Monday, May 12, 2008

Oooooops Again!

How embarrassing! Someone plans to show Iranian made explosives to journalists in Karbala only to find out they weren't made in Iran at all. These are the same chuckleheads who planned the war in Iraq, so don't be surprised that the latest round of "pin the war on Iran" has failed. So while Bush calls Iran the greatest threat to Mideast peace, remember, he's the one who wants to start the war with them.
Bush also called out Iran for supporting Hezzbollah, whom he blames for the recent fighting in Northern Lebanon. I'm sure it wasn't provoked by the Cheney/Bandar/Elliot Abrams Funded Terrorist Group of Sunni fundamentalist cells. For those of you with operational memory skills, the Sunnis are the ones who "attacked" us on 9/11 (according to the official conspiracy theory), and now we're using them to declare war on Hezbollah. How many years before this group is flying jets into US landmark structures?More poor planning I'm sure.
Because now we've come full circle in the war on terror. From going after the Sunnis militant fundamentalists who started this to now using the same group to go after the Shi'ite fundamentalists who offered condolences and assistance following the attack on that fateful day.
But remember, they hate us because we're free (and not because our leaders are all lying sacks of shit).


Kathy said...

No one takes seriously anything that comes out of their mouths anymore. They're cried "wolf" so many times they've lost every bit of credibility with the public, and the polls reflect that.

Frederick said...

This is why we have to BOMB IRAN NOW!!!11! Any further examination and the whole sweater come unraveled.

Mark said...

The war is over. Well, depending on who wins the election. Obama, Clinton, McCain... No this is far from over, another distraction is surely on the way. Can't wait to see what it is, oh I can't wait.

Graeme said...

nothing is shocking

Tom Harper said...

All right, that's enough nitpicking. Iran is still the greatest threat to peace in the history of the world. They have weapons of mass destruction and they're working hand in hand with al Qaeda. And don't forget, most of the 9/11 hijackers were Iranian.

But don't worry, when we invade Iran it'll be a cakewalk. Our soldiers will be showered with cake and flowers by throngs of grateful Iranians.