Monday, August 29, 2005

Behind Bush is an A**hole

Recently, war supporters held a little rally of their own in Crawford TX in an attempt to counter all the attention Cindy Sheehan has recieved. Although the crowd numbers in the Korporate media are large, a video available at ( a liberal organization) showed a different picture.
One of the interviewees was a nineteen year old male youth. he felt that the war is a noble cause, and would go if there was a draft, but he was attending college and that was more important. I got news for you bub. The Army has a little thing called the GI bill which will help pay for you college after serving your country. College will always be there, the chance to put your money where your mouth is won't be, you pansy. Chickenhawks feel it's insensitive to hand out registration forms as some people are unable to serve. Well, unless you're in a wheelchair, there's no reason you shouldn't fight. It reminds me of the excuse former Governor of Michigan John Engler(R) gave for not fighting in VietNam. He was too fat! Doesn't the army get you in shape? It seems like the perfect place for a lard ass like Engler to drop a few pounds (and he could use it, the last time I saw Mr. Engler, he looked like a skinnymaker to me).
Another pro-war person who was of service age was young female of 21. What was most disturbing was the sign she carried around supporting her noble cause. "Kick their ass and take their gas" the sign read in hand made lettering. Aha! I thought, this noble cause isn't about finding non-existent weapons of mass destruction. It's not about setting up a democracy, or even creating a Greater Israel. Nope, are troops are over there essentially performing a high tech mugging, murdering innocent people (over 100,000 so far) so dickwads with self-esteem problems can drive around Humvees. Yep, sounds like a noble cause to me! Something to be proud of, to celebrate. A crime. Yep, that's certainly a reason to wave a flag, Bush committed our troops to break the law so his buudies could suck more money from the pockets of the taxpayer at the taxpayer's expense. Why Hell, when you put it that way, it still seems like a bad idea. And like I always say, those who support law and order are usually the biggest criminals in the place.

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The Voice said...

You are one clear-thinking man. Ass for gas sounds just about right.