Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome To The Club!!!

So Arianna Huffington says that John McCain told her he didn't vote for George Bush in 2000. Guess what? A lot of people didn't. In fact, if not for widespread voter fraud, Bush wouldn't have "won" the election.
It's understandable how McCain wouldn't vote for Bush. After all Karl Rove and the Bush campaign had a number of smears against McCain.
My personal favorite?
“McCain may be unstable as a result of being tortured while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.”

This from the people who have made torture the new American way.
Of course, the point of the article at HuffPo is that the McCain who couldn't stomach voting for Bush in 2000 is now embracing him (even though his approval numbers are at an all time low) so desperate is he to become president. Just another example of Flapjack Johnny flipping once again.


Frederick said...

That why I call him our, "pResident."

Tom Harper said...

I can't believe McCain is sucking up to Bush, after all the smearing and slandering that Bush-Rove did to McCain in 2000.

Flipflopping on the issues is bad enough. But cozying up to somebody who screwed him over like that: he's either the biggest wuss that ever lived or he has absolutely zero sense of pride or integrity. Either way, he'd make a shitty president.

Kathy said...

McCain is desperate to reach out to Bush supporters because he knows he can't win without them. It's up to the rest of us to stop him in his tracks by taking a cue from Lew and reminding voters about the concerns previously raised by Rove and Bush.