Monday, August 15, 2005

Don't Ask Us To Sacrifice What You Will Not Sacrifice Yourself

Recently my ex-wife and her new husband have added a new tenant to there residence. It his seven year old son, who was until recently living with his mom. Then, she was called back to duty to serve another tour in Iraq (she has already served one). You see, with recruitment levels falling, what little forces we have are being called back time and time again to serve extended tours. Now I think, with all the pro-war comments I've been reading and receiving, that there'd be tons of Christianazis lining up to take on the "Islamofascists". Maybe they all are afraid that people will find out they're gay .
I respect this woman, for like Cindy Sheehan, she is doing what she feels is right for her country. And I certainly hope that she makes it out okay, as she is a mother as well as a soldier and will leave behind a loving son if something were to happen to her. But it begs the question: why hasn't Bush's daughters served a tour of duty in Iraq?
You remember Bush's daughters, Jenna and Barbara, don't you? Heck, they were on the cover of every supermarket tabloid having a wild old drunken time until one publication received one of the anthrax letters mailed out post-9/11. Then, they mysteriously disappeared from the public eye.
Now, if Bush's daughters were good Christian girls, and their father had asked them to serve their country, one would think they would do the Christian thing and honor thy father. So, are they not good Christians Girls (lots of good Christian girls get falling down drunk), or has their father not asked them? Do they not believe in this war? I'm sure a lot of politicians who believe in this war (like Bill Clinton) have children or grandchildren old enough to serve their country at this time when our fighting forces are being stretched to the limit. How many of them are serving in Iraq? (last I heard, it was one, and it wasn't Chelsea)
So how can these people ask our families to make the ultimate sacrifice, when they are not willing to do so themselves? How can the flag waving brainwashed Christianazis support the war if none of their children or grandchildren are fighting in it?
Survey says: They're hypocrites!


Thomas said...

the term agreed on to describe those that support war but will not serve is chicken hawk. Google search chicken hawk and you will find many sites that have lists of all the pro-war, but I won't go people in this country.

ignored said...

here is a good one. The new Hampshire Gazette also has a list and description.