Monday, August 01, 2005

Three Fingers Pointing Back At You

I've been flipping through the blogs and it seems that every conservative blog I come across, they blame the liberal for everything.
Was it a liberal who created alQaeda to keep the Russians out of Afghanistan?
But what gets me is how they blame the next terrorist attack on liberals, even though the Republicans have controlled the Congress for ten years and have had the White House for the last five.
I think that the next terror attack will happen soon, like in the nexy couple of days, while the movers and shaker of the world are having
  • gay sex
  • at Bohemian Grove.
    Youcan besure that when it does happen, somehow and someway, the brainwashed will find a way to blame liberals for it.
    Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility?


    Herge Smith said...

    Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility? - Liberal conspiracy.

    Funny, in the US it seems Liberal is a bad thing. In the UK a liberal is someone who doesn't think the world is black and white - I'm proud to be liberal, and have lberal views.

    Hmm... But again, that's just a liberal talking, I ain't to be trusted.

    Anonymous said...

    In the US, with the combination of consolidated media outlets and repeal of the equal time law, Liberalism is more evil than al-Qaeda according to those who speak to the brainwashed.

    Dem Soldier said...

    Yoooo, these right wing sh*ts, don't know what they talking about. We must take the fight to them as they did 1994. Liberalism is the only way forward.