Friday, August 05, 2005

Who Hates America

Recently I've been flood with posted comments from the brainwashed about I "hate America". This is just empty rhetoric pumped in to their heads by the corporate media by the same people who criticized Bill Clinton while our troops were fighting in Kosovo and Bosnia. None of them are able to dispute the facts, so they turn to personal attacks. Once you examine the facts, it's easy to see who hates America.
In 1620, when the Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock, they had come to the new world to escape the religious persecution they suffered all through Europe. At the time, all European countries had official religions and there was no protection for those who chose a different path. Our founding fathers recognized this when they wrote the Bill of Rights and barred establishing an official state religion and allowed it's citizens to worship (or not) in way they saw fit with no interference from the government. Reactionary media types like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter feel we should conquer the Middle East and convert all the Muslims. They feel Muslims in America have no right to be here, and should expect to be persecuted for the actions of radical extremists over seas. Who hates America?
Lying to Congress is against the law. This is the crime Oliver North was later pardoned for as per his roll in the Iran-Contra Affair, a scheme by the Reagan administration to illegally sell arms to Iran then channel the funds to right wing death squads in Central America. George W Bush lied to Congress about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and his ability to strike the US in forty five minutes. Who hates America?
Read any right wing blog and the brainwashed proudly list all the things they hate. They hate feminists. They hate gays. They hate unions. They hate Atheists. They hate liberals. They hate immigrants. They hate minorities. They hate Muslims and other non-Christians. They hate war protestors, even the ones that are
  • true conservatives
  • . When you add all these up, you get a majority of the people in this country. Who hates America?
    The US Constitution specifically bars 'cruel and unusual' punishment. The Geneva convention, which America signed, specifically forbids torture. The Bush administration routinely sends prisoners of war, excuse me, "enemy combatants who were taken prisoner during a war" to other countries to be tortured. One method of torture is to maim children while their parents watch helpless. Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, torture is not an effective means of gathering intelligence, as any one with a thousand volts traveling through their gonads would pretty much confess to anything just to end the torture. Who hates America?
    Under international law, there are but three justifications for war. One is a country who has threatened it's neighbor. Two is a country that has illegally invaded another country. Three is to defend your country from an invasion. A pre-emptive strike is a war crime, effectively making our troops war criminals, as well as our President who ordered it. Who hates America?
    Joseph Wilson was sent to Nigeria to investigate claims that Saddam Hussein was seeking to purchase 'yellow cake' uranium. Mr. Wilson found these claims to be false and filed a report with the Bush administration. Colin Powell went before the UN with this report and selecting key phrases from the report, made it it seem as if Saddam had purchased the uranium. Joseph Wilson then wrote a piece for the New York Times disputing the Bush administration's assessment of his report. In retaliation, some one from the White House leaked Joe Wilson's wife as a CIA agent to the corporate media. The CIA front company that Wilson's wife worked for was no longer able to covertly monitor weapons of mass destruction. Exposing an intelligence agent in a time of war is an open act of treason. The traitor is still in the White House, protected from prosecution by the president himself. Logic that anyone who supports the Bush administration, supports a traitor, making themselves traitors in the process. Who hates America?


    Anonymous said...


    Lew Scannon said...

    At least you have the temerity to admit it. You must not live here.

    Dem Soldier!! said...

    Lew, Ignore the foo, conservative America hates America. Well put my friend.

    Lew Scannon said...

    Yes, conservative America hates us because we are free, and they are not.

    Anonymous said...

    Maybe your right Lew, you are free. But your free because of the people you hate. The iraq thing may not mean much to you, but you look at it through narrow lenses. The facts are these, you may not die if we were not keeping the Islamo facists at bay, but more then likely someone you know would. I believe you think they are not a threat, and that the Chinese and North Koreans are, and that the war in iraq was somehow illegal(as i suppose all wars should be in a perfect world). I also understand you don't agree with the politics of Israel. That is fine. You believe the Israel and the USA has somehow and yet undetected planned and perhaps carried out the attacks that we are justifying the killing of Islams with. Well, if you are right, you deserve to be credited for it. You also like to predict terrorist attacks, and if your ever right, it could prove An intresting experience for yourself.
    Its like this Lew, it is ok to be liberal, conservative, socialist...but it is best to keep things in check.
    consider your news sources, as it is just a guess, but i would bet they are quite unreliable, even more then cnn or fox.
    You sound like an idiot, and the people you attract, and i am no exception, seem to be idiots also. I mean look at the comments, you applaude someone for having the balls to hate america, the country that allowed you the oppourtunity to become the success that you are, but still you show appreciation for those that hate us. I would also guess you are pro-flag burning, anti-God, Pro-drug, pro-union, pro-aclu, , pro-now, milita type person. You would love the idea of the USA's power structure changing hands, but would soon find something else to bitch about once it actually happened.
    i guess you and your audience just strike me as kind of pathetic, sort of like a bunch of girls sitting around talking about how pretty they are.

    Lew Scannon said...

    1. I didn't "predict" the the terrorist attack, it was based on statements made on Fox News by a terrorism expert. 2. You're right, if the Democrats did take power I would find something to bitch about. IT'S MY FUCKING RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN. The Democraps are just as lousy as the Republicants. 3. The attacks on 9/11 did go undetected, we have some thing in this country called NORAD. Standard operating procedure for a plane going off course is for fighter jets to be scrambled immediately to force the plane to land. When Payne Stewart's plane cabin decompressed and everyone on board died, fighter jets were able to reach them in fifteen minutes. With that window of opportunity, no planes would have hit the twin towers. But the jets were not scrambled immediately, a violation of procedure. The only one who could have given that order was some one in the Pentagon or DoD.4. I did not applaud someone for hating America, but for standing up and admitting it. 5. I always consider my sources. Many times the mainstream media doesn't report things, like the Downing Street Memo(the memo that stated intelligence was being 'fixed' or forged around the policy of war with Iraq) or the death of Osama(he's needed to keep the fear in people like you so your judgement is clouded by it).6. Yes, I am pro-flag burning. I am not anti-God, just anti-God in government, that is unconstitutional.No, I am not pro-drug. Yes I am a union member. Yes I am pro ACLU or any other organization that wishes to protect everyone's civil liberties guaranteed by the constitution. Any one who opposes the ACLU is a brainwashed turd. While I am for equal rights, I am opposed to the special rights that N.O.W. is pushing for. I am not a militia type person, though I do not oppose them, nor do I oppose the constitutional right to bear arms. You sound like the ultimate in brainwashed as you hate half the people in this country, which is unAmerican. Maybe you didn't read my post right or perhaps you lack the mental faculties to interpret what I said. Finally, once again I must repeat this as you are obviusly so utterly brainwashed that it just hasn't sunk in: Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. He had no links to 9/11 or alqaeda. George W bush lied to Congress (which is illegal) and the American people (which is immoral). We are not there fighting for democracy, we are there to create a Greater Israel as per the agenda of Christian Zionists here and Likudniks in Israel. If you believe George Bush and the traitors in the White House, you are brainwashed, and hate the Constitution of which that flag you seem so hypnotized by represents. If you hate America so much and believe in the war so much, GET YOUR ASS THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND OVER TO IRAQ TO DIE FOR A LIE!!! Still here? That's the kind of cowardice I expect fron an anonymous commentator!

    Zach said...

    Lew, you're right. Anonymous posters suck balls. Probably the same guy that posted a comment on my blog a while back. Great post, by the way.

    yo mama said...

    I don't know or can't sy who hates america...
    But I can say this....
    I don't like you Lew

    The Voice said...

    Atta boy Lew