Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Way To Split The Party, Yoko!

If you look at this poll, you can see that as Barack Obama picked up more votes and delegates, he started to slip behind John McCain in the national polls. Does this make sense?
It does when you consider that once Sen. Clinton began to see her presumed destiny slip away, the attacks by her campaign against him began. If her aim is to win the nomination, it gets mathematically more impossible every day. There certainly is no reason for her to cling on another month until June 15. Her "big" win in Indiana yesterday owed more to the GOP dirty trick squad who are afraid to have the stronger candidate face off against McCain in November.
Wesley Clark, George McGovern and even my formerly Clintonatonic Brother James feel that Sen. Clinton should drop out of the race now, since it is all over for her now.
And yet, she still persists. Is her purpose, as has been suggested by many, to destroy Obama's chance of winning so she can nab the nomination in 2012? How could anyone true progressive or democrat stand behind her, if that is what her intentions are? Is she that deluded, or vain, to feel that four more years of Republican mismanagement are worth it to this country just so she can fulfill her "destiny"?
Contact Hillary Clinton and ask her, for the sake of America, to please drop out of the race.


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watch this

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you go.

Tom Harper said...

I think both Clintons will be finished if Hillary doesn't take the White House this year. And they both know it, so that's why she's hanging on by her fingernails no matter what the results will be.

I know Bill can't run for elective office again but he's still clinging to his legacy. What will happen to "America's First Black President" if some colored fella gets elected president? Billary cannot let this happen.

Agi said...

Heh, Yoko.

Good one.