not to say I like nuts with my donuts, in particular, right-wing nuts. Sometimes I wonder what kind of drugs these people are on that makes them see terrorists everywhere. Except lurking in the White House, and other undisclosed locations.
You see, Michelle Malkin got offended because in a Dunkin' Donuts print ad, Rachel Ray was shown wearing a scarf. Well, that scarf looked a little too jihadist for Ms. Malkin, and soon the wing nuts were at their keyboards, pledging to boycott Dunkin' Donuts for not being sensitive to right wing xenophobia. Dunkin' Donuts soon pulled it's ads because they realized that Rush Limbaugh, Jonah Goldberg and all the other keyboard commandos didn't get fat eating nine grain breads and salad. When you're as whacked out as these people must be, sometimes donuts can be the best munchies. Bean curd eatin' tree hugging liberals don't eat Dunkin' Donuts, they tend to prefer less processed foods.
I think it's very important for these people to be fashion vigilant. We need them to prevent us from sending the wrong message to alQaeda. They may become emboldened by chubby television chefs wearing clothes of a Middle Eastern flair, and what will we do then? Because everyone knows, they get the same advertising in the hills of Pakistan that we receive here.
Don't they?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cynthia McKinney For President. Seriously.

For the truly progressive out there, those not bound by party, but by idea, the notion of a Cynthia McKinney candidacy is not that outrageous an idea. For those people who support Sen. Clinton, if she were not to get the Democratic nomination, a vote for Cynthia McKinney is a chance to vote for the other woman running for president, without throwing your vote to an obvious misogynist like John McCain. For those more committed to the environmental issues than the issues of say, bowling scores, lapel pins, or any of the other issues that the corporate media has deemed important, she is the perfect candidate.
Cynthia McKinney was the first to call for an investigation into 9/11 and whether or not the Bush administration had advance notice of the attacks. Of course now, we know they received briefings and chose to ignore them. For this reason, she was targeted by Aipac and defeated that year in the Democratic primary. (Wouldn't want anyone looking too closely at something that was "good for Israel")
McKinney is best remembered for her altercation with Capitol police who tried to stop her from entering Congress as she was rushing to cast a vote on a bill. (And why was she stopped? Because she wasn't wearing her lapel pin!) McKinney later apologized and no charges were ever filed, but it was fodder for the right wing noise machine for quite some time, in an "uppity n***** bitch doesn't know her place" kind of tone.
Or you could vote for the same old same old, and point fingers at each other because the country's still fucked up and continue to play out the same old dramedy year after year, until you move away from the corpocracy, you'll always be their prisoner.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stop The Insanity!!

I have no problem with Hillary Clinton staying in the race. I even wasn't offended by her remarks of last week when she suggested she stay in the race because "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. Um you know I just I don’t understand it. There’s lots of speculation about why it is." It's not like she was Liz Trotta on Fox News, calling for the assassination of Sen. Obama.
If she wishes to go deeper in debt to try to win a lost cause, it shows why she would not make a good president, but it doesn't necessarily mean she's unqualified. Sure, the current asswipe-in-chief completely destroyed the dollar, another one so fiscally irresponsible would certainly finish it off.
I will admit it does irk me a tad when she suggests that all the rules of previous campaigns be thrown out because she won the most votes. If you count Florida and Michigan, two states that are being punished for bucking party rules and holding their primaries early. She doesn't even mention that 1)Obama's name wasn't on the ballot in Michigan, or 2) she agreed to not count those votes along with every one else. Does that mean she change her mind on any other agreements? Like I said, not a good president, we already have an asswipe-in-chief set out to disregard every treaty the US signed, from the NPT to Geneva Conventions.
But what is most irritating is when Bill says stupid shit. yes, there's a "cover-up" Bill "I Just Learned How To Inhale"Clinton, or maybe you're just paranoid. I'm so tired of the Clinton campaign playing the victim card, I thought that feminism was beyond that. The only thing Hillary's a victim of is a poorly run campaign that was arrogant enough to believe that all she needed to do was win big on Super Tuesday and the nomination was hers. They have summarily dismissed all the small states Sen. Obama won while demanding that "every vote count".
Like I said, not a good president.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cheney Lies To The Coast Guard Grads, And They Cheer Like The Brainwashed Pavlovian Mutts They Are

This nation has kept the commitment declared by President Bush after 9/11: to wage this battle on the offensive, to track the enemy down until he has no place left to hide, and to stay in the fight until the fight is won.-Vice President Richard Cheney, May 21, 2008
Remember the Global War On Terror? The one that the Bush administration initiated to seek vengeance against those who perpetrated the horrendous attacks of September 11, 2001?
It seems the CIA is protecting the followers of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from extradition to Iran for terrorist acts they carried out there. There you have it folks, the whole notion of a "war on terror" is a sham, a fucking sham. The whole thing is designed to remove our freedoms under the guise of "reorganizing the government to protect the homeland; expanding our ability to track enemy movements and communications" when actually what they want to do is protect the corpocracy by tracking citizen movement and communication. In the meantime, we keep pushing for more sanctions against Iran, a country that has not attacked us, nor enabled the terrorists who did, to continue with impunity their worldwide campaign of bombings against those they have deemed their enemies. Quite auspiciously for Mr. Cheney, there are people who want to believe that their leaders aren't lying to them, that "The people of Iraq and Afghanistan.....(have)chosen the path of freedom and democracy. And no matter who lines up against them, they can know that America -- the country that liberated them -- still cares about their freedom.". If we really believed in democracy, we would have welcomed the election of Hamas to the Palestinian Authority as an opportunity to open a dialog that would set a course for peace in the Middle East. But the thick headed unevolved Cro-Magnon-like Down's syndrome sufferers in charge believe that stand-offs resolve themselves and dropping bombs on civilians stops the increasing ranks of those committed to acts of terror against the US.
These are the same social 'tards who are pushing for war with Iran, because they fund Hezbollah, a group which has not attacked the US, and only defended Lebanon from further incursions by the IDF into Lebanese territory. And these are the same people who are using the alQaeda linked Jundullah to commit acts of terror in Iran. Hypocrites!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's In A Name?

"I'm an American, our names don't mean shit"-Butch (Bruce Willis), Pulp Fiction
That's right. Most of the people I grew up with, all had Anglicized names-Bill, Tom, Rich, Andy or Dave, names given to second, third or fourth generation immigrants to conform to society's norms. My name was also meant to reflect my father's perceived ethnic heritage, since he was, like myself, and my children, an American mutt, too many mixed breeds to have a dominant hyphenated ethnicity, he chose the one he liked best, the Irish.
Then the hippies came, and "straight" names went out the window. This was followed by the great division of the civil rights movement, when everybody suddenly took pride in their roots, and named their children from the old country. (Now, names are chosen based on popular television show characters, or the names celebrities choose for their own children, until, as Butch so astutely points out, our names don't mean shit) Biblical names are always popular as well, especially among the Bible-damaged souls out there.
I like Barack Obama's name. To me, it sounds like a character from Star Trek, the wise leader of a dying planet. I believe it was chosen by his father as a way for his child to feel connected to his ethnic heritage, or at least half of it, so he may feel pride. I'm sure when he gave him Hussein as a middle name, Saddam was still a CIA stooge, working his way through the ranks to be an asset in the oil rich Middle East. But there are those who have their doubts about him, some solely because of his name. It's like anti-semitism, in reverse, which is a perfectly acceptable from of prejudice in America.
There are many reasons to vote for a candidate. His stance of policies and issues being the most important. Will they stand up for America, or will they let other countries make their decisions for them? A person's name should be way down on the list of reasons to vote for some one. But I do like Sen. Obama's name. Mainly because it isn't Bush or Clinton. Let's hope we never have to hear those names preceded by "President" again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The admiral in charge of Guantanamo Bay (or "Gitmo" to the Spanish impaired mush-mouthed soldier sniffing shittoheads) says that detainees there are pretty much living in a frat house. Yeah, I imagine there's lots of toga parties, beer busts, and riding of motorcycles up the stairs, with detainees visiting the local Food King to hook up with underage girls or the dean's wife. Surely that's what most Americans think of when they think of frat houses.
Never do they think of the Omega house, where brutal hazing rituals are carried out, pledges stripped down to their skivvies and paddled hard on the ass by a sadistic sergeant-at-arms who delights in inflicting as much pain as he can get away with under the parts of the Geneva conventions we still adhere to. But that is probably closer to the truth, something more suitable to the members of the Skull and Bones society than to your average television watcher's idea of fraternity.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah, And I'm Like Buddha

The difference between the right and left is the level of their delusions, with the right being better prone to believing their own bullshit (With the exception of Hillary Clinton, who hasn't seem to have received the message. It's over. When Barack Obama can attract 80,000 people to a rally in Oregon, over half the state, and you can only muster a thousand mullet headed mingers to a state you plan on carrying, well, as Stan Lee might put it, 'nuff said). Just today, I had a conversation with a man concerning the high gas prices who said be grateful I'm not buying bottled water by the gallon. I told him I don't need bottle water to drive to work, and that right wing meme is such crap you can smell the stink from here.
Yes, there are roughly 30% or less people who still think that Bush is doing a fantastic job, and why shouldn't they? Not because he is, but because to admit otherwise would crack the facade of their lives enough for all those horrors to flood out. Just keep humming, popping your Xanax and watching Fox News, and everything will work out. Just wait.
How much more evidence do you need? Take Sue Everhart, state chairwoman for the Georgia GOP. She actually believes that John McCain is kind of like Jesus. I think I remember that episode. That was the one where Jesus became a fighter pilot and dropped tons of Napalm on the civilians in North Vietnam. Or the time Jesus called Mary Magdalene a cunt. Yeah, I can see the similarities, McCain with his PTSD, lashing out at critics and colleagues alike, Jesus, uh, singing "Bomb Iran", just for laughs (well, Mike Huckabee thought it was funny, and we all know what a great sense of humor he has)These kind of people have gone way past drinking of the Kool-Aid straight into full-fledged addiction to that sugary and artificially flavored fruit drink.
And how does Ms. Everhart think McCain and the Christian saviour are alike?
"John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross,He never denounced God, either."

Well, I'm sure at some point Sen. McNasty probably took the Lord's name in vain.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is There A Gas Bubble?

Saudi Arabia raised it's oil production following an appeal from President Bush. Of course, as Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi told U.S. officials that increased output would not reduce costs at the pump for U.S. motorists as soaring prices were mainly the result of a weak dollar, speculation and tensions in oil-producing countries. Increased demand by countries like India and China (two countries that have benefited from the policies of the corpocracy) have also pushed oil prices up.
It's not that there isn't enough oil, it's because the actions of the Bush administration have created high oil prices.
The weak dollar is mainly caused by deficits, both trade and budget. While the Bush administration speaks about a strong dollar, it's actions are being interpreted by currency speculators as favoring a weak dollar. (It's kind of like how the Bush administration wants to bring peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but doesn't pressure Israel to give up any of the land it has taken from Palestine, or do anything about the numerous UN resolution violations Israel has been hit with.) Corporations doing business overseas benefit from the weak dollar, as well as companies buying raw materials, but the rest of us suffer, especially since a weak dollar means low sales for manufacturers, who then are forced to cut back on hiring.
Tensions in the oil-producing countries is directly caused by the Bush administration. Iraq was a needless war, with no justification found for us to invade, and our continued harassment of Iran, for exercising their rights as co-signee to the NPT, have lead to the belief that in the future, the Bush administration will invade that country as well. When and/or if that happens, oil prices will shoot through the roof, as the world's access to the oil-rich Gulf states will be compromised.
Through the nineties, the stock market, mostly the NASDAQ, saw their value increase because of what was known as the Dot-com bubble, driven, in part, by speculators and lots of available investment capital. One of the causes behind the recent housing bubble was driven in part by speculative interest in the housing market.
Now, we have rapid increase in oil prices coupled with speculation in the oil markets , with speculation adding at least $10 to $15 per barrel. So, is there a gas bubble, an artificial rise in prices caused by outside market influences?
We can cut down consumption of gas. Decreased demand will cause prices to fall. As far as easing tensions in the Middle east, the one thing that won't help is voting for John McCain. If the Bush administration hasn't already bombed Iran before the end of their term, an elected John McCain will seize his perceived mandate to go after Iran. Barack Obama has been ridiculed for using diplomacy (i.e. actually talking with regimes the Bush administration has deemed "terrorist", forgetting the Osama Bin Laden is still loose in the world), but in the end, that is what's best for easing tensions, and aiding Americans suffering under high gas prices.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ridiculous Statements By President Bush Ridiculed

The biggest issue we face is, it's bigger than Iraq, it's this ideological struggle against cold-blooded killers who will kill people to achieve their political objectives-George W Bush
The coldest, bloodiest killer on the face of the planet is not Mahmoud Ahmadnejad. It's you, George Bush. You have killed over one million Iraqis to achieve your political objectives. The biggest issue we face is do we continue on with this madness, which has destroyed the dollar, caused 4077 deaths of US service people (the "official" count, which is actually over 69,000 troops higher than that count), helped drive oil prices up, and helped anti-American "terrorists" recruit more followers. The only political objective of this continuing policy, from Afghanistan to Iraq, onward to Iran, Syria and Lebanon, is to enrich major Republican party donors.
"As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is -- the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history."
-George W Bush
There you go again. First you compare Osama Bin Laden to Hitler, then you compare Saddam Hussein to Hitler. Then, its Mahmoud Ahmadenijad. Now, Hamas are the Nazis. Sen. Obama has merely suggested opening a dialog with Hamas (who, by the way, aren't attacking the US, but are merely fighting against Israel, who is in violation of numerous UN resolutions), which is hardly "appeasement. Furthermore, your own grandfather was connected to the bank that helped fund Hitler. Which is worse, appeasement, or collaboration?
The Bush/Cheney foreign policy of belligerence and confrontation hasn't solved any of the problems of the Middle East, only compounded them. The only one guilty of appeasement is your administration, which has repeatedly and continually appeased the state of Israel as it continually takes more and more Palestinian land, and continually demands more US attacks against it's enemies.
"I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal"
-George W Bush
Well, he quit playing for two months, mainly because of a miniscus tear and not because of any noble reason he may offer up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've Been Among You My Whole Life, And I kn ow You All Are Racist

I grew up in a small town on the west coast of Michigan. An idyllic place, it's only crimes were pot smokers, drunk drivers and the occasional sex offender. It was isolated, cut off from the big cities by vast stretches of farmland and rolling dunes on which the very wealthy built their summer homes. It was almost 100% white except for the family of the chauffeur of the town's wealthiest family. And they had more class and intelligence than most of the white people in town, so they were accepted, because they weren't too black.
My Dad moved our family there in 1967. We had lived in Muskegon, a large city north of my hometown for a couple of years. We even had a black maid, Daisy, who would come to the house and help out my poor Mom with her five children, and once or twice, watch us younger ones at her house, a nice place in a decent neighborhood. But then the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, and my dad, who was prejudiced, heard that Realtors in my hometown has worked to keep black people out. I can still remember him talking to a neighbor about the "riots", and his fear they might spread to this little Eden on the shores of Lake Michigan. Fear.
Growing up there, you never met any black people. It wasn't until much later, when Brother James moved to Grand Rapids, and formed a band that happened to have a couple of black members in it that I got to actually know a black person. Sure, we had seen them on television; Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and laughed with them as they exposed our racist beliefs for the fear based hatred that they were, but this was someone who knew me, and my out look changed considerably.
When I first was out of high school, I got a job loading plants into a semi. Some days I'd be in the back of the truck, and others I'd be riding around, helping to fill orders. It was a hard job, and not one I had planned to do my entire life, unlike a lot of the white people I was working with, so they stuck me with the black crew. That was my punishment, but the black crew saw I wasn't bothered by this, and took to me because I was a hard worker. Out in the fields, working with the white guys, I would hear that epithet tossed around casually. It changed my opinions of a lot of people I worked with and for, because I didn't like that word. When my friend the Guru would come over to visit, he would casually spout off with that word, and I would ask him to not use that word at my place because it offended me. He looked at me like I was crazy. Other friends would patronize me after using it "oh, that's right, he doesn't like that word."
As many other white people will admit, privately, they don't like black people. I've heard them use terms from 'pickaninny' to nigger, to people who to this day refer to black people as colored, and not one of these people who use these words, would I consider to be intelligent creatures at all. Because nothing makes a person look like an idiot more than spewing forth race based hatred and couching it in terms they feel are acceptable in the presence of other white people.
At this point in our history, America is supposed to be united against a common enemy. There are no more hyphenated Americans, just E Pluribus Unum. How can a man claim to be a patriot because he wears a flag on his lapel, or on the tailgate of his SUV, turn around and hate a fellow American because of the color of their skin? A fellow American? This isn't patriotism, it's racism, and if we let that divide us then we deserve everything bad that happens to us.
E Pluribus Unum. From many, one. American.
The candidacy of Barack Obama has shown us how far we haven't progressed as a nation. The primaries in West Virginia and Kentucky, proves that the women's movement has made significant strides in the last forty years to the point where Southeners who wouldn't have voted for a woman forty years ago, now are willing to vote for one, only because she's the only white candidate on the ticket. But the Civil Rights movement has a long way to go before it catches up.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Oooooops Again!

How embarrassing! Someone plans to show Iranian made explosives to journalists in Karbala only to find out they weren't made in Iran at all. These are the same chuckleheads who planned the war in Iraq, so don't be surprised that the latest round of "pin the war on Iran" has failed. So while Bush calls Iran the greatest threat to Mideast peace, remember, he's the one who wants to start the war with them.
Bush also called out Iran for supporting Hezzbollah, whom he blames for the recent fighting in Northern Lebanon. I'm sure it wasn't provoked by the Cheney/Bandar/Elliot Abrams Funded Terrorist Group of Sunni fundamentalist cells. For those of you with operational memory skills, the Sunnis are the ones who "attacked" us on 9/11 (according to the official conspiracy theory), and now we're using them to declare war on Hezbollah. How many years before this group is flying jets into US landmark structures?More poor planning I'm sure.
Because now we've come full circle in the war on terror. From going after the Sunnis militant fundamentalists who started this to now using the same group to go after the Shi'ite fundamentalists who offered condolences and assistance following the attack on that fateful day.
But remember, they hate us because we're free (and not because our leaders are all lying sacks of shit).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Summer Bomb

I usually don't post about movies, because between gas prices and ticket prices, who can afford to take their family to any old movie? But I couldn't resist posting about how Speed Racer failed to grab the top box office spot it's opening weekend. Am I surprised? No. I saw the trailer, and to me it looked like something I've seen before, essentially TRON meets Cars. The wachowski Brothers made good with The Matrix, perhaps that was the only good idea they had in them.

Subliminal Criminal

Normally, I don't post too many videos, because I have dial-up, and for me to view a video at another blog, well, let's just say that if I'm lucky, it doesn't take all day, and if I'm really lucky, I'll be able to watch the whole thing. But I found this one (courtesy WRH) and thought I'd put it up here.

Friday, May 09, 2008

More Fun With Sitemeters

Kids want their parents to be someone or something special. Perhaps mom or dad have a secret double life that is more wonderful than the boring drab existence of their alter ego. Something they can brag about to their friends at school that is more exciting than an insurance agent or sous chef. Even if they have to make it up.
A case in point is my oldest son, Wilbur. He seems to wish I were more famous than I am, and he thinks that because I have this here blog, that qualifies me to some minor level of fame. I pointed out to him that I was no more famous than any of the other millions of bloggers out there, like himself, who has a poorly maintained blog as well.
The other night, when the boys were over, as I was reading the news, he asserted his opinion that I must be famous, because I was on the web. I explained to him that I don't do this for fame (which if I did, would make me more unsuccessful than I already am), but merely as an avenue to vent my frustration at an increasingly moronic culture that surrounds me on a daily basis.
"But anyone in the world can read your blog, right Dad?" he asked.
That's when I decided to show him my sitemeter. I have one, but rarely look at it, as I don't get the trolls I used to back when I started blogging three years ago. (I wonder what happened to all the patriotic Bush supporters who used to troll around these parts, but perhaps there's nothing left to defend) My interest now is in the location of the visitors, how they found this blog, and which pages they viewed.
Almost immediately, while showing him my visitors, there was an oh crap moment. The sergeant of arms for the US Senate's computer had been looking at this blog. Glad to know my taxes are being well spent by the government to read crap like this, but hey, I guess I should take comfort in knowing all the terrists must have been caught, since they have time to waste here.
Another visitor was from Ireland. This led my son to conclude almost immediately it was Bono.
"Bono reads your blog Dad!"
As much as I may try to dissuade him from that idea, he's already decided that in fact it was Bono, and he and the president and God himself all read unbrainwashed.
I'm mostly interested these days in why some one from Europe might want to read this blog, and if they do, how did they locate it? What words do they type into Google Images to find this post from July of last year? It seems to be quite popular, for reasons I don't comprehend.
Another popular post is The Man Who Sold The World...Aspertame which at one time was ranked number two in Google searches for people who can't spell aspartame, now down to number seven. Basically a hit piece on Donald Rumsfeld who used political favors owed to him by the Reagan administration to fast track FDA approval of use of aspartame as an artificial sweetener, despite reservations about negative side effects (and it's previous classification as a chemical weapon) to the advantage of Searle, which Rumsfeld was then CEO of at the time.
But then, I also get lots of traffic from people who visit other blogs. Maybe they're intrigued by the name(doubtful), maybe they read one of my stupid comments there and have to see how big an idiot I really am(more likely), whatever the reason(probably the latter), I am eternally grateful. Maybe next year, it'll have improved enough to be second rate.

Partners In Denial

Dick Cheney is deluded. With the US economy in a recession, he claims it still is the envy of the world. That disconnect from reality is denial, a common trait amongst those within the Bush administration. It's the main reason the country is screwed over now, and why this election is important, so we elect a person who is in touch with reality.
Remember Dennis Kucinich? I know a lot of people who'd like to see him have been the Democratic nominee. But he dropped out when it looked like he wasn't going to get the nomination. Same with John Edwards. So why is Hillary Clinton sticking around, even though her support is waning? Is it because she's as out of touch with reality as the Bush administration, or their heir apparent, John McCain? She certainly has displayed herself to be as racist as a Republican. Perhaps omeone should inform her that the GOP has 1200 pages of dirt to throw at Hillary (which is why they hope she gets the nomination).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Way To Split The Party, Yoko!

If you look at this poll, you can see that as Barack Obama picked up more votes and delegates, he started to slip behind John McCain in the national polls. Does this make sense?
It does when you consider that once Sen. Clinton began to see her presumed destiny slip away, the attacks by her campaign against him began. If her aim is to win the nomination, it gets mathematically more impossible every day. There certainly is no reason for her to cling on another month until June 15. Her "big" win in Indiana yesterday owed more to the GOP dirty trick squad who are afraid to have the stronger candidate face off against McCain in November.
Wesley Clark, George McGovern and even my formerly Clintonatonic Brother James feel that Sen. Clinton should drop out of the race now, since it is all over for her now.
And yet, she still persists. Is her purpose, as has been suggested by many, to destroy Obama's chance of winning so she can nab the nomination in 2012? How could anyone true progressive or democrat stand behind her, if that is what her intentions are? Is she that deluded, or vain, to feel that four more years of Republican mismanagement are worth it to this country just so she can fulfill her "destiny"?
Contact Hillary Clinton and ask her, for the sake of America, to please drop out of the race.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Her. For Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is the first original "Hallmark Holiday" and is used by many retailers to guilt people into buying "the perfect gift" for their mom, wife and/or baby momma. Nothing says you'd knock her up all over again like a diamond necklace, show Mom how much you love her by buying the latest cell phone, or Mom'll love watching her favorite shows on a hi def big screen TV.

Here at unbrainwashed, we have found the perfect gift for the discerning gentleman to give to his expectant wife. Nothing says your my favorite thing to ride after my riding lawnmower than a Future Milf tee-shirt. How proud your woman will be to wear this lovely piece of clothing to church, family reunions, or the PTA meeting. And, if you haven't knocked any one up lately, or your wife/baby momma has taste, you can give it to your daughter (graduation is just around the corner) and make her feel that she's only important when she's looking hot and squeezing out babies.
Like Hillary Clinton says, "I'm no elitist, but I am a MILF, whatever that is."

Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome To The Club!!!

So Arianna Huffington says that John McCain told her he didn't vote for George Bush in 2000. Guess what? A lot of people didn't. In fact, if not for widespread voter fraud, Bush wouldn't have "won" the election.
It's understandable how McCain wouldn't vote for Bush. After all Karl Rove and the Bush campaign had a number of smears against McCain.
My personal favorite?
“McCain may be unstable as a result of being tortured while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.”

This from the people who have made torture the new American way.
Of course, the point of the article at HuffPo is that the McCain who couldn't stomach voting for Bush in 2000 is now embracing him (even though his approval numbers are at an all time low) so desperate is he to become president. Just another example of Flapjack Johnny flipping once again.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grade Teacher?

Today, my oldest came over after school, just like every other weekend and posed a question. Who started the war in Iraq? The answer is easy, I told him, George Bush. that's when he told me I was wrong, according to his teacher, Congress authorized the war in Iraq.
You see, his class is learning about government, which is an odd time to be learning about democracy, when it's been pretty much wiped out by the current administration, with it's signing statements and all. I informed my son, that no, Bush started the war in Iraq.
Congress approved a war resolution which gave Bush the authorization to start a war "if Saddam Hussein did not give up weapons of mass destruction, as required by UN resolutions". Since Saddam didn't have any weapon of mass destruction to give up, Bush had no resolution to start a war with them under the provisions as defined by Congress.
Bonus points: Who said "Giving peace a chance only gives Saddam Hussein more time to prepare for war on his terms, at a time of his choosing, in pursuit of ambitions that will only grow as his power to achieve them grows"?
Saddam didn't want a war with the US. He never attacked us, nor did he show any predisposition to do so. And since "we went to war in Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction" that didn't exist, why does John McCain feel we need to stay there for "100 years"?
So the Bush administration threatened, bullied and harassed UN members to get UN resolution 1441 passed. It then used that to get authorization from Congress to go to war over reasons they themselves knew were blatantly false. And even though it has destroyed the lives of thousand Americans, millions of Iraqis, helped destroy the US economy, as well as our standing in the international community, Bush, McCain, and the Republican party feel we should stay there so non-existent "terrorists" don't get their hands on Iraq's oil. (even though it's not about the oil, or maybe it is, since it's hard to understand what McCain means because even he's not sure what he's saying) Every American should be angered over the war, and if you're not, you're just plain dumb.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

No Matter What, Don't Believe The Conspiracy

The Deborah Jean Palfrey case should have been the biggest news sensation ever. Bigger than Chandra Levy, Britney Spears, Rev Wright, Mylie Cyrus and Elliot Spitzer combined. The DC madam case had intrigue, sex, abuse of power, all the tawdry little things that keep most television watchers glued to their screens.
For instance, Dick Cheney was a client, but was crossed off the list by ABC/Disney. You think that would be newsworthy,, even if it occurred while CEO of Halliburton. Or the Federal government seeking to gag Ms. Palfrey should have raised some eyebrows, and would have made for some good television. Nope.
Now, it seems that Ms. Palfrey committed suicide (I wonder, did she tie her hands and feet, duct tape her eyes and magically appear floating in a lake?) even though she stated that if she was ever found dead, it wouldn't be a suicide. Now she will be added to the list of whistleblowers who ended up dead by "suicide". How convenient these people take their own lives.