Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Her. For Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is the first original "Hallmark Holiday" and is used by many retailers to guilt people into buying "the perfect gift" for their mom, wife and/or baby momma. Nothing says you'd knock her up all over again like a diamond necklace, show Mom how much you love her by buying the latest cell phone, or Mom'll love watching her favorite shows on a hi def big screen TV.

Here at unbrainwashed, we have found the perfect gift for the discerning gentleman to give to his expectant wife. Nothing says your my favorite thing to ride after my riding lawnmower than a Future Milf tee-shirt. How proud your woman will be to wear this lovely piece of clothing to church, family reunions, or the PTA meeting. And, if you haven't knocked any one up lately, or your wife/baby momma has taste, you can give it to your daughter (graduation is just around the corner) and make her feel that she's only important when she's looking hot and squeezing out babies.
Like Hillary Clinton says, "I'm no elitist, but I am a MILF, whatever that is."

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