Sunday, August 28, 2005

Welcome To The Autocracy

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important to the President to explain what that exit strategy is."-Governor George W Bush (R-TX)

By now it's obvious that this President is no humble servant as a growing majority want US out of Iraq (as well as a majority of Iraqis) He has no deisre to talk to Cindy Sheehan, or anyone else that isn't going to pitch him slanted slowball questions written by Karl Rove, who also has pithy answers delivered with that arrogant smirk.
Bush, nor any of our politicians work for us any more. Google search Kay Griggs and listen to her explain how the system really works.
Kay Griggs is the second wife of Col. George Griggs, has a tale to tell ripped from the pages of her husbands diary as well his drunken tirades. He told her tales of secret societies in our finest colleges and homosexual initiation rituals, such as 'dining in' (oral sex performed on men in coffins) and the 'shellback'. At Yale the secret society was Skull and Bones (both Bush and Kerry were members). These men are groomed for top positons with the knowledge they can be blackmailed at anytime. Is Bush gay? ( has a hilarious piece "Is Bush a girly man?") Well, he was a cheerleader! And it would explain that whole James Guckert/Jeff Gannon thing.
These men in the military are all pedophiles who search for poor young boys with low self-esteem (Bill Clinton anyone?) to fornicate with and practise their sick sexual predilections on
while they are groomed for top positions in the government. Once ensconsed, they are then blackmailed in to keeping quiet while military operations are run against the American people (assassinations, 9/11, that sort of thing) . When asked who was behind all this, Mrs. Griggs hesitated, then mentioned the "Z" word that no one dare speak lest they be smeared as a racist.
So even if Bush wanted to pull our troops out of Iraq, these people have the goods on him. And I'm sure that when his presidency is over he'll join the other pedophiles at Bohemian Grove in Thousand Oaks CA ("Faggiest Goddamn thing you ever saw"-Richard Nixon) and frolic naked through the woods and have a fresh crop of young boys just overflowing with impudent man-juice to taste.
According to Mrs. Griggs, the CIA is really powerless, the real operations are carried out by military intelligence, where no one dare speak out for fear of blackmail. In fact, she went to former CIA director William Colby with this and eight weeks later he turned up dead.
She sat down with the pastor of a Michigan church and spilled the beans for eight hours, which is available in it's entirety. Why the Korporate media is not trumpeting her story (which is odd, since they are liberals gunning for Bush, right?) is probably what's keeping her alive.

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