Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bush Bungles Again or Most. Incompetent. Presidency. Ever.

Perhaps you've seen the ads on television. Computer generated camouflaging people filling sandbags, flying helicopters and airlifting residents from natural disasters, all accompanied by a heavy rock soundtrack. Commercials for the national Guard and Army reserve, helping out Americans at home when catastrophe strikes.
Of course, now that they are needed at home, they are unavailable,as the most incompetent president ever has committed them to an endless war in the Middle East. They weren't there to fill sand bags to strengthen levees that had their funding cut by George W last February. They weren't there to airlift people trapped on rooftops. They're not there to stop looting, retrieve corpses, or help with the clean up. They are in Iraq, "kicking their ass and taking their gas".
Of course, they wouldn't have to be there if all the physically able people who support the war weren't cowards. Jeb's son, George Bush III. Why isn't he in Iraq. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has three sons of fighting age and he hasn't even asked them to fight in the war he supports. So, instead, our National Guard troops, who are needed here at home are filling the gap so that the ruling elite, the ones who will profit from the war, don't have to send their children to spill their blood so Daddy can get richer.
This whole catastrophe points out the obvious incompetence of the Bush administration. We should have known we were in trouble when the man coukldn't even eat a pretzel and watch tv at the same time. Next month, we have the four year anniversary of his most bungled moment, 9/11, where Bush ignored intelligence as late as August 6, 2001 that said Bin Laden was determined to strike in the US. Then, he bungled the attempt to capture Osama, letting him slip away in to Pakistan.
Then came Iraq, where Bush said diplomacy had failed. You actually have to try diplomacy in order for it to fail, but Bush and his neocon hawks don't believe in diplomacy. Neither did Hitler. This was followed by the actual invasion where the Bush administration actually believed that the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms, and throw flowers at our soldiers feet. Which never actually happened, but it didn't stop the idiot in chief from donning a flight suit and landing on an aircraft carrier with a large banner proudly proclaiming: "Mission:Accomplished". That was two and a half years ago, and the fighting still goes on because the people doing the planning had no prior battle experience so they didn't know how to formulate a strategy.
Now once again the American people are going to payimg twice for this disaster of a presidency. First, their tax dollars are going to a government that isn't accountable and doesn't feel it needs to be. Then, they will pay again, at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and any where else costs will rise because public funds were diverted to fight an illegal and very expensive ($5 billion a month) war.
Now, America is weakened as well, with our National Guard overseas, and FEMA struggling in Louisiana, she is vulnerable for another terrorist attack. You can bet that if and when it does happen, the Bush Administration, as well as all the fascist right wing pundits who support it will find a way to blame it all on Cindy Sheehan. So much for personal responsiblity.

(This post is for Mark, who suggested I write it. Here ya go buddy)

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