Thursday, May 01, 2008

No Matter What, Don't Believe The Conspiracy

The Deborah Jean Palfrey case should have been the biggest news sensation ever. Bigger than Chandra Levy, Britney Spears, Rev Wright, Mylie Cyrus and Elliot Spitzer combined. The DC madam case had intrigue, sex, abuse of power, all the tawdry little things that keep most television watchers glued to their screens.
For instance, Dick Cheney was a client, but was crossed off the list by ABC/Disney. You think that would be newsworthy,, even if it occurred while CEO of Halliburton. Or the Federal government seeking to gag Ms. Palfrey should have raised some eyebrows, and would have made for some good television. Nope.
Now, it seems that Ms. Palfrey committed suicide (I wonder, did she tie her hands and feet, duct tape her eyes and magically appear floating in a lake?) even though she stated that if she was ever found dead, it wouldn't be a suicide. Now she will be added to the list of whistleblowers who ended up dead by "suicide". How convenient these people take their own lives.


Frederick said...

Great Vince Fosters ghost!

Tom Harper said...

Why of course she committed suicide. And John Kennedy was shot by a some wacked-out nutcase acting alone. Ditto for Martin Luther King.

And the 9/11 attacks were masterminded -- with incredible planning and synchronization -- by nineteen raving religious fanatics with boxcutters.

MsJoanne said...

Great blog, Lew!

No kidding about Palfrey, especially since she specifically said that if this happened it would not be by her hand.

I have an alternate theory. Was she possibly offered to go away quietly and given the money they froze back to her? A witness protection type of thing. Far fetched maybe, but it takes away the issue of going to trial and bringing things out - which she stated she wanted to do (out of necessity, not desire).

Of course, I don't put it past this rogue regime that is in charge right now. I don't put anything past them.