Wednesday, August 03, 2005

How They Gonna Stop Hillary?

Apparently, when Republicans inCongress appointed Patrick Fitzgerald as special prosecutor, they thought they were getting something else. You know, one of the Republican Borg who ape the same lies over and over and are beyond fiercely partisan. Instead of your typical right wing extremist, they got a true Republican, someone who believes in the Constitution.
And now he's going to pay for it. You see, instead of giving them the whitewash they were expecting in the Rove/Plame thang, they got some one who was willing to set aside partisan politics and do his job. This is so upsetting to these extremist nut jobs that now Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan) wants to investigate the investigator.
Keep in mind that these are the same people who fired Robert Fiske and replaced him with Kenneth Starr, then allowed the parameters to go beyond the original investigation of some sleazy land deal in to any thing they could get on Bill Clinton. (A little side note: In "The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy", author Greg Palast, the man who uncovered the vote fraud in Florida 2000 before the election, also looked through the business dealings of the Clintons and concluded, yes there were some laws broken, but in a deal cut with Republicans, the Democrats agreed to back off Triad Management and the Koch Brothers if the Republicans eased off Clinton.) Now that one of their own has traced the leak back to their beloved Fuhrer, the Republicans can't claim partisan politics. So, in typical Rovian fashion, they are looking for dirt on Fitzgerald in a classic case of the Republicans turning on their own.
This is the same kind of crap the made Jeffords of Vermont declare himself an independent. And it's not the first time that Bush has turned on a fellow Republican, personally smearing John McCain in the primaries of 2000. Imagine this if you will: John McCain sitting in an enemy prison while George W whooped it up with his buddies in the Texas Air National Guard.
Now imagine this if you will, who do the Republicans have to run as a candidate in 2008? Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney and Rick Santorum have already declined, although as Republican Borg, you really can't trust them, and really, the only one who has a snowball's chance is Jeb.
Because, you see, Hillary is running in 2008, and is sure to nab the Democrat nomination. And she is sure to win the support of AIPAC,which pretty much assures her winning the election. So how will they stop her?
After the terrorist attack (yes I'll still keep going on about that imminent attack until the ninety days are up), when Iran is nuked, martial law will declared and elections will suspended until the "threat" is gone. They've even gone and hired ex
  • KGB
  • Yevgeni Primakov to help set up a National ID card program along with Alexander Karpov and other former communists. We will officially become a police state.
    But the threat is not Muslim "terrorists", rather, the threat is the Puppet Master who built the ten million dollar bunker underneath his house, who has led the brainwashing of the masses with lies wrapped in the American flag. Just this week it was discovered that the 'mastermind' behind the 7/7 bombings was arrested in Oregon for trying to set up a terrorist training camp outside Portland two months prior, and the US government ordered him released. Then he fled to South Africa wherer he was detained until the British government agreed to have him shipped to the US for his trial, and by the time to permission came through, he was long gone.
    The Patriot Act has been 'strengthened'. The masses have been brainwashed. The
  • work camps
  • have been built and are already staffed. The ID cards are on the way. The US is just one "terrorist attack" away from becoming a fascist police state.
    But, hey, I'm sure they'll let you keep waving that flag.


    Anonymous said...

    I'm sure they will, but I can assure yout they won't keep letting you write this blog.
    I fell like this is some kind of last stand, but no one has been told to stand up.

    Lew Scannon said...

    I'm sure that if this does all happen, I'll be shipped off to one of them work camps.

    Lew Scannon said...

    And they'll surely take your guns away. "This would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship, just as long as I'm dictator"-George W Bush

    Will Malven said...

    You should familiarize yourself with history. Only the Left have ever used work camps. Communism and Socialism are the real threats to freedom. Ergo, Hillary is the real threat, unless of course she has brainwashed you into believing that she's a moderate.

    Remember the FBI files? DUH!

    daisyduke said...

    did you know that irving berlin didn't keep a penny from "God bless America?"

    Lew Scannon said...

    Hey! I don't want Hillary for President, but her overtures to AIPAC at their last meeting beat Santorum's 2 to 1

    Lew Scannon said...

    So, Will, you must be a Holocaust denier, right? The Nazis never used Jews as slave labor, right? I know my history, that's why the Bush administration needs to be stopped. Ever here of the Reichstag fire?

    Anonymous said...

    I'll tell you how they will stop Hillary

    A freakin bullet to the head.

    The Line is forming...reserve your spot today

    Lew Scannon said...

    Gee, isn't it funny how those right wing law and order types have no problem breaking the law when someone they hate gets into power. What a bunch of hypocrites!