Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why Are White Supremacists jumping On the Anti-War Bandwagon?

Recent reports from Crawford place the white supremacist group "Stormfront" has joined Cindy Sheehan in her noble but futile effort for accountability from the Bush Reich. This causes one to wonder, "Wouldn't white supremacists actually support the effort by the Bush reich to kill as many dark skinned people as possible?" Of course, you're not supposed to think about this, just blindly follow the Korporate media as it endlessly tries to discredit Ms. Sheehan and her followers.
Of course, the question remains, who would try to discreditand slander the anti-war movement? The FBI tried this in the sixties with COINTELPRO where agents would infiltrate peaceful demonstrations and commit atrocities (like spitting on returning Vietnam vets) to discredit the anti war movement.
Today on a check of who owned the domain name for Stormfront was shown. The address? Palm Beach, FL. You can check it out for yourself at .
So this can only mean one of two things:Either white supremacists know the war is really for Israel, or, Zionists are working to dicredit Ms. Sheehan as she tries to end a war that war criminal Ariel Sharon has wanted for quite some time.
Of course, I expect the usual bunch of slurs and name calling from those who can't argue with the facts, but I've grown used to them now and have figured out where they really are coming from. And the truth of the matter is, after surfing the blogs, I find that those who support the war are people who have no problem annihilating all those "Islamofascists". I mean, really, Palm Beach FL? Everyone knows that all the ignorant racists are in Mississippi.

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