Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cheney Lies To The Coast Guard Grads, And They Cheer Like The Brainwashed Pavlovian Mutts They Are

This nation has kept the commitment declared by President Bush after 9/11: to wage this battle on the offensive, to track the enemy down until he has no place left to hide, and to stay in the fight until the fight is won.-Vice President Richard Cheney, May 21, 2008
Remember the Global War On Terror? The one that the Bush administration initiated to seek vengeance against those who perpetrated the horrendous attacks of September 11, 2001?
It seems the CIA is protecting the followers of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from extradition to Iran for terrorist acts they carried out there. There you have it folks, the whole notion of a "war on terror" is a sham, a fucking sham. The whole thing is designed to remove our freedoms under the guise of "reorganizing the government to protect the homeland; expanding our ability to track enemy movements and communications" when actually what they want to do is protect the corpocracy by tracking citizen movement and communication. In the meantime, we keep pushing for more sanctions against Iran, a country that has not attacked us, nor enabled the terrorists who did, to continue with impunity their worldwide campaign of bombings against those they have deemed their enemies. Quite auspiciously for Mr. Cheney, there are people who want to believe that their leaders aren't lying to them, that "The people of Iraq and Afghanistan.....(have)chosen the path of freedom and democracy. And no matter who lines up against them, they can know that America -- the country that liberated them -- still cares about their freedom.". If we really believed in democracy, we would have welcomed the election of Hamas to the Palestinian Authority as an opportunity to open a dialog that would set a course for peace in the Middle East. But the thick headed unevolved Cro-Magnon-like Down's syndrome sufferers in charge believe that stand-offs resolve themselves and dropping bombs on civilians stops the increasing ranks of those committed to acts of terror against the US.
These are the same social 'tards who are pushing for war with Iran, because they fund Hezbollah, a group which has not attacked the US, and only defended Lebanon from further incursions by the IDF into Lebanese territory. And these are the same people who are using the alQaeda linked Jundullah to commit acts of terror in Iran. Hypocrites!


Graeme said...

we protect terrorists in Miami as well.

they are real right wingers, not even conservatives

Mark said...

Good point. Everyone knows those poor underprivileged saps in the United States Coast Guard are nothing more then "brainwashed pavlovian mutts"...I've always thought that.