Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bush Bungles Again or Most. Incompetent. Presidency. Ever.

Perhaps you've seen the ads on television. Computer generated camouflaging people filling sandbags, flying helicopters and airlifting residents from natural disasters, all accompanied by a heavy rock soundtrack. Commercials for the national Guard and Army reserve, helping out Americans at home when catastrophe strikes.
Of course, now that they are needed at home, they are unavailable,as the most incompetent president ever has committed them to an endless war in the Middle East. They weren't there to fill sand bags to strengthen levees that had their funding cut by George W last February. They weren't there to airlift people trapped on rooftops. They're not there to stop looting, retrieve corpses, or help with the clean up. They are in Iraq, "kicking their ass and taking their gas".
Of course, they wouldn't have to be there if all the physically able people who support the war weren't cowards. Jeb's son, George Bush III. Why isn't he in Iraq. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has three sons of fighting age and he hasn't even asked them to fight in the war he supports. So, instead, our National Guard troops, who are needed here at home are filling the gap so that the ruling elite, the ones who will profit from the war, don't have to send their children to spill their blood so Daddy can get richer.
This whole catastrophe points out the obvious incompetence of the Bush administration. We should have known we were in trouble when the man coukldn't even eat a pretzel and watch tv at the same time. Next month, we have the four year anniversary of his most bungled moment, 9/11, where Bush ignored intelligence as late as August 6, 2001 that said Bin Laden was determined to strike in the US. Then, he bungled the attempt to capture Osama, letting him slip away in to Pakistan.
Then came Iraq, where Bush said diplomacy had failed. You actually have to try diplomacy in order for it to fail, but Bush and his neocon hawks don't believe in diplomacy. Neither did Hitler. This was followed by the actual invasion where the Bush administration actually believed that the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms, and throw flowers at our soldiers feet. Which never actually happened, but it didn't stop the idiot in chief from donning a flight suit and landing on an aircraft carrier with a large banner proudly proclaiming: "Mission:Accomplished". That was two and a half years ago, and the fighting still goes on because the people doing the planning had no prior battle experience so they didn't know how to formulate a strategy.
Now once again the American people are going to payimg twice for this disaster of a presidency. First, their tax dollars are going to a government that isn't accountable and doesn't feel it needs to be. Then, they will pay again, at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and any where else costs will rise because public funds were diverted to fight an illegal and very expensive ($5 billion a month) war.
Now, America is weakened as well, with our National Guard overseas, and FEMA struggling in Louisiana, she is vulnerable for another terrorist attack. You can bet that if and when it does happen, the Bush Administration, as well as all the fascist right wing pundits who support it will find a way to blame it all on Cindy Sheehan. So much for personal responsiblity.

(This post is for Mark, who suggested I write it. Here ya go buddy)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

God Strikes Back At The Red States

Many people talk to God on a daily basis, it's called praying, and they claim he answers them by answering their prayers, yes or no at about a fifty percent rate. Other people, such as Jerry Falwell or Marion "Pat" Robertson claim that God speaks to them, and when pressed on the matter, in order to appear less maniacal to those not brainwashed under their spell, merely hold up the Bible and say "He speaks to me through scripture!"
Today, I had a chance to interview God, as there were a few things that I had questions about that couldn't be answered through prayer, so I got in touch with his press secretaryMohammed and invited God to come over for some JimBeam and Vernor's so we could talk over a few things.
Lew: First off, I'd like to thank you for coming, I know what a busy man you are and all.
God: Well, nowadays most prayers are easy to answer as most people just want more money. If someone is sick, Jesus can handle it.
Lew: So he is your son?
God: You are all my children. Hey, that'd be a great name for a soap opera!
Lew: I think it already is, but you don't watch much television.
God: I like to watch the football. I got a thing for the Detroit Lions. They always lose, and yet they come back to play every year. That's the definiton of the human spirit.
Lew: So do you speak to people like Pat Robertson?
God: I talk to him all the time. I say"Give some of those millions you collect in the name of me and my son to the suffering and hungry". He pretends not to hear me, or thinks I say stuff like "Call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez".
Lew: Did you call for his assassination?
God: Marion, that's what I call him, it is his Christian name, why would he not honor his mother and father and use it? Anyway, I said Marion, look at that Hugo guy down there in Venezuela, he takes all the money they make from all that oil I gave them and uses it to feed the hungry, give them bricks to build their homes, just like my boy Jesus would do. But Marion doesn't understand my Book, that's why he called for the assassination of Hugo, so I said, Thou shall not kill, Marion, it's in my Book. He was too busy reading the Wall Street Journal.
Lew:What about when Jerry Falwell said you allowed 9/11 to happen because of America's acceptance of the deviant homosexual lifestyle?
God:Listen, I made homosexuals! The world needs clothes designers and male chorus dancers, they make me happy! I am not in the business of stopping man's schemes, I handle earthquakes and floods and tornadoes and-
God:Yes, hurricanes. I sent that one you called Katrina because George W Bush sent their protectors in N'awlins to steal all the oil from Muslims.
Lew: George W Bush said you told him to.
God: I think he was having what you might call delirium tremors then. I do not tell people to steal, I made it one of my commandments!(angrily) Thou shall not steal! Surely a reasonable person can see that is what he is doing. And he lied to do it! Thou shall not bear false witness! So I sent the hurricane as a message to those people in the south of the United states, the ones who voted for this liar. Read my Book! Do not hate! No matter how many times I send floods and hurricanes they just don't get it. Only I may inflict my wrath! I do not use bombs, I use thunder and lightning.
Lew: I can see you're getting a little agitated..
God: That is why I do not drink too much, but this is a tasty little concoction.
Lew:Yeah, it's the Vernor's that makes it. One last question. Which is the one true faith?
God:The truth of the faith lies in the heart of the believer. The one who uses their faith for goodness, that is the true faith. Did you know that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all worship me? Yet they all fight with each other! In my name! I do not want this. I would send another Saviour down, but for some reason you humans do horrible things to Him, then when he's dead, you use his name to do even more horrible things.
Lew: Well thanks for stopping by!
God: yes, I must be going. Mohammed and I are bowling against Satan and Beelzebub tonight.
Lew:Well, I'm sure you'll win. You bless You.

The Liberal Media And Opposition Party are Figments of the Brainwashed Imagination

I keep getting emails from John Kerry, or someone in his office and I don't know why. He is pleading with me to sign this petition or that petition so he can really do something about George W. Bush. I signed the first one, but now I just delete them, as he did nothing on the first petition, why should I sign another for him to inact on? It's reminiscent of his campaign for the presidency where he really tried to take on Bush and never really tried to capture the voters attention. Like Dan Quayle said of George Bush's '92 campaign against Bill Clinton, "It's the greatest campaign never run."
Recent polls indicate that support for the war in Iraq is waning, yet our politicians ignore them, much as they ignore polls indicating a majority of Americans opposed CAFTA and passing that detrimental (to American workers anyway, Korporate America will profit handsomely from it) legislation. The amazing thing is that while this was in Congress, not one Democrat put up any kind of a fight to save the American worker, which is supposedly their power base. Not John Kerry, not Hillary Clinton, they all just let this slide, like the illegal pre-emptive war of the Bush Administration.
Now I see where Colleen Rowley is running for Congress as a Democrat in Minnesota, and I wish this patriot well. Surely you must remember her, she was Time's person of the year, which she attained by blowing the whistle on her superiors who stonewalled her attempt to investigate Arabs at flight training schools. This was after the discovery of "Operation:Bojoinka" where Arabs conspired to hijack planes in the nineties and crash them into various symbols of decadent Western culture, such as the Eiffel Tower and the World Trade Center. I wish her all the success in her campaign, but if she is treading on ground that Korporate America and AIPAC don't want her to tread on (such as Camp Casey in Crawford) I'm sure that she will soundly be defeated and smeared.
An attempt was made when Ms. Rowley visited 'hardball with Chris Matthews' a show on MSNBC. NBC is owned by General Electric, who also makes engines for jet fighters. Like CBS, owned by Westinghouse (which makes components for missile guidance systems), NBC has been accused of having a liberal slant by the far right. I guess since they don't call Cindy Sheehan the ditch in the bitch, they must have an agenda. That when they have reported on Camp Casey, they have tried to portray supporters there as whackos means nothing, if they don't outright accuse her of being unpatriotic (trying to stop all those profits those people with Shell and Halliburton stock are making) then they must have a liberal bias. Which has all the right wingers turning to "fair and balanced" Fox News, where right wing propaganda is passed off as news. I guess that right wingers tend to forget that in the months preceeding our illegal invasion of Iraq, all the networks were running anti-Saddam propaganda, backed with flag waving graphics, linking it to the "War On Terror", which at the time wasn't about the "noble" cause of bringing democracy to Iraq, rather it was about stopping Saddam from attacking us which he could do "in forty five minutes" according to one Bush speech with his "weapons of mass destruction" that Bush knew didn't exist.
Korporate news is not about reporting the truth, or anything close to it, it's about keeping you scared and glued to the tv so you'll sit through annoying commercials to keep up on the latest story, be it runaway brides, gruesome murders or the latest celebrity trials. Bush could have ended this whole thing weeks ago, but instead has let it go on as a distraction from the fact that traitorous Karl Rove has not been fired for outing an American intelligence operative. Which is something that Korporate media with the "liberal" bias has let slip from the public consciousness. Of course, if they were to run stories about it like they do runaway brides, etc. they run the risk of pissing off the vindicative Bush administration, who might cut off their government contracts. And that's just not good business.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Behind Bush is an A**hole

Recently, war supporters held a little rally of their own in Crawford TX in an attempt to counter all the attention Cindy Sheehan has recieved. Although the crowd numbers in the Korporate media are large, a video available at ( a liberal organization) showed a different picture.
One of the interviewees was a nineteen year old male youth. he felt that the war is a noble cause, and would go if there was a draft, but he was attending college and that was more important. I got news for you bub. The Army has a little thing called the GI bill which will help pay for you college after serving your country. College will always be there, the chance to put your money where your mouth is won't be, you pansy. Chickenhawks feel it's insensitive to hand out registration forms as some people are unable to serve. Well, unless you're in a wheelchair, there's no reason you shouldn't fight. It reminds me of the excuse former Governor of Michigan John Engler(R) gave for not fighting in VietNam. He was too fat! Doesn't the army get you in shape? It seems like the perfect place for a lard ass like Engler to drop a few pounds (and he could use it, the last time I saw Mr. Engler, he looked like a skinnymaker to me).
Another pro-war person who was of service age was young female of 21. What was most disturbing was the sign she carried around supporting her noble cause. "Kick their ass and take their gas" the sign read in hand made lettering. Aha! I thought, this noble cause isn't about finding non-existent weapons of mass destruction. It's not about setting up a democracy, or even creating a Greater Israel. Nope, are troops are over there essentially performing a high tech mugging, murdering innocent people (over 100,000 so far) so dickwads with self-esteem problems can drive around Humvees. Yep, sounds like a noble cause to me! Something to be proud of, to celebrate. A crime. Yep, that's certainly a reason to wave a flag, Bush committed our troops to break the law so his buudies could suck more money from the pockets of the taxpayer at the taxpayer's expense. Why Hell, when you put it that way, it still seems like a bad idea. And like I always say, those who support law and order are usually the biggest criminals in the place.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Welcome To The Autocracy

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important to the President to explain what that exit strategy is."-Governor George W Bush (R-TX)

By now it's obvious that this President is no humble servant as a growing majority want US out of Iraq (as well as a majority of Iraqis) He has no deisre to talk to Cindy Sheehan, or anyone else that isn't going to pitch him slanted slowball questions written by Karl Rove, who also has pithy answers delivered with that arrogant smirk.
Bush, nor any of our politicians work for us any more. Google search Kay Griggs and listen to her explain how the system really works.
Kay Griggs is the second wife of Col. George Griggs, has a tale to tell ripped from the pages of her husbands diary as well his drunken tirades. He told her tales of secret societies in our finest colleges and homosexual initiation rituals, such as 'dining in' (oral sex performed on men in coffins) and the 'shellback'. At Yale the secret society was Skull and Bones (both Bush and Kerry were members). These men are groomed for top positons with the knowledge they can be blackmailed at anytime. Is Bush gay? ( has a hilarious piece "Is Bush a girly man?") Well, he was a cheerleader! And it would explain that whole James Guckert/Jeff Gannon thing.
These men in the military are all pedophiles who search for poor young boys with low self-esteem (Bill Clinton anyone?) to fornicate with and practise their sick sexual predilections on
while they are groomed for top positions in the government. Once ensconsed, they are then blackmailed in to keeping quiet while military operations are run against the American people (assassinations, 9/11, that sort of thing) . When asked who was behind all this, Mrs. Griggs hesitated, then mentioned the "Z" word that no one dare speak lest they be smeared as a racist.
So even if Bush wanted to pull our troops out of Iraq, these people have the goods on him. And I'm sure that when his presidency is over he'll join the other pedophiles at Bohemian Grove in Thousand Oaks CA ("Faggiest Goddamn thing you ever saw"-Richard Nixon) and frolic naked through the woods and have a fresh crop of young boys just overflowing with impudent man-juice to taste.
According to Mrs. Griggs, the CIA is really powerless, the real operations are carried out by military intelligence, where no one dare speak out for fear of blackmail. In fact, she went to former CIA director William Colby with this and eight weeks later he turned up dead.
She sat down with the pastor of a Michigan church and spilled the beans for eight hours, which is available in it's entirety. Why the Korporate media is not trumpeting her story (which is odd, since they are liberals gunning for Bush, right?) is probably what's keeping her alive.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why Are White Supremacists jumping On the Anti-War Bandwagon?

Recent reports from Crawford place the white supremacist group "Stormfront" has joined Cindy Sheehan in her noble but futile effort for accountability from the Bush Reich. This causes one to wonder, "Wouldn't white supremacists actually support the effort by the Bush reich to kill as many dark skinned people as possible?" Of course, you're not supposed to think about this, just blindly follow the Korporate media as it endlessly tries to discredit Ms. Sheehan and her followers.
Of course, the question remains, who would try to discreditand slander the anti-war movement? The FBI tried this in the sixties with COINTELPRO where agents would infiltrate peaceful demonstrations and commit atrocities (like spitting on returning Vietnam vets) to discredit the anti war movement.
Today on a check of who owned the domain name for Stormfront was shown. The address? Palm Beach, FL. You can check it out for yourself at .
So this can only mean one of two things:Either white supremacists know the war is really for Israel, or, Zionists are working to dicredit Ms. Sheehan as she tries to end a war that war criminal Ariel Sharon has wanted for quite some time.
Of course, I expect the usual bunch of slurs and name calling from those who can't argue with the facts, but I've grown used to them now and have figured out where they really are coming from. And the truth of the matter is, after surfing the blogs, I find that those who support the war are people who have no problem annihilating all those "Islamofascists". I mean, really, Palm Beach FL? Everyone knows that all the ignorant racists are in Mississippi.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Burn A Flag, Save The Constitution

Recently I've been inundated with comments suggesting that I endorse flag burning. The flag is a piece of cloth these days made in China used to represent our country and all it's freedoms which are guaranteed to all under the constitution. Some of those rights is the freedom of expression and the right of freedom of speech. And if you are an inarticulate war protestor whose brain is foggy from too much pot inhalation, perhaps burning a flag is the only way to express your dissatisfaction that is increasingly unresponsive to the demands of it's citizens. If you bought the flag, you should have every right to do with as you wish, as long as you do it on your property.
In the Clinton administration there was much ballyhoo about hate crime legislation following the murder of a gay man by homophobic gomers. Which, as far as I remember, murder is still a crime, how many life sentences can a person serve for the same crime? This led to a number of other acts to be classified as hate crimes, including cross burning. Once again, if a bunch of sheet wearing inbred yahoos want to meet on private property and burn a cross as part of some bizarre racist ritual, that's there right. It's only when you burn a cross on someone else's lawn that it becomes a crime. And, too, if burning a cross is a hate crime, then perhaps burning a flag should be as well.
Recently the Bush released it's "Report on Global Anti-Semitism". It made the recommendation that critism of Israel and it's leaders be a hate crime. Huh? Wha? Let me see, you can criticize France, you can criticize Venezuela, you can even criticize the good old U.S. of A, but criticize Israel? To me, this sets up a dictatorship by proxy where Israel can do as damn well it pleases, even attack the US and the American people can't say a word about it. It will even be a crime to suggest that Israel owns the US Congress!
Another recommendation is that criticism of Zionism also be made a hate crime. I've read lots of people criticize lots of other different religions, from Catholicism to Islam, but only Zionism is protected from criticism under these recommendations. Also, Holocaust denial is a hate crime, but perhaps even loonier are the people who would deny that it took place. Also, Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of The Christ" would become illegal because accusing Jews of being Christ-killers would be deemed a hate crime.All this is sure to pass as AIPAC does in fact own our congress. They have a nifty little scam going where Israel recieves $3 billion in aid annually from the US, then uses it to buy congressmen willing to send more aid, or defeat congressmen critical of Israel. Then, the congress, knowing who their masters are (and it's not the American people, just look at the percentage of people who support the war in Iraq vs. Bush's steadfast refusal that such a colossal blunder was a mistake) vote to send more aid to Israel. At the last AIPAC Congress, US politicians from both parties sucked up to them in order to get support for their next office bid. Bill Clinton even said at one point"I'd die for Israel". This from a guy who declined to serve his country in VietNam.
So my recommendation is you do two things. One: burn a flag, just make sure it's an Israeli flag. Two: do quickly because this is what Israel wants, and like the war in Iraq they desired, they are sure to get their way, after all, they paid a lot of our money to buy our congress.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Will Hugo Chavez Replace Kim Jong II on the Bush Axis of Evil?

Recent reports have come out stating that the Bush Administration, under pressure from South Korea and Japan, have silently eliminated North Korea from the axis of evil. It seems that Japan and South Korea are uncomfortable with the tag, being American allies directly in the line of fire of this lunatic. The question is: Has he been replaced with Venezuealn President Hugo Chavez.
Chavez has come in the line of fire recently with "Pat" Robertson calling for his assassination, an illegal act under American law. Comparing Chavez to Jong, it's easy to see why this will happen.
Kim Jong II is a communist dictator for life. This autocrat is reported to have rape rooms and torture rooms similar to the ones Saddam used on his people. Chavez recently visited Cuba, met with Fidel and watched the graduating class of Venezuelan doctors trained there with money from Venezuela's vast oil reserves. The doctors are set to practice in the poor sections of his country, helping the poor and the weak. I'm sure he would have liked to send them to America which has finer medical schools, but the AMA limits the number of medical students in the US, to stop this country from being flooded with doctors like it is lawyers. Which is a good thing, since there are just so many bad lawyers out there, there would sure to be a gaggle of bad doctors, driving up malpractice insurance costs and therefore medical costs. So, instead, he turned to Cuba.
Chavez has also purchased fighter jets and weaponry from Russia with his country's oil profits, which he claims is to defend his country and all of Latin America from US "imperialism". Which is bad news for the minority of people who actually support CAFTA, where even more manufacturing jobs are sure to be sent when the bill is passed.He alleges that the US was behind an attempted coup in his country, a claim denied by the Bush administration who rushed to recognize the coup leaders immediately. Kim Jong II has nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver a warhead to the West Coast of the US.
Kim Jong is a communist dictator for life, placed in power following the death of his father, Kim Jong I. Chavez is a democratically elected president who has survived one recall effort by his opposition and has a mandate of 59% of the voters of his country. It is intersting to note that "Pat" Robertson made his comments after signing a deal with a company that is looking to do business with Chavez's opposition, if they just could get him out of the way. So much for the right wing's belief in promoting democracy.
Which brings us to the final comparison. Venezuela, like other axis members Iraq and Iran, sits on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Condaleeza Rice, Dick(head) Cheney and even President Bush himself all have ties to the oil industry. Thankfully for Kim Jong II, he has no oil reserves to speak of. Because if he did, he'd be back on that list faster than you could say "Pat" Robertson.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Marion "Pat" Robertson: Racist Christianazi

Towards the end of the last millenium, "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelets were popualr with the brainwashed Christian right. They must have fallen out of favor when they realized that a lot of their political and "spiritual" leaders were doing things that not only would Jesus not do, he might get upset about invoking zHis name while they did it.
Nowhere is tha6t more evident than in the minisitry of Dr. Marion "Pat" Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and host of it's daily propagand show, The 700 Club. yesterday on the show, Dr. Robertson suggested the US government should assassinate Venezuelan Presidnet Hugo Chavez. I've never read the Bible, but I'm fairly sure that there is no Book of Assassins.
As one more clue that the right wing really oppose democracy,President Chavez is the popular democratically elected Socialist leader of Venezuela. He has nationalized the oil industry (10% of the US supply) and used the profits to help the poor. (Sounds like something Jesus would do). The poor, who used to live in cardboard huts, were land and bricks to build new homes, as well as milk for their families.
Of course, he has done other things too, like aligning himself with Fidel Castro' Communist regime in Cuba and vowed to help the Cuban leader's failing country, he has built up his nation's military, and he has aligned himself with Iran in OPEC. he has also vowed to aid any Latin American country threatened by the US.
In Venezuela, there are two class of people. The minority of the citizens are of Spanish descent, wealthy white landowners and businessmen who despise Chavez's socialist reforms. The majority of the people are descendants of those whom were there when the Spaniards landed, are brown and dirt poor. And they love Chavez, as evidenced in his majority victory in two national elections, including a recall effort backed by the Bush regime.
Also, when a coup took place (reported in the New York Times as a resignation) these people took to the streets after a sympathetic soldier gave him a cell phone so he could let the people know he was still in charge. Chavez alleges the US was behind the coup, a charge the Bush regime denies then went on to help the opposition in a failed recall attempt.
"Reverend" Pat(he gave up his ordination preceding a failed presidential bid in 1988) seems intent on using his followers to enrich himself, ofetn under the guise of helpingm the poor. His foray into African diamond mining was funded in part by donations made to Operation Blessing, which was designed to help fly medical supplies to help refugees in the Congo. Apparently, the planes were ill-equipped to fly medical supples, but just right for flying mining supplies, the good doctor having just bought into a diamond mining company. During the flights, Pat never cracked a Bible, being too busy reading the Wall Street Journal and Investor's Daily, and the only prayer on the flight was a "prayer for diamonds". It's easy to see what God Marion worships. While trying to set up an internet banking deal in China he met with Zhu Rhongji, the communist dictator who has jailed Christian ministers. An associate said, "Pat would meet with the Devil if that is the only way to help suffering people." Which makes his attack on Chavez, who actually has helped suffering people, so, so so, hypocritical.

Some of the information on Dr. Robertson comes from "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast, Chapter 6. Published by Plume Books.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Just Some Kids Trying To Have Fun In The New Reich

Well, I can imagine how the Korporate media will try to spin this story, if this story ever makes the Korporate media, that is. And I know how all the Reactionary apologists will spin this, to make it seem as all these kids were on drugs, so Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American watching this huddled in fear in their duct taped and plastic sheeted safe room will feel that these storm troopers were just protecting them.
I'm not a rave fan, nor do I care too much for white boys in dread locks(sorry, that look is over) with backwards baseball caps, and house music is boring repetitive nonesense (give me some Garth Brooks anyday), but I'm not a fan of Christian rock either, I would be just as outraged if this had happened at a Jars of Clay concert. Which it wouldn't have, because at that concert you wouldn't find leaflets being passed out to ask people to join a protest when Bush comes to town. Which, according to a source in the Utah government said, that the fear that this rave would be used to rally support for the protest against Bush's Utah visit.

According to one deejay this was a legal party, on private property with all the proper permits. According the deejay, security personnel were hired to search partygoers for drugs and alcohol, and were later arrested for posession for the confiscated drugs they had on hand. According to the Sheriff's Department this Rave was broken up because of sexual assaults on females at previous Rave. No explaination was given why the attending officers needed assault rifles to break up a party of teenagers.
When you look at a video it does appear that the police are using excessive force. And they are in full combat gear with assault weapons. Now, if this were a bunch of terrorists, I could understand such an excessive use of force. But in the video it is apparent that the only terrorists here are the SWAT teams called in to break up a celebration of youthful exuberance.
When asked to leave, the partiers all left with out an arguement, though one wonders why it takes four men to handcuff a suspect who is not offering resistance.
I remember when I was in high school, we used to have some pretty big keggers, sometimes with bands, all held on private property with no permits. All it took to break these up were one sheriff's deputy with a siren. And there was probably as much drugs being taken then as there was here, the list of drugs found (apparently security was just not that good) matched the stuff available when I was in high school. *(Which, by the way, is why certain drugs are kept illegal. Legalized, they would be well regulated and kept away from those too young to know any better.) The only difference is ectasy hadn't been invented yet.
So now Der Fuhrer can go to Utah, safe in knowing the threat of potential dissenters has been eradicated, and he can have his flag waving propaganda campaign go on (looking for all the world like a Nazi Party rally from the thirties) as he tries to resell his illegal war to a growing majority of Americans who have come to realize that it has not made us any safer, only less free.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Paying At The Pump For Failed Foreign Policy

As Bush begins his five day campaign to sell the war the war in Iraq to the American people, the unbrainwashed know what to expect. Large hand picked crowds of cheering thongs of flag waving, Shell Oil and Halliburton stock holding people whose children aren't fighting overseas, looking more like a Nazi party rally than a representation of the majority of Americans, of which only 39% actually support the war. Taking a page from Hitler, Bush will admit no fault or wrong, and repeat the same lies over and over in hopes of continuing the Global War on Terror, oops, I mean the Global Struggle against terror. Whoops, I mean the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism. And like the name for the war, the objectives of the war keep changing. First it was stop Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction. Then, it became about getting that evil Saddam feller, then after we caught him (or his double, Saddam's wife insists it's not him) it was about establishing an American like democracy in Iraq. Now it looks like Bush will have to settle for a Islamist Constitution in Iraq, replacing the only secular government in the region. So much for the Christianazi dream of wiping out the "Islamofascists".
In the mean time, Iran and Venezuela have announced cutting oil exports to the US, with Venezuela announcing it's plan to open a
oil exporting company in China. China and Russia have announced that they will come to the aid of Iran should they be attacked by the US, which is something that Dick(head) Cheney is itching to do.(No wonder he built that $10 million dollar bunker under his house).
What this means to the American gas consumer is that with Ecuador cutting oil production, and less oil flowing to the US from Iran and Venezuela, oil prices are sure to jump even higher, meaning we all will be paying more than we already are per gallon for gas. Which is good news if you're a stockholder in a major oil company, bad news if you have a long commute to work, school, or any other place you need to go that can't effectively be reached by public transportation. With oil prices rising, anything that is shipped to your local grocery store are sure to rise in price as well.
Why is this happening? Well, in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez is still angry about attempts to undermine his presidency by the Bush administration, including an attempted coup that he feels was backed by the US, as well as US support for the wealthy non-Socialist minority opposition.(So much for supporting a democracy)Iran angry because the Bush administration has it in it's sights, threatening to nuke it if there is another terrorist attack on US soil, even if it(the terrorist attack) didn't originate from Iran.

What can you do? Nothing, as the evidence that Bush doesn't listen to the American people sits before you at Camp Casey. I suggest staying home this Labor Day weekend, as gas prices are sure to rise even higher by then. You can trade your SUV in on a more fuel efficient vehicle. You can walk to more places ( a lot of fat assed Americans could stand the excercise, myself included). Or, you can wave a flag like a magic wand and hope it all goes away. Good luck with that .

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Intelligent Design Vs. Darwin: Education Vs. Indoctrination.

Bill Frist came out for "teaching" intelligent design as part of science in today's schools. Waht a surprise. I guess after he flip-flopped on stem cell research, he had to do something to appease the Christianazis of the religious right. And there you have it.
Intelligent design, or creationism is the, well you couldn't really call it science, since it isn't based on any scientific principle, other than, gee, someone must have designed the universe, it's so perfect, must have been God. All it's teachings are that essentially God put together this whole thing, natural selection and evrything. If you buy this, you just passed.
What's really wrong is that tax payer dollars are being spent to indoctrinate children to a religious belief. Religion is the duty of the parents, not the government, and if you were truly spiritual, you wouldn't want the government getting mixed up in your religion, seeing how they have managed to bungle any other thing they've foisted upon us.
However, let me say this to all you Darwinists out there. There is evidence of human life being on this planet for millions of years, not some pre-evolutionary ancestor, but actual human beings like ourselves. In 1979, Mary Leakey found human footprints in volcanic ash that is 3.7 million years old. Human bones and tools were found in rock deposits hundreds of years old. Darwin relies on the discovery of a 'missing link' that has yet to be discovered. All this information is available in a book called "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael Cremo.
What creationists fail to realize is that the Theory of Evolution is just that, a theory to be proved or disproved based on scientific models and discoveries. Creationism, as it is taught, is based on the Bible, the least scientific book on the planet. So save your religious beliefs for church, not for our public schools.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Cindy Sheehan:Media Distraction

While I grieve for Ms. Sheehan, and being the father of two young boys I hope I never have to go through what she's going through now. I feel she is being used, not by the liberal antiwar movement, but by the Korporate media, and it's poster boy, George W (W stands for Wuss) Bush. You see, as long as Bush never meets face to face with Ms. Sheehan, the media circus will continue. And that's just what this administration wants.
It doesn't matter to Bush that approval ratings for the war keep falling, they are either too arrogant to admit they made a mistake, or just taking a page from 'Mein Kampf". As long as the Korporate media's attention is focused on Ms. Sheehan, it is effectively distracting the public attention away from the crime of treason committed by Karl Rove. In the meantime, in an effort to save Mr. Rove's neck from the gallows, they have changed the name for the war, even though it is still a war, it has gone from the Global War on Terror to the Global Struggle Against Terrorism, to finally, the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism. This from the same people that changed 'prisoner of war' to 'enemy detainee' so America can willfully violate the Geneva Conventions.
The Bush administration is hoping that this change of title will save traitorous Karl Rove if special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald chooses to go after him using the Intelligence Indentity Protection Act that states if this happened in a time of war and it aids our enemies (since Ms. Plame's operation was involved in monitoring WMD worldwide, it certainly would have aided Saddam Hussein, if he had any WMD) then he has truly committed an act of treason and should be punished.
But, if Mr. Fitzgerald uses US code793 and 794 , Mr. Rove faces life in prison or the death penalty. Considering how Mr. Bush executed more criminals as governor of Texas than any other governor in US history, his refusal to execute Rove (who, still has a job in the White House, even after Bush stated that anyone involved in this treason would no longer be working there) would be just one more act of hypocrisy carried out by the right wing.
Consider this quote(thanks Daily Kos):"If we are going to commit American troops, we must be certain they have a clear mission, an acheivable goal and an exit strategy," Karen Hughes, speaking on behalf of then candidate George W. Bush about Clinton's illegal war in Bosnia.
You see, during Clinton's illegal military excursion, in which no US soldier died, Sean Hannity, who has since told antiwar protestors to dissent quietly said:"Explain to the mothers and fathers ofAmerican servicemen that may have to come home in body bags why their son or daughter had to give up their life." Fox News 4/6/99. of course now that his guy's in the White House, I'm sure that Mr. Hannity has changed positions and feels that Bush should not have to explain himself to Ms. Sheehan, such is the rampant hypocricy that runs through the right wing. I believe this is called a flip-flop.
Now, concerning Bosnia and Kosovo, when we were bombing over there, the antiwar sentiment wasn't as heated as it is now. Right wingers feel because Bill Clinton was in the White House, this illegal act was given a pass by them and the "liberal" media. In reality, the war in Bosnia and Kosovo received little media attention as at the time they were too busy running Whitewater, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky down the people's throats to distract them from the illegal military action. There were no flag waving graphics, no "Support Our Troops" magnets, no shut up and get behind the President sentiment from reactionary pundits. Sure, the 'ethnic cleansing' propaganda was there, but it was no way near as much as the 'Saddam is evil' propaganda that filled our airwaves before the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bush/Cheney:The Fourth Reich

One thing I gleaned from all my years of reading MAD Magazine was this saying by Descartes:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

I think in the years following WWII, America has forgotten what was so bad about Hitler. Sure, the Holocaust was an evil thing, but most of America weren't aware of it until the camps had been liberated. What was so awful about Hitler and the Axis powers was their unbending intent on conquering and ruling the globe. The war was about saving the world from Nazi domination.
It was Hitler's obsession with the Jewish people that proved his undoing as more and more resources were diverted to the "Final Solution". His intent on wiping out the Jewish race clouded his thinking until it affected every decision he made.

Read any right wing blog and you will find the bloggers desire to wipe out the "Islamofascists." Bearing in mind that religious persecution is as unAmerican as apple strudel, it's interesting that 1.the people who cry out for genocide against the Muslims don't actually want to do it themselves, and, 2. they all repeat the same phrases over and over, as if brainwashed by Ann, or Rush, or Sean, or any of the other right wing proto-fascists on American television and radio these days.

I came across a few quotes, and I thought I'd have a little quiz:

1.Who said,"The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders...tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger"?
Was it a.)Michael Moore
b.)Sean Hannity
c. )Herman Goering
2.Who said,"The lie can only be maintained for such a time as the state can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all it's powers to repress dissent for truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the state"?
Was it a.) Cindy Sheehan
b.)Ann Coulter
c.)Joseph Goebbels
3.Who said,"Never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it"?
Was it a.)Joseph Wilson
b.) Rush Limbaugh
c.)Adolph Hitler

Of course, the answer to all three questions is c.), but it's easy to see how b.) could also apply. For the Bush administration and it's propagandists have taken a page from the Nazi playbook. How many times have you heard Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly call war protestors "unpatriotic" or "traitors"? How many times are we told that "terrorists" are ready to attack us on a weekly basis? The truth is, if the terrorists do attack us, it will show that all the rights we have conceded have not made us any more secure, therefore they will not be allowed to attack unless an attack is needed to justify a response.
How many lies were told to justify our invasion of Iraq? Well, it was only three, but they were big lies. Saddam had WMD. Saddam had links to alqaeda. Saddam was involved in 9/11. And they were repeated by Bush and Cheney again and again long after the truth was found out. How many mistakes has Bush owned up to? It's easy to see why he refuses to meet with Cindy Sheehan, that would be tantamount to admitting he made a mistake, or worse, that he lied, and that goes against the gospel according to Adolph Hitler.
Bill O'Reilly said:"I'm telling you, if they go in there and there's nothing, I will apologize to the American people and I will never believe anything that Bush says again." They found nothing. O'Reilly ahs never formally apologized that I'm aware of (never admit a fault or wrong) and I don't believe he has turned against the Bush Administration, nor has he dropped his support for the war in Iraq.
Nowhere is the attempt to stifle dissent more obvious than in the actions of the Bush supporters, who behave like the brown shirts of the Nazi party. Many a post on this blog has been hit not with refutation of the facts, but of slanderous name calling. At "Camp Casey", where Cindy Sheehan and her supporters set up wooden crosses with American flags attached to them to honor those who sacrificed themselves where the Bush supporting goons wouldn't. To give them the honor that all the other "coalition of the willing" countries give to their fallen (ours are smuggled in under the cover of night, their flag draped coffins not allowed to be photographed with no acknowledgement of the sacrifice from Bush or the goons who support him). The other dayt, a Bush supporter, driving a pick-up dragging chains, ran over those memorials, destroying half of them.
So next time you read about Nazi Germany, don't ask how could it happen there, ask yourselves, why is it happening here?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Middle Eastern Country, Hmmm.......

As I drove to work today I was listening to the news, delivered by a local deejay who gets his news from the internet. He told the story of blueprint plans for the Miami Airport's new security division being intercepted as they were being sent to a "Middle Eastern" country. The plans were being mailed to a "Middle eastern" country by two architecture students of "Middle Eastern" descent. Hmmmm, I wondered to myself, which Midddle eastern country would that be? If it were Iraq, or Iran, they would be identified as such. If they were Palestinian or Syrian, they would also be identified as such. If they were Lebanese or Saudis, well, you get the picture.
No, there is only one "Middle Eastern" country blessed with vagaries by the news media when their citizens are caught red handed committing criminal and potentially terroristic acts.

I've also been reading about the soon to burst housing bubble, and it brought to mind the stock market bubble. In the summer of 2001, at Herman Miller, the company I worked for at the time, there was lots of speculative scuttlebutt about lay-offs set for September. Everyone walked on eggshells for fear that their department would be one of the ones marked for cuts. Then, of course, September 11, came, and the economy ground to the halt because of the "terrorist attacks" and two weeks later my department was shut down because 'people won't be buying much office furniture for awhile' because of the terrorist attacks. I guess they needed money for the duct tape and plastic sheeting.
Now there's much buzz about the impending "terrorist attacks", with the timeline being between tomorrow (August 17) and September 7 (when all army leaves have been cancelled after). I wonder if the impending housing bubble burst will blamed on the "attacks", as opposed to the greed of housing lenders and mortgage companies.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Don't Ask Us To Sacrifice What You Will Not Sacrifice Yourself

Recently my ex-wife and her new husband have added a new tenant to there residence. It his seven year old son, who was until recently living with his mom. Then, she was called back to duty to serve another tour in Iraq (she has already served one). You see, with recruitment levels falling, what little forces we have are being called back time and time again to serve extended tours. Now I think, with all the pro-war comments I've been reading and receiving, that there'd be tons of Christianazis lining up to take on the "Islamofascists". Maybe they all are afraid that people will find out they're gay .
I respect this woman, for like Cindy Sheehan, she is doing what she feels is right for her country. And I certainly hope that she makes it out okay, as she is a mother as well as a soldier and will leave behind a loving son if something were to happen to her. But it begs the question: why hasn't Bush's daughters served a tour of duty in Iraq?
You remember Bush's daughters, Jenna and Barbara, don't you? Heck, they were on the cover of every supermarket tabloid having a wild old drunken time until one publication received one of the anthrax letters mailed out post-9/11. Then, they mysteriously disappeared from the public eye.
Now, if Bush's daughters were good Christian girls, and their father had asked them to serve their country, one would think they would do the Christian thing and honor thy father. So, are they not good Christians Girls (lots of good Christian girls get falling down drunk), or has their father not asked them? Do they not believe in this war? I'm sure a lot of politicians who believe in this war (like Bill Clinton) have children or grandchildren old enough to serve their country at this time when our fighting forces are being stretched to the limit. How many of them are serving in Iraq? (last I heard, it was one, and it wasn't Chelsea)
So how can these people ask our families to make the ultimate sacrifice, when they are not willing to do so themselves? How can the flag waving brainwashed Christianazis support the war if none of their children or grandchildren are fighting in it?
Survey says: They're hypocrites!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I Guess They Call Him Bush Because He's Got No Balls

I see where old George W (W stands for Wuss) refused to meet with Cindy Sheehan. I guess he'd have to meet with every parent whose child sacrificed their lives for a Greater Israel, and he's just too darn busy on his vacation playing cowboy to be a real man. Then of course he'd have to admit that Zionists in the DoD have confiscated our armed forces to benefit them and a minority of reactionary Protestant Christianazis who would be glad to send the Catholics, Blacks and other poor white people to die for imagined terrorists that are really Mossad agents in disguise.
But more and more people are waking up to the fact that when Bush was playing jet fighter, flying onto an aircraft carrier adorned with a mission accomplished banner strung across it, that this president is out of touch with reality. Here's a guy so out of touch, he refuses to fire Karl Rove, a traitor for crying out loud, even after stating that anyone in his office who leaked an intelligence agents name would no longer have a job there. So either he forgot that he said it, or he forgot that one of his charges against John Kerry was that he was a flip-flopper(Like Bill Frist, who flip-flopped on stem cell research). Which is understandable given his years of substance abuse finally attacking his short term memory.
Now Bush is attacking his own generals, notably George Casey, US ground commander in Iraq, who stated forces there could be reduced by 30,000 (out of 138,000) as soon as next year. Either Bush don't like him because his name reminds him of Cindy Sheehan's son(And Bush's own cowardice in dealing with this grieving mom), or Bush knows that after Wednesday's terrorist attack and subsequent nuking of Iran, we're going to need as many troops over there to get covered when the shit hits the fan.
What this country needs are politicians who will stand up to Israel, not laud them as they violate numerous UN resolutions (remember the UN? The organization that created a Jewish Homeland in the first place?) such as Hillary, Rudy and Rick Santorum. We need politicians who will put America first, not some blatantly criminal government (like Ariel Sharon's or Dick [Head] Cheney's). Politicians who will use our armed forces to defend our country, not to impose the will of Israel or Corporate Amerika on some backwards goat herding non-Christianazi oil rich third world country. Someone with temerity. Some one with balls. You won't find that from a guy named Bush.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Distraction Is Needed

The Cindy Sheehan story is picking up steam as more people realize that their loved ones could be lost in the "war on terror". Meanwhile, Dick (head) Cheney and the Israeli government is chomping at the bit to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear power. The brainwashed have been programmed to accept a nuclear strike against the "Islamofascists".
All that is needed is an excuse for the war that would be a convenient distraction from Ms. Sheehan. Now comes the news that FEMA is planning a terror drill>in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday August 17. This terror drill would deal with a nuclear strike by the "terrorists" much the same way the 7/7 London Bombings as well as 9/11 took place during government terrorist drills. Of course, I hope I'm wrong, just another paranoid conspiracy theorist, and I know where to get a crow if I am, but if I'm not I suggest all those religious intolerant flag waving reactionary brainwashed fools who support all the illegal wars that Bush and Co. have got us into call this number: 1-800-872-2769. In fact, all those armchair chickenshit cowards who support staying in Iraq should call that number or shut the fuck up. It's easy to support a war when you don't have to put your ass on the line, only a coward would let sopmeone else fight their battles for them. Bunch of pansies.

Friday, August 12, 2005

We Are All Collateral Damage

My heart goes out to Cindy Sheehan as she tries to get answers from George W about why her son had to die for Israel. Good luck! The Bush administration has repeatedly shown their arrogance by being answerable to no one (except AIPAC). Don't expect Bush to come out and bite his lip and "feel your pain", his brand of compassionate conservatism is to hide on his ranch, play cowboy, and hope for the next terrorist attack to distract the public attention from Ms. Sheehan and her anger.
In the eyes of politicians, those public servants who seem to be better than us, our children and us are expendable. If our deaths serve an agenda, more power for them. This is even more obvious in this administration than any other.
In the first World Trade Center bombing, the "terrorist" who parked the van was a FBI informant. He told the agency of the plan to blow it up, and even suggested using fake explosives, or low grade explosives so no one would get hurt. The FBI told him no, that to do that would blow his cover, so the plan went on ahead, with one exception. Instead of parking the van where he was supposed to, which would have brought the towers down, he parked in a space where the damage would be minmal. If he had parked where he was supposed to, more people would have died on that day than on 9/11. Collateral damage.
In the days following 9/11, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld wanted to set up an intelligence agency to infiltrate suspected terrorist groups, direct them towards committing acts of terror so they could be arrested and broken up afterwards. Collateral damage.
The alleged mastermind behind the London bombings was arrested two months before in Portland, Oregon for trying to set up terrorist camps outside the city.
It's easy to see that our leaders, our public servants who never put themselves or their family members in harm's way (not one member of Congress has any children or grandchildren fighting in Iraq) have no problem putting you or I or our children or grandchildren in harm's way, even in the safety of our own country. Our only purpose, besides paying taxes that fund all these atrocities, is to serve as collateral damage to help them forward their political agenda.
Don't look to the media to protect us either. In the case of Cindy Sheehan it seems to have sought out the most fringe elements of society who support her to make it look as if only crazy people are behind her. That is, when they have covered it at all.
Don't look to "compassionate conservative" George "Wuss" Bush. He is flown in and out of his Crawford ranch so he doesn't have to be reminded of what a cold hearted bastard he is as he drives off his ranch. That leaves you and me. And you are brainwashed.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Who Hates America

Recently I've been flood with posted comments from the brainwashed about I "hate America". This is just empty rhetoric pumped in to their heads by the corporate media by the same people who criticized Bill Clinton while our troops were fighting in Kosovo and Bosnia. None of them are able to dispute the facts, so they turn to personal attacks. Once you examine the facts, it's easy to see who hates America.
In 1620, when the Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock, they had come to the new world to escape the religious persecution they suffered all through Europe. At the time, all European countries had official religions and there was no protection for those who chose a different path. Our founding fathers recognized this when they wrote the Bill of Rights and barred establishing an official state religion and allowed it's citizens to worship (or not) in way they saw fit with no interference from the government. Reactionary media types like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter feel we should conquer the Middle East and convert all the Muslims. They feel Muslims in America have no right to be here, and should expect to be persecuted for the actions of radical extremists over seas. Who hates America?
Lying to Congress is against the law. This is the crime Oliver North was later pardoned for as per his roll in the Iran-Contra Affair, a scheme by the Reagan administration to illegally sell arms to Iran then channel the funds to right wing death squads in Central America. George W Bush lied to Congress about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and his ability to strike the US in forty five minutes. Who hates America?
Read any right wing blog and the brainwashed proudly list all the things they hate. They hate feminists. They hate gays. They hate unions. They hate Atheists. They hate liberals. They hate immigrants. They hate minorities. They hate Muslims and other non-Christians. They hate war protestors, even the ones that are
  • true conservatives
  • . When you add all these up, you get a majority of the people in this country. Who hates America?
    The US Constitution specifically bars 'cruel and unusual' punishment. The Geneva convention, which America signed, specifically forbids torture. The Bush administration routinely sends prisoners of war, excuse me, "enemy combatants who were taken prisoner during a war" to other countries to be tortured. One method of torture is to maim children while their parents watch helpless. Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, torture is not an effective means of gathering intelligence, as any one with a thousand volts traveling through their gonads would pretty much confess to anything just to end the torture. Who hates America?
    Under international law, there are but three justifications for war. One is a country who has threatened it's neighbor. Two is a country that has illegally invaded another country. Three is to defend your country from an invasion. A pre-emptive strike is a war crime, effectively making our troops war criminals, as well as our President who ordered it. Who hates America?
    Joseph Wilson was sent to Nigeria to investigate claims that Saddam Hussein was seeking to purchase 'yellow cake' uranium. Mr. Wilson found these claims to be false and filed a report with the Bush administration. Colin Powell went before the UN with this report and selecting key phrases from the report, made it it seem as if Saddam had purchased the uranium. Joseph Wilson then wrote a piece for the New York Times disputing the Bush administration's assessment of his report. In retaliation, some one from the White House leaked Joe Wilson's wife as a CIA agent to the corporate media. The CIA front company that Wilson's wife worked for was no longer able to covertly monitor weapons of mass destruction. Exposing an intelligence agent in a time of war is an open act of treason. The traitor is still in the White House, protected from prosecution by the president himself. Logic that anyone who supports the Bush administration, supports a traitor, making themselves traitors in the process. Who hates America?

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    How They Gonna Stop Hillary?

    Apparently, when Republicans inCongress appointed Patrick Fitzgerald as special prosecutor, they thought they were getting something else. You know, one of the Republican Borg who ape the same lies over and over and are beyond fiercely partisan. Instead of your typical right wing extremist, they got a true Republican, someone who believes in the Constitution.
    And now he's going to pay for it. You see, instead of giving them the whitewash they were expecting in the Rove/Plame thang, they got some one who was willing to set aside partisan politics and do his job. This is so upsetting to these extremist nut jobs that now Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan) wants to investigate the investigator.
    Keep in mind that these are the same people who fired Robert Fiske and replaced him with Kenneth Starr, then allowed the parameters to go beyond the original investigation of some sleazy land deal in to any thing they could get on Bill Clinton. (A little side note: In "The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy", author Greg Palast, the man who uncovered the vote fraud in Florida 2000 before the election, also looked through the business dealings of the Clintons and concluded, yes there were some laws broken, but in a deal cut with Republicans, the Democrats agreed to back off Triad Management and the Koch Brothers if the Republicans eased off Clinton.) Now that one of their own has traced the leak back to their beloved Fuhrer, the Republicans can't claim partisan politics. So, in typical Rovian fashion, they are looking for dirt on Fitzgerald in a classic case of the Republicans turning on their own.
    This is the same kind of crap the made Jeffords of Vermont declare himself an independent. And it's not the first time that Bush has turned on a fellow Republican, personally smearing John McCain in the primaries of 2000. Imagine this if you will: John McCain sitting in an enemy prison while George W whooped it up with his buddies in the Texas Air National Guard.
    Now imagine this if you will, who do the Republicans have to run as a candidate in 2008? Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney and Rick Santorum have already declined, although as Republican Borg, you really can't trust them, and really, the only one who has a snowball's chance is Jeb.
    Because, you see, Hillary is running in 2008, and is sure to nab the Democrat nomination. And she is sure to win the support of AIPAC,which pretty much assures her winning the election. So how will they stop her?
    After the terrorist attack (yes I'll still keep going on about that imminent attack until the ninety days are up), when Iran is nuked, martial law will declared and elections will suspended until the "threat" is gone. They've even gone and hired ex
  • KGB
  • Yevgeni Primakov to help set up a National ID card program along with Alexander Karpov and other former communists. We will officially become a police state.
    But the threat is not Muslim "terrorists", rather, the threat is the Puppet Master who built the ten million dollar bunker underneath his house, who has led the brainwashing of the masses with lies wrapped in the American flag. Just this week it was discovered that the 'mastermind' behind the 7/7 bombings was arrested in Oregon for trying to set up a terrorist training camp outside Portland two months prior, and the US government ordered him released. Then he fled to South Africa wherer he was detained until the British government agreed to have him shipped to the US for his trial, and by the time to permission came through, he was long gone.
    The Patriot Act has been 'strengthened'. The masses have been brainwashed. The
  • work camps
  • have been built and are already staffed. The ID cards are on the way. The US is just one "terrorist attack" away from becoming a fascist police state.
    But, hey, I'm sure they'll let you keep waving that flag.

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    Fixing Things

    Yep, if there's one thing them Republicans know how to do, it's fix things. The Bush administration fixed intelligence to justify the war in Iraq. This is a fact bore out by the Downing Street memo and Joseph Wilson.
    In Florida 2000, Katherine Harris fixed the elction by illegally scrubbing 57,000 voters from the rolls because they were black and had similar names/birthdates/social security numbers of convicted felons. Now I've been around Republicans my whole life, and I know every one of you are racist, so this comes as no shock to me.
    Also in 2000 Tom Feeney, a GOP Rep. approached a Florida company about developing software to
  • fix
  • electronic voting. Clint Curtis, a Republican who worked for the software company testified under oath. He also testified under oath that with the discrepancy between exit polls and election results inOhio in 2004, there was no doubt in his mind that vote changing software had been used.
    Yep, they cerainly know how to fix things alright. Even things that aren't broken, like our election process.

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Three Fingers Pointing Back At You

    I've been flipping through the blogs and it seems that every conservative blog I come across, they blame the liberal for everything.
    Was it a liberal who created alQaeda to keep the Russians out of Afghanistan?
    But what gets me is how they blame the next terrorist attack on liberals, even though the Republicans have controlled the Congress for ten years and have had the White House for the last five.
    I think that the next terror attack will happen soon, like in the nexy couple of days, while the movers and shaker of the world are having
  • gay sex
  • at Bohemian Grove.
    Youcan besure that when it does happen, somehow and someway, the brainwashed will find a way to blame liberals for it.
    Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility?

    Bearing False Witness

    Before we start today, here's a little brain exercise for you: If a person is arrested for planning to blow up a house of worship plus a Congressmen's office, that would pretty much make him a terrorist, right? So it would be a given that the Corporate media would go into a feeding frenzy if a story this big broke, right? Well...
    In the months following 9/11 former JDL leader Irv Rubin was arrested for conspiring to blow up a California Mosque and the office of a US Congressman of Palestinian heritage. While in jail he attempted suicide by slashing his throat three times and throwing himself over the third tier railing of the jail where he was housed. He survived, only to die later from his injuries, yet nowhere in any news story or his obituary was he listed as a terrorist.
    Lately a lot of the brainwashed have posted comments calling me all kinds of names, which I take as a compliment since they realize they can't argue with the truth. Because I have spoken out on Zionism, a lot of you have referred to me as anti-Jew. As an opened minded person, I try to have respect for all religions even though I believe in none. Judaism, (which is separate from Zionism), is one of the religions I respect the most. It seems to me that it's based on wisdom and spirituality from within one's self, not about seeing how many people it can convert to it's belief system. Perhaps it's because they know those seeking true wisdom will end up walking down their path.
    In fact I respect all true religions, with the exception of Scientology and Satanism, which aren't religions at all but tax-free money making schemes. I do have problems with Fundamentalist Chrisitianity, because when they aren't being hypocrites, they're trying to shove Jesus down my throat. Don't ask me to suck Jesus's dick, 'cause I ain't swallowing it.
    An example of Fundamentalist Christianity's hypocrisy is the war in Iraq. George W. Bush lied about the reasons we went there. He said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. He didn't. He said Saddam had ties to al-qaeda. He didn't. He said Saddam had links to 9/11. He didn't. I believe in the Ten Commandments, this is called "bearing false witness", as in 'Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness". Some of these false witnesses he bore in front of the full congress. Lying to Congress is against the law. Except for when Republicans do it, then it is considered an act of patriotism. At least when Bill Clinton lied, he apologized to the American people afterward(which I realize is sort of like a rapist apologizing after he committed his heinous act).
    Of course, the real reason we are fighting over there is to secure a "Greater Israel" because a long time ago, all the Middle East was Israel, but I don't think that was the UN's intention in creating a Jewish homeland. Another example of FC hypocricy is their disregard for the UN, when if it weren't for the UN, there'd be no state of Israel. Meanwhile they have no problem living in "God's Country" which is actually land we stole from the Indians.
    So I ask myself, "Is this what Jesus would do?" Would he lie to start a war where civilians are killed (oops, I mean where the indigeonous sustain collateral damage)? Would he use this opportunity to steal the vital natural resources under their feet and billions of dollars from the American taxpayer? Perhaps if they hadn't made them take down the Ten Commandments from that Alabama Courthouse, George W Bush would be reminded that what he's doing is a sin.
    It is reported that when as Governor of Texas, George W. Bush made a trip to Israel. On the plane he joked with reporters and said:"The first thing I'm gonna say when I get off the plane is'You're all going to Hell'." Since according to one comment, I'm going to Hell for lying, even though everything I post is based on fact, perhaps when I get there I can look forward to seeing George W Bush and every Jewish person in the world there. If only I believed in Hell.....