Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The admiral in charge of Guantanamo Bay (or "Gitmo" to the Spanish impaired mush-mouthed soldier sniffing shittoheads) says that detainees there are pretty much living in a frat house. Yeah, I imagine there's lots of toga parties, beer busts, and riding of motorcycles up the stairs, with detainees visiting the local Food King to hook up with underage girls or the dean's wife. Surely that's what most Americans think of when they think of frat houses.
Never do they think of the Omega house, where brutal hazing rituals are carried out, pledges stripped down to their skivvies and paddled hard on the ass by a sadistic sergeant-at-arms who delights in inflicting as much pain as he can get away with under the parts of the Geneva conventions we still adhere to. But that is probably closer to the truth, something more suitable to the members of the Skull and Bones society than to your average television watcher's idea of fraternity.


Renegade Eye said...

That is why they have suicides, too much partying.

Tom Harper said...

What is it with the wingnuts' fixation on fraternity comparisons? Most of those dunces didn't go to college, and if they did they were probably too dorky to be allowed into any fraternities.

But ever since Abu Ghraib, every torture has been dismissed with "aw, I've seen fraternity pranks that were more painful than that."

Frederick said...

Oh shit, I missed this one. Great photoshop.