Saturday, August 20, 2005

Intelligent Design Vs. Darwin: Education Vs. Indoctrination.

Bill Frist came out for "teaching" intelligent design as part of science in today's schools. Waht a surprise. I guess after he flip-flopped on stem cell research, he had to do something to appease the Christianazis of the religious right. And there you have it.
Intelligent design, or creationism is the, well you couldn't really call it science, since it isn't based on any scientific principle, other than, gee, someone must have designed the universe, it's so perfect, must have been God. All it's teachings are that essentially God put together this whole thing, natural selection and evrything. If you buy this, you just passed.
What's really wrong is that tax payer dollars are being spent to indoctrinate children to a religious belief. Religion is the duty of the parents, not the government, and if you were truly spiritual, you wouldn't want the government getting mixed up in your religion, seeing how they have managed to bungle any other thing they've foisted upon us.
However, let me say this to all you Darwinists out there. There is evidence of human life being on this planet for millions of years, not some pre-evolutionary ancestor, but actual human beings like ourselves. In 1979, Mary Leakey found human footprints in volcanic ash that is 3.7 million years old. Human bones and tools were found in rock deposits hundreds of years old. Darwin relies on the discovery of a 'missing link' that has yet to be discovered. All this information is available in a book called "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael Cremo.
What creationists fail to realize is that the Theory of Evolution is just that, a theory to be proved or disproved based on scientific models and discoveries. Creationism, as it is taught, is based on the Bible, the least scientific book on the planet. So save your religious beliefs for church, not for our public schools.

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